An example of loyalty to the Mukhtars who died while building a mosque in their village

Kastmanu, Yılancı village and Kaşçiler village chiefs lost their lives while building a mosque in their village. After that the election of Mukhtar was held again in these villages. In the election, the villagers re-elected Muhtar, who died in the village of Ilansi, and his father in the village of Kashilar, as a single list, which is a great example of loyalty.

KastmanuOn June 5, a by-election was held in Mukhtar to replace the Mukhtar who died in the village of Yılancı and in the village of Kaşçiler in the city center. Accordingly, Hussein Karakethudoulou, the headman of Yalansi village, who died of a heart attack on the night of Qadir in Ramadan, was replaced by his son Kamil Karakethudoulou, his father Sevat Chavdarogolu, Ali Chavdarogolu, the headman of Kashilar village. After Eid-ul-Fitr, he died of cancer.

Residents of the village of Yılancı asked Kamil Karakethudaulu, son of the late Muhtar, who had built a mosque in their village in the Mukhtar by-election, to be a candidate and to inherit from his father. Residents of the village of Kashila have shown an example of loyalty by claiming that their father, Sevhat Kavdaroglu, should be the candidate instead of their late headman Ali Chavdaroglu, in whose village a mosque was built. In the by-elections between the two candidates, which entered as a single list in the Mukhtar by-election, they became the new chiefs of their villages.

“Together we have seen the best example of Ahad loyalty”

The head of the Yılncı village, Kamil Karakethudaoulu, and the head of the village of Kashilar, Sevat Chavdaroglu, who had just taken over, met with Muammar Yapisiolu, president of the Turkish Confederation of Mukhtar of the Kastamonu Muhtaras Association.

Wishing success to the new Mukhtars in their duties during the visit, Yapisioglu said, “We felt two pains. One is Hussein Karakethudaulu, a member of our association and the other is our main friend Ali Chavdaroglu. The life story of our 2 Muhtars. A little deeper and longer. He is the vice-president of the association. He built a mosque in the village of Elansi and completed the construction. ” But unfortunately, he died of a heart attack while praying for power at night. Later, my headman, Ali Chavdaroglu, contracted cancer while trying to remove the mosque building from the road in Kashilar village. He also completed the work of the mosque but died after the Eid of Ramadan. Our headman’s janaza was also done. The mosques that he built with his own efforts. In a way the mosques were opened for worship with their janaza. We are deeply saddened by this. We are praying for Allah’s mercy. We will never forget them. Good things have happened during this process. Has been selected. The villagers have nominated Kamil Karakethudoulou, son of our late Headman Hussein Karakethudoulou of Elansi village. In the village of Kashila, they nominated Sevat Kavdaroglu, the father of our late Headman Ali Chavdaroglu. Here they show examples of obedience. Thanks to both villages. This should be an example for the whole of Turkey. They respected the memory of our spokesmen. Kastmanu has made a worthy by-election. Good luck to our spokespersons. I promise that we will do our utmost as an association to complete the work left unfinished by our deceased spokespersons. “

Kamil Karakethudoulou, who was elected headman in place of his late father Hussein Karakethudoulou in the village of Yalansi, said: “I want to thank the villagers. I want to follow in the footsteps of my father. I want to complete the unfinished business. I want to thank my villagers for their loyalty to their oath,” he said.

“We will try to do what was assigned to us. I will continue to have the confidence left by my son. We will do our duty as long as we can,” said Sevat Kavdroglu, headman of Kashilar village, who was elected headman instead of his dead son. – Kastamonu

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