Extensive research into the spread of HPV virus in young people

Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing at the SCU Faculty of the Health Sciences Association. Dr. Nilufar Tughut noted that the HPV virus has recently increased among young people and said that a vaccine should be added to the vaccine calendar. Noting that more than 30 years have passed since the virus was transmitted, Tuğut said that it could have a debilitating effect on the immune system. It is usually suppressed by the immune system. Types that cause genital warts where it is not suppressed, on average 1 year after infection. Even if the virus shows symptoms or not, other people are more likely to become infected because it is present in the body. It is not possible to determine when and from whom the HPV virus was transmitted. In addition, the results of any HPV virus infection during adolescence, even after 30 years of weakening of the immune system, uterine cancer, and mouth. Especially among young people. We will share the results of our research in the future, ”he said.

‘Can be transferred from mother to baby at birth’

Mentioning that the virus is usually sexually transmitted, Assoc. Dr. Tuğut said, “There are more than 200 sexually transmitted human HPV viruses that cause genital warts in both men and women. Of these, 40 cause genital warts. The types that cause warts the most are HPV6 and HPV11. HPV-type moles do not cause cancer. One or more moles are found on the external genitalia, in or around the vagina, in or around the anus, in women’s groin, cervix, and between the penis, testicles, and groin. It is seen as a brown rash, sometimes in the form of spots. It can be seen as single, or in the form of cauliflower. Multiple moles can be seen side by side. Sometimes it is considered fleshy and bloody. HPV can be transmitted from person to person through sexual contact ছাড়াও in addition to vaginal, oral, and rectal intercourse. No, contact with the HPV-infected skin ital area is sufficient to infect the virus. “Among pregnant women with HPV, it can be passed from mother to baby during delivery,” she said.

‘Diagnosis in men’

Emphasizing that early diagnosis is crucial in the fight against the virus, Tughut continued:

“Genital warts are easier to treat than diagnosed earlier, but there is no specific treatment for HPV infection. However, during active genital warts, it can be destroyed by creams, burns or clotting. Interventions: In order to detect the virus, women’s Pap smears can be removed. If the test is abnormal, the HPV DNA test should be considered considering the risk of HPV cancer. There is no test to show the presence of HPV. The virus does not cause cancer in this area. HPV prevention is also important for men because it is a disease. “

‘Vaccination after 9 years of age’

Adding that it is possible to prevent the formation of genital warts, Tuğut said, “A vaccine has been developed against HPV that causes genital warts. However, the vaccine provides more effective protection before the onset of active sex life. It is recommended that girls and boys 9 The HPV vaccine after the age of one reduces the risk of developing diseases such as genital warts, cervical cancer, and penile cancer in the future. Partially reduces the risk, “he said.

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