CHP’s Altay: Incoming offers for personal rights in the healthcare sector disappointed

CHP Group Deputy Minister Engin Altaye mentioned the necessary decision in the case of Gezi Park in a press conference in Parliament and said that the imprisonment of Osman Kavala on an issue was a legal issue. Innocent was acquitted and in this case the shadow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Altay said he hoped and wished that the high court judges who would conduct the appeals would act in accordance with the voice of conscience and the rule of law when choosing between the palace and conscience.

Noting that these lawsuits would not hurt anyone, Altay said, “Opponents will continue to speak wrongly, betray, speak unjustly and unjustly, with more reflection and reaction than ever before.” He resides.

Altay says the government has come up with a new concept and will introduce a regulation that no one can raise rents by more than 25 percent, and says:

“We will fix the rent at 25 percent. I don’t know if we will laugh at it, but it is a document of 20 years of concrete economy. This painting is a picture that hurts both the landlord and the tenant. Erdogan; Fix natural gas, stabilize diesel, petrol, electricity, and these talks should never be done in Turkey. Gentlemen increase natural gas, fertilizer, up to 400 percent. Electricity and fuel oil, fixation does not come to mind here. ” An example of this was made in World War II, but there is no war situation in Turkey that I know of. At the same time, the argument for this fixation needs to be made. Landlords are to blame for their own fault, for their own water, and for hurting homeowners. “

Altay claims that this situation will “explode” the registration or eviction lawsuit.

– “Additional hints should be fair”

“The proposal is a complete disappointment for doctors and other healthcare professionals, it is a ridiculous proposal. Says

Huge The Altay 3600 also touched on additional indicators, asking that anyone who has completed the same school in the same unit and with the status of an expert should not have separate additional indicators, even if their years of service are the same.

Arguing that the CHP’s constant demands and follow-up have resulted in the control of additional indicators, Altay said, “It should come within the ambit of fairness and justice, it should not be unfair. He resides.

Noting that the effective date of the regulation should be July 1, not January 1, 2023, Alta said that a proposal should also be submitted if additional budget is required. Altay said the issue of the 3600 additional index is playing with people’s expectations.

– “Banks’ profits up 374% in 4 months”

In this regard, a handful of happy people in Turkey prefer peace and prosperity, Altai noted that banks’ profits have increased by 374 percent in the first four months of this year and will receive 1 million lira deposited in currency-secured deposits 3 months ago. 1 million 197 thousand lira.

“There is no inflation technically, real life is expensive,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the CHP group’s deputy minister in Altai. Citing what he said, President Erdogan claimed in the statement, “Let 80 million suffer for the happiness of 4 million.”

Noting that he has nothing under the pillow from his homeland and the shroud money has been exchanged for the nation, Altay said, “There is no inflation in the eyes of the nation. Can this be explained by logic? I don’t understand that either. “

Huge Altay said that when a government employee retires in 2002, he gets 625 hectares of gold with his bonus and today he can buy 105 hectares of gold by adding additional indicators.

Comparing the minimum wages between Germany and Turkey, Altay said that with the minimum wage, 109 kilograms in Germany and 66 kilograms in Turkey; 1 ton 92 kg flour in Germany, 270 kg flour in Turkey; He explained that 670 liters of petrol can be bought in Germany and 160 liters in Turkey. In Alta, “a minimum wage came at the price of 2 tanks of petrol. May Allah be surprised at the end of this country. May Allah protect Turkey from a bad administration as soon as possible.” Used phrases YouTubeClick to follow

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