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ISTANBUL – The new Kaspersky Safe Kids Survey in March-May 2022 reveals the areas of interest most visited by children on the Internet.

According to Kaspersky Statement, Kaspersky Kaspersky Safe Kids analyzed anonymous data voluntarily provided by users, such as search queries, the most popular Android apps, and the Website section of choice.

One of the most popular events, Will Smith’s Oscar slap, caught the attention of children around the world and was widely discussed in the spring months. Also, the divorce process of Johnny Depp and Amber Hard, and speculation about the famous Spider-Man couple, Gendaya and Tom Holland, were among the topics of popular culture. Unexpectedly, UwU, an expression depicting a beautiful face, was also frequently sought after by children.

The gaming department has noticed some minor changes in the spring. An interesting example is the backroom game, which has become popular with children in recent months. Immersing the player in an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms, the game has several levels that players must go through. Also, children have almost completely lost interest in the game “Amang US” and the game has been on a downward trend for the past few months.

Music 7 is one of the most popular categories on YouTube

Music makes it one of the most popular categories on YouTube Among the hits was the new music video “That That”, produced by PSY with BTS star SUGA. Another popular song to enter the list is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno (from ‘Encanto’)”.

Most of the kids’ attention on YouTube has been focused on the My Story animated channel. This channel recreates the so-called true stories posted by young people The films “The Bad Guys”, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, “Rock Dog 2” and “Heartstopper” got high marks.

This spring, children were employed in the web categories of software, audio and video (43.7 percent), video games (21 percent), Internet communication (12.4 percent), and e-commerce (12.3 percent). The most popular Android apps are YouTube (31.6 percent), TickTock (19 percent), and WhatsApp (18.3 percent). With Google Chrome (52.8 percent) taking first place among Windows programs, Roblox is able to get 10.7 percent share. Discord, the messaging platform, came in third with 10.2%.

Parents need to be involved in children’s online activities

Kaspersky Web Content Analysis Specialist Anna Larkina says: “New trends and developments in popular culture have a significant impact on children’s interests. Children’s emotions are changing rapidly. One way to help control apps is using “phrases.

To ensure a positive online experience for children, Kaspersky advises parents:

“Parents should engage their children in online activities from an early age so that it becomes an established practice and they can be guided in their online safety practices. Explain how to use parental control apps, how they work and why they need to be safe. Online. 25 percent discount for those who purchase Kaspersky Safe Kids until June 14. Talking to kids through games and other fun formats can make cybersecurity advice more interesting and fun.

More time should be spent communicating with children about online safety precautions. Parents should also try to pay attention to their habits. It should be remembered that children will imitate the habits of their parents. Kids should be told that they will not accept any privacy settings themselves and instead seek help from their adults. Adults should also practice reading all privacy agreements. “Source: AA

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