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Chairman Ali Kok responded to members’ speeches at the 2021 Annual Financial General Meeting held at the Yellow-Dark Blue Club’s Meteor Sports and Event Hall.

Expressing that members of management do not feel left behind enough, Koç said, “The football climate we live in and the football structures that revolve around a city cannot be done without the Fenerbahce community shouting at them to remove their hair. A group of people who have been patiently waiting for government institutions for decades, taking steps to occupy the state and whose speed has increased in recent years. “As a state, we have dealt with this incident bitterly. We are not aware of the importance of the situation we are in, the board will fight to a certain extent. ” Used phrases.

Koç continued, insisting that they had emotionally said goodbye to coach Ismail Kartal:

“We have tried to explain in a clear way the financial situation we are in. Some of our members have spent overtime and given a speech here. I also thank them. Understanding the economic situation we are in is good news. We have something to say to you when you ignore intentional actions. Ask questions, say what you want to fail, but if you talk about the efforts of me and my friends financially, Then we will oppose each other. It will not work if we underestimate what has been done here. Where in the world 90 90 million is spent in 1 year on a 10 year contract. “

“I don’t get a penny from the club … if one day I say, ‘The club owes me,’ kick me out.”

Ali Coke has underlined that he deserves nothing from the club.

Koç said he was uncomfortable with the questions asked about the issue.“Some of our members have said, ‘What will be the President’s debt and what he deserves?’ It bothers me a lot and makes me tired. You may not have heard or heard that we have been doing this for four years. If I come out one day and say, “The club owes me,” expel me. Explain to me why you say this in the book. I’m ashamed, but I’ll tell you, it won’t open again. This is the complete reason. Tax deposit. Every year 5 percent is deducted from the tax deposit, so. Shame on those who think so. Shame on those who knew my true purpose and yet used it against me. ” He said.

Explaining that the college has a burden of 15 million lira for the club, Koç said that former president Aziz Yদldিরrm did not spend any money despite his promise for the college.

Noting that the broadcasting tender has done a lot of damage to the club’s economy, Koç said, “The law has been passed, if we do not get a balanced budget, we will go to jail. We made the budget, we took to the streets, it was cowardly. We are not responsible for the economy, the exchange rate has gone up, the irresponsible federation has given 100 million euros per year, if we can’t pay it we will go to jail. We floated the ship in this situation. Foreign quota unknown. We will open the season on the 13th. How many foreigners will stay, the cost limit is not clear. You can see how uncertain we are.‘He has evaluated.

“I have no personal problem with Ikut teacher”

Ali Kok responded to a member’s request to bid farewell to Ismail Kartal as well as Aykut Kokaman:

“I have no personal problems with the Aykut coach. He is one of the legends of Fenerbahce. Somehow, when Mr. Aykut Kokaman came to the match when he was the coach of Coniaspor, Alex was also present at the match. He was close to confronting himself. Television show. We had no such intention. No. When our former players came to our country, they told us that we had given a plaque as a gift. Alex came to the country for a private sector independent of us. The owner of the lodge hosted us. We did not give him a plaque. We did not bring him face to face in the dressing room.

Ali Kok added that the combined ticket price would increase by 100 per cent next season.

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