5 Precautions That Protect Your Home From Accidents

The most common home accident among children; Fall and push, burn, poisoning, electric shock, drowning, ingestion and trapping! Simple precautions can save lives.

Nowadays children spend most of their time at home. This increases the tendency of accidents at home. Although home accidents are seen in all ages, they mostly affect children aged 0-6. In the study conducted in the world and in our country, the most common domestic accident among children is; Falling and pushing, burns, poisoning, cuts and stabbings, electric shocks, drowning, taking foreign bodies, interceptions, gunshot wounds and pet bites. Child health and disease specialist said. Dr. Kerem Ildiz talks about what needs to be considered to protect children from home accidents.

1-Kitchen hazards: Keep kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, knives, matches and lighters out of the reach of children. Do not place flammable objects such as curtains on the stove and around the stove. Always use a hotplate near the wall when cooking. Place pots and pans on the stove and table with their handles on the back. Keep kids away from work stoves. Don’t let kids play with the hub or oven button. Store cleaning supplies and cleaning supplies in locked cabinets. Keep the doors of the kitchen cabinets closed. Do not use long tablecloths that can be pulled by children. Keep trash in a place where children cannot open the lid. Keep in mind that children’s glasses and plates are made of inviolable materials. Do not hold children in your arms while cooking, eating and drinking hot drinks. Never leave children on the kitchen counter.

Danger in 2-bathroom: Lock the house, especially the bathroom and toilet doors. Do not allow children to lock the door on themselves. Do not keep bathroom and toilet floors wet. Use a self-adhesive mat to prevent slipping, especially in the bathroom. Don’t forget to plug in the equipment like hair dryer and shaver. Keep cleaning utensils such as shampoo and soap, personal care products such as razors, razors, gels, shaving foams, lotions and perfumes out of the reach of children in cabinets. Never fill tubs, buckets and basins with water. Do not leave children alone in the bathroom. Check ventilation window for geyser poisoning.

Dangers in 3-Nursery: Do not keep small toys that children can swallow, destroy broken toys that can cause injury. Make sure the bed is not angular, has a suitable height and has shelter. For children under two years of age, do not use pillows while sleeping. Never use heaters like electric blankets in children’s beds. Choose lint-free and dust-free carpets. Do not keep bags and parcels in their cabinets. Fix the cabinets to the wall so that they are not tipped. Make sure electrical outlets are covered or protected. Do not place items like coffee tables and chairs in the children’s room. Coffee tables and chairs, which act as a ladder, can fall off children’s windows or balconies. Make sure the floor is smooth for walkers and toddlers. Don’t wear pacifiers, necklaces, safety pins, evil eye beads around your neck. Do not give nuts, peanuts, seeds, etc. before the age of 3 years and do not keep out of reach of children.

Dangers in 4-halls and warehouses: Strengthen things like frames hanging on the wall. Do not place items like armchairs or chairs in front of windows. If it needs to be installed, install a child-proof lock system on the windows. Take care to keep children away from contact with heaters and stoves. Never leave children under 2 alone so they do not fall on sofas, chairs and tables. Securely mount chandeliers and lighting fixtures. Do not keep wires out of reach of children. Cover the sharp and delicate corners of the furniture with a soft sponge or cloth. Do not place curtain ropes at a height within reach of children. Make sure windows and porch doors are closed. Keep electrical appliances that emit heat in a safe place. Chemicals such as dilute, kerosene, dyes; Keep axes, axes, tools, screwdrivers, saws, hammers, firearms and the contents of these weapons such as cartridges, gunpowder and ammunition out of the reach of children.

Dangers on the 5-porch: Surround your outdoor balconies with childproof railings. Make sure the guard rail is not pointed. Do not leave things like stools or chairs on which children will climb. Do not keep the floor wet and be careful not to use carpets or rugs on the floor. Also, do not allow preschool children to go up and down stairs alone.

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