AKÜ graduates bid farewell to the future in a ceremony attended by the Provincial Protocol – General

Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) 2021-2022 The graduation ceremony of the academic year was held at the Ahmet Nekdet Cesar Campus Sports Sciences Faculty Stadium with the participation of Afyonkarahisar Provincial Protocol. Afyankarhisa Governor’s Association said. Dr. Kübra Güran Yiğitbaşı, Mayor of Afyonkarahisar Mehmet Zebek, Rector of AKU Prof. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Caracas, Colonel Ilmaz Kargel, Provincial Gender Murder Commander of Afyonkarahisa, Ali Tamiz, Provincial Police Chief of Afyonkarahisa, AKÜ Vice Rector Professor. Dr. Shuip Ojdemir, Professor. Dr. Murat Pekar and Professor. Dr. Yılmaz Yalçın, Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences, Dean of Health Sciences Faculty. Dr. Tolga Ertekin, Provincial Director of National Education Matin Yalkin, AK Party Provincial Vice President Sadet Selsen Hadiroglu, IYI Party Provincial Chairman M. Mustafa Misrlioglu, provincial and university protocol, AKU academic staff and administrative staff and their families were present after graduation. The national anthem, the opening speech of the graduation ceremony, which continues with the State Conservatory Music Concert and folk dance performances from the Faculty of Sports Sciences, was produced by Beiza Kainer, who graduated with the highest average among the students attending the graduation. Saying that they are grateful to all the teaching staff for their every word and the attention they have shown throughout their education, Kinner said, “I would like to thank all our teachers who have contributed to what we have learned. Our valued families, who deserve as much as we do today, have graduated by reaching out to one of the biggest goals of our lives with the support we receive from you. As a reward for your efforts, we make you feel truly proud today and we live with you. I would like to thank all of you for making us so proud to come this far and I respectfully greet you for your sacrifice. ”AKÜ is a higher education institution that contributes to the strengthening of Turkey. “AKU Rector Prof. Dr. On the other hand, Mehmet Caracas said that they are proud and happy to host the graduation ceremony on the 30th anniversary of AKU, the foundation of which was laid with the opening of Opium Finance and Accounting School in 1974 and turned into a university in 1992. . Caracas said, “As a dynamic university, we have been striving for 30 years to train the youth of this country to conduct quality scientific research at national and international level and to create works that are beneficial to our society and humanity.” Year from our university; we bid farewell to nearly 10,000 students at the associate, undergraduate and graduate levels. AKÜ is one of the top higher education institutions in Turkey, contributing to the strengthening of modern and developed Turkey with about 200,000 graduates since its inception.Institutions where well-equipped and qualified people will be trained in the field of university ”Noting that rapid changes and transformations in today’s world have made the production, use and transfer of knowledge important, Caracas said: All development has increased the need for trained and equipped manpower, i.e. human capital.“AKÜ is working hard to become the ideal university of the future”Noting that AKU offers a student-oriented, quality and knowledge-based learning environment, Caracas said, “Our university, which contributes to the development of the region and the country, sees distance learning, communication and information technology as essential. Virtual structuring factors enable learning Part, and committed to innovation and recognition. It is working with all its might to become the ideal university of the future, emphasizing project and patent development and enabling learning through experience and continuous learning strategies. ““AKU is a groundbreaking university”Caracas emphasizes that educating students according to age and society’s expectations is the most important responsibility of scientists. Invest in, the goal of living. Caracas, who in his speech addressed the parents of the graduating students: You are the happiest man. Today, you will be rewarded for the financial and moral support you provide to your children, for your efforts and dedication. You have struggled with all your efforts and patience over the years to make your children honest, hardworking, respectful, socially valued and happy people. You have supported them tirelessly and tirelessly. Most of the time, you give up your own priorities and work with all your strength to hold their lives and stand on their own two feet. You are with them again when you leave this warm home. You share their excitement and joy with them. I sincerely congratulate all of you for your invaluable support. “ “Graduation is the beginning of a new life”Continuing the lecture, Caracas recommended to graduate students: “Graduation is the end of time spent preparing for the future and the beginning of a new life where you will be productive using your accomplishments. This is the day when you will be rewarded for your hard work and discipline. From today, you will take on new responsibilities in your new life, and you will play a decisive role in the development and progress of our country, in the process of maintaining the Republic entrusted to us by our forefathers and making it brighter. In this process of the future, our expectations of you are in the light of science and logic at every moment of your life; It must be people who have universal values, forward-thinking, creative, respectful of different beliefs and ideas, and loyal to the glorious values ​​that our society has entrusted to us from its own faith and the basin of civilization. The diploma that you will receive as a university graduate is a document that shows that you have acquired certain knowledge in a certain period of time. The only guarantee you know and do. Your greatest strength is to be aware of your potential, current knowledge and abilities and to constantly strive to improve them. Be aware of your features and abilities and be sure of what you want to do. Make your decision and use your acquired knowledge and skills to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Do your best with your work. The lessons you learn will be your most important guide in this regard. ”“Work with the spirit of the cocktail”Caracas says the success of AKU, which makes great strides and changes in each field each year, is similar to the success of its graduate students and says, “Never forget about us and your university in particular, for which you will be proud. Always proud to be a graduate. Represent and do not sever your ties. Our expectation from you is that you will not close this notebook when you graduate from the university, you feel that you belong to our university and you work in the consciousness of a cockatoo citizen. You, our graduates, The source of our pride. Don’t forget that we are ready to continue to work with you in all areas of life. ““AKÜ is a higher education institution with significant potential”Afyankarhisa Governor’s Association said. Dr. Kübra Güran Yiğitbaşı said in his speech that AKU, which is 30 years old, has very important potential. In his address to the graduating students, the Egyptian said, “Today is a meaningful day when you step out of your academic life into your professional life, which you started with big dreams. I think you, our graduate students, you will continue your life in a very short time, with the education and tools you get from your university, you will start your career and you will be exposed to a very different horizon, you will realize your dreams and shine in this country. There are opportunities to serve the future. ” Mentioning that a modern and advanced Turkey raises thousands of people, including its graduates, who will contribute in the future, Igitbasi continues his speech by saying: Now I want to say that you are from Afyonkarhisar. Our rector just said that you will always be a part of the university. And I want you to know that you will always be a part of our city. May your bond and sympathy with Afionakarhisar continue forever. Maybe today you see it as the end, the end. The process of acquiring education and knowledge in life is actually an ongoing process. Maybe life started with your diploma. ” The program concludes with the presentation of diplomas and caps by the members of the departmental faculty and after the presentation of the caps, after the presentation of the protocol, awarding of prizes and gifts. Those graduated from their faculty with honors.

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