Saturn Retrograde (June 4 – October 24, 2022) – The cycle of action begins!

I had a teacher at school, he taught with great importance and discipline. His face was sad, his heart was soft. Her homework was intense and her grades were fair. Her homework was first scheduled as soon as she arrived home. His approval was hard to come by, requiring patience. He was the most angry, but the focus was on him the most. His reward was to forget his lessons and to become wise.

It was to be wise, because what he taught was not just his lesson. He taught her to know her limitations, to use her time wisely, to be disciplined, to command and not to resort to excuses. It was special to get approval from him, no one would say ‘power outage, I couldn’t work’. He knew his responsibilities. There is such a picture in everyone’s life; Some teachers, some fathers, some bosses. Yet they are the messengers of the Saturn teaching of life.

The word chronometer comes from the root of the word chronos, meaning Saturn. Sat; It is a force that controls time. In Kabbalah, it is the mother who gives birth at that time. And all records are like time. It tells us what we need for evolution. Other strengths are preferred by those who avoid maturity. For example, Venus brings love, Jupiter brings fortune. However, we do not know that no love and destiny is permanent without Saturn. By limiting us, by our responsibilities, it reveals our true potential. The rewards are permanent.

Those who insist on being alone are afraid of him. They can’t create something permanent in their lives, can’t take responsibility, can’t work, can’t start a family, they constantly expect something from others, resist change, take refuge in fear and emotion, live by constantly blaming the world. Stays. It has no priorities, no policies, no boundaries. They can’t say no, they can’t stand on their own two feet, they try to get approval.

It is good to grow old, but it is good to be spiritually mature. A mature person does not resort to emotions and excuses. He took responsibility for his feelings and actions. His time, limits, labor are valuable, his patience and willpower are strong. So you too? The pages of time turn, the cycle of action opens, Saturn begins to retreat. What have you done since February 2022?

You can rebuild, you can take life, you can’t be late for anything. Let your need for approval and competition be for yourself alone. Be patient and move forward knowing that whatever is stopping you serves a good scenario. ‘Love yourself enough not to tell those who want your time and energy.’

Until June 13th, we may have the opportunity to get rid of the worries we are stuck in and face the responsibilities that we have not been able to handle before. Until June 22, we can repeat the things that we have not taken mature steps in both relationship and finances. During this time, it is important to protect the boundaries of our body. (Skin, bones, teeth) At the same time, what we do for society, the revolt of society against the administration, the things that need to be created anew in the world, how we deal with nature, the technical issues will come to the fore.

Saturn Retrograde Aquarius will help us move forward more vigorously with a vision of the future. Sabian mark with Saturn retrograde ‘A man examines car batteries with a hydrometer’

Nature is so miraculous, so perfect! The answer we seek is the thread of life itself. Water can be a solution to a technical problem that we did not expect. So what about your life? Are you stuck that you can’t find a solution? Do you drive comfortably at the wheel? When was the last time you heard about your body? It will be like this retro drug to measure your growing emotions, trust your senses, take a breath, see and repair broken problems, move forward with maturity.

If you do your homework properly, you will start receiving your rewards from March 2023.

Saturn’s question in signs:

(Read according to your rider.)

RAM: December 2020 to date; What have you done to realize your dreams and vision? Are you with people who truly support and make you great for your dreams? You are moving towards your life goal with little but real friendship. As long as you keep your limits and time, move forward with patience and perseverance.

Bull: December 2020 to date; What have you done to live up to your true potential? Have you climbed your own peak step by step? So, where are you looking or where are you waiting for approval? Now that you understand what you really want, you are being tested to see your strongest. Don’t compromise with patience and stability, whisper with something that traps you on top and suppresses you, you really deserve it and don’t give up.

Twins: December 2020 to date; How much can you look up the window at what you have done in your life? How can you explain? You have seen people from different perspectives who have been life teachers who have helped you expand your horizons through education, travel, relationships with distant people and the legal field. Now look at them again. Now you have another life philosophy, a subject where you are an expert, a field where you are becoming wise and expert.

Crabs: December 2020 to date; That every person, the emotion, which you do not hold, opens up room for something new; Have you noticed the beauty of being able to give up? Every dark light, every sacrifice says value. And what we hold is our test. Surrender to conversion, to fully feel your feelings, to get support. Review your shared and risky earnings. Proper budget planning will bring lasting benefits.

Lion: December 2020 to date; How much have you seen yourself among others? Have you taken on the responsibility of sharing your life with someone else? Can you open up to the beauty of unity and harmony? Love is a serious business. It requires effort, love, patience and respect. Surrender to love, not fear. Open your door for a mature heart that lifts you up. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Daughter: December 2020 to date; How good are your habits, jobs, routines for you? How much do you take care of your body, how much do you live your life regularly? Now is the time to breathe and cleanse from every area that is not good for you. Fill your entire life system with habits that feed you and the people who are good to you. Your patience and hard work can be rewarded as an authority.

Scales: December 2020 to date; How much joy, happiness and fun do you have in your life? Can you hear the baby’s heart like before? Or do you take entertainment, love, hobbies seriously and even count the hours of happiness? Now is the time to look at what and how much you put at the center of your life. Love, art, sports, creativity, hobbies are the energy that is reflected in your life from your heart. Not afraid, with care, they will all feed you. Maybe you will create a work, maybe you will take firm steps in love, maybe you will have a child.

Scorpion: December 2020 to date; How much have you reviewed the basics of your life? What is the gift of childhood patterns today? Where and with whom do you relate? Now is the time to lay a new foundation, to create new things. Your family, your home, your home, your country, your past, your roots. The stronger your roots, the more you can touch the sky.

Arrow: December 2020 to date; How to express yourself, what to learn from life? Today’s intimate circles are a mirror of your relationships, your bonds with your siblings and the way you communicate and the sociality of your childhood. You can see them in your efforts in communication, education, media, communication, travel, and trade. With perseverance and patience, you can easily make progress in this area by reviewing the past.

Goats: December 2020 to date; How much do you save on your core values, effort and time? How much do you own? They qualify through your experience. Don’t let anyone snatch you away easily, don’t abuse. As soon as you protect what you have, you will be filled with gratitude, you will see that you are blessed. Your reward will be your savings and your combined self-worth.

Aquarius: December 2020 to date; How do you view life, how do you inspire? Do you believe in yourself and work with maturity? Or are you hiding behind fear? Discover how your outlook on life and emotions is reflected in your body. Relax and breathe. Time is not you, you are managing time, remember.

Fish: December 2020 to date; How do you experience the flow of faith, surrender? What do the states of silence, purification, and introspection eat into your soul? You are in an unfortunate time when you are spiritually wise, preparing to go on stage. Listen to the whispers of your subconscious mind, focus on what the people you meet are trying to tell you. As you move forward with confidence in the divine command, you will realize that everything flows smoothly for your betterment.

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