Europe’s largest physical therapy hospital is just a few days away

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA) about investing in healthcare in Megacity, Memiolou explained that over the last 15 years there has been a great change in Istanbul’s health infrastructure and the infrastructure of public hospitals, called “word system”, rooms for 8 people and shared toilets. Incidentally, a transformation occurred.

Memişoğlu noted that no new hospitals had been built in the city since the opening of Göztepe Training and Research Hospital in 1971 until the opening of Marmara University Pendic Training and Research Hospital in 2010, adding that 26 large multi-bed hospitals had been added to the system. Only in last 5 years.

Professor Dr. Memişoğlu said that 9 hospitals were opened only during the Covid-19 epidemic, and 2 of them were 1008-bed emergency hospitals, single rooms with toilets and bathrooms, which were designed and serviced for 3 months.

Noting that in 2002 the government hospital in Istanbul had 64 single rooms, Memisoglu said:

“Currently, it has grown to 20,000, only public rooms. It has single, double, toilet, television, refrigerator, telephone, internet. With such an infrastructure, Turkey has now reached the dream of the future in health.” We aim to make Istanbul the health capital. ‘ When we say this, we think it can be easily achieved with its infrastructure and manpower. The reason why the world is claiming this place now is that we have actually achieved this goal. More. On. Together we have to give rights to this kind of infrastructure. It’s a lot of work. “We need to make it a brand in science, research, education. Because if you build a physical structure, it will take a. The process of creating that culture and making it competitive with the world again. We are experiencing these processes now. When you look at it, Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital in terms of physical and equipment. It is one of the best centers in the world. With the gradual establishment of human power, this space will become the world’s locomotive in terms of science. “

Memiolu says there are currently 47,000 patient beds in Istanbul, of which about 55 percent are in government hospitals and the remaining 45 percent in universities and private hospitals.

“We’ve been able to teach the world artificial intelligence management.”

Noting the importance of “data enrichment” in health, Memişoğlu reminded that since 2014, everyone in Turkey has its own portal and the digital health infrastructure “e-Pulse”, where the system is operated as a whole, has been used.

Note that it is not found in any country in the world, Memişoğlu has the following assessments:

“If we use data in this digital infrastructure as well, Turkey will become a world leader in health, both in technology, information and infrastructure. In the very near future, we will see that Turkey is the country that manages health. Because we have such data. , We have the data, the ‘artificial we say’ intelligence.

“Physical therapy hospital will provide an exemplary service to the world”

Professor Dr. Kamal Memisoglu also spoke about the end of the construction of a physical therapy hospital in Istanbul Bahchelivlar.

Saying that the hospital will have 620 beds, Memisoglu gave the following information:

“We will start providing services from mid-June. The official opening will be shortly. Europe’s largest physical therapy hospital. It should not be thought of as just a physical therapy hospital. Here, both will be rehabilitated and those who have lost or used some organs You can’t teach them how to live that way. ‘ At the same time he and his family will be taught how to stay at home, starting with the emergency treatment of paralyzed patients. We will launch a physical therapy hospital that will set an example to the world with a gym, pool and all kinds of infrastructure. “

Memişoğlu says that with the Physical Therapy Hospital, which is a source of great pride for them, great services will be provided to Istanbul, Turkey and the world.

So far, more than 60 family health centers have been opened.

Provincial Health Director Memişoğlu said that within the scope of primary healthcare services, they have opened 4 to 8 units of Family Health Centers (FHCs), providing a comfortable working environment for doctors, which includes many categories ranging from vaccines to nutrition. And training rooms for patients and children.

Noting that they have opened more than 80 FHCs so far, Memişoğlu said, “Hopefully, we will add another 20-30 this year. This will be the first time that so many newly built family medicine centers in Turkey will be in Istanbul for primary care.”

Plastic surgery, ENT, oncology, hair transplantation and ophthalmology are preferred in health tourism.

Professor Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu also touched on the topic of health tourism, emphasizing that it is a great opportunity for Turkey.

Explaining that people who could not get services elsewhere came to Turkey and were healed, Memisoglu said:

“There is a huge demand for branches like plastic surgery, ENT, oncology, hair transplantation, and especially eye. Turkey can give the country as much input as health tourism with general tourism. Good situation has been created ৷ “We hope it will develop a little more Because a health incorporated called USHAS was established under the Ministry of Health. Our ministry is doing the necessary work With this infrastructure and manpower, I think Turkey will input on health tourism as well as general tourism and serve the people. “

Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu added that more than 80,000 people, including the elderly and the sick, have benefited from home health care in Istanbul.

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