CHP’s Bayir responds to those who criticize Kılıçdaroğlu: Who among us can choose our parents?

EGEDESONSÖZ- Republican People’s Party Izmir deputy Tassetin Bair, who was a guest on SonSöz TV, answered journalist Fatih Yapar’s question about the agenda. In the context of the presidential candidacy, which has been on the agenda of general politics for a long time, the party representatives were repeatedly asked about the nomination of the Gana Jot candidate, but the National Alliance has not yet decided. When the origins of CHP chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu from Tunselli and Alevi were added to the discussion, Bayer described it as “a classification made by those who want to divide the country.” Noting that no one can choose their parents, Bear said citizens should not come to these games.

Izmir can’t vote for you!
Assessing that the party has no pending plans for a ministerial meeting with Izmir and the mayors, Bayer said: “A deputy is approaching you and the mayors of Izmir are meeting with the ministers. You were kind. Why are they talking about it as a blessing? Having an appointment with the metropolitan mayor, they seem to be doing something. What could be the argument? Metro’s money signature is still in front of Temizco. There’s a lot waiting for Izmir যখন when I became provincial president in 2011, we filed 13 files on urban transformation. Out of 13 files, 3 have been returned. If you can handle it, they sent you to get up. Çiğli, Gültepe, Karabağlar Uzundere… This was a city conversion file that had no rent and you will face people. Toki Aktepe has built a 20-storey building in Emerald, where we wanted to build a university in Uzundare. 20-25 blocks … purpose; Can I overthrow the CHP with 6-7 thousand voters? Can I bring this party to power? This plan does not work. Researchers in Izmir are drilling. He does not go blindly to vote. If you interfere in your personal life and say you are religious then the people of Izmir will not vote for you. “

Classification of benefits for those who want to divide the country
Bayer said there were different political motives for discussing the three names in the candidacy, adding: “I think anyone who says he was a Turkish candidate got serious votes in Istanbul and has a different political party to elect party leaders in Ankara. The motives are Istanbul and Ankara president.” “We have two very valuable friends and they have been elected mayor. I claim that if any party comes to power, it will march on Istanbul and Ankara. Izmir is already in your hands. We have added Adana in 3 big cities and we will also add Bursa.” I have a suggestion for you: if one of the 3 candidates is constantly being questioned, and you are on the side of one of them … let’s say; you are in favor of Ekrem Imamoglu. , Then it brings isolation. Because there will be no 3 candidates, there will be 1 candidate. There may be stiffness and restraint. He can refuse. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. They do it the way they do it using sub-ids. Here he came up with this tripartite structure. Parties in particular do it often, then wow, Kilikdaroglu Shikha, Tunselli … who among us has chosen our parents themselves, brother? I did not choose where I was born. I did not choose my parents. Consider my teacher child; My parents met in Rise and got married. I was born there or I was born in Diyarbakir as the child of a non-commissioned officer. Diarbaki was written in my ID. Those who want to divide the country will benefit only if they are classified according to caste, language and religion. He said it was a game of capitalism, which once wanted to break up this country with Alevi-Sunni, once a Turkish-Kurdish conflict, and we don’t have to play these games anymore.

Staff asking for accounts from heroes should be present
Instead of talking about Kılıçdaroğlu from Tunselli, “Will Kılıçdaroğlu maintain his neutrality? Will he be able to inspect government institutions? Has he seen how institutions function during his tenure as party chairman? 4-What are his words? System operation?” “For example, the president-elect should not interfere in the central bank. Therefore, a neutral person should be appointed to the central bank. Why Kılıçdaroğlu, why Yavaş or why İmamoğlu?” Kılıçdaroğlu ‘also comes from accounting skills. This is a criterion we are looking for. I just said that the questions have changed. Will you ask if we are looking for the answer to that question? There is experience and courage. It is not a matter of Tunselli or the inhabitants of the Black Sea. I am not making a film. I am not looking for a Yesilkam actor. I am looking for a neutral president. Kılıçdaroğlu also has the usual courtesy. That I am announcing my candidacy without asking them. Was, who kept an eye on his seat and raised him as a presidential candidate. A man No complicated. The one with whom the incident is being defended removes it. The hero needs to be killed and given his due. We should say that Kılıçdaroğlu does the best among these cadres and extends his hand. It should be Ekmeleddin and not like before. Maybe we’re wrong. Sümerbank and Etibank, whose founding stood before our eyes, against all sorts of concessions and what was done with Turkey, sold and destroyed the legacy of Mustafa Kemal and his comrades as successors.

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