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It is known that a child who was born in Southern Cyprus and is now 5 years old, could not get the citizenship of the “Republic of Cyprus” because his father was of “Turkish descent” although his mother was a Greek Cypriot and he tried to live without his identity and citizenship. .

Politics Newspaper: “They are deprived of the right to identity – Greek Cypriot woman’s five-year-old child is considered unwanted by the Republic of Cyprus”, reports a child born to a Greek Cypriot mother in a hospital in southern Cyprus, who is now 5 years old, she wrote That he could not obtain citizenship of the “Republic of Cyprus” because his father was of Turkish descent.

The newspaper reported that the Greek Cypriot Interior Ministry refused to grant citizenship to the child of a Greek Cypriot woman because the child’s father was born to a Turkish parent in Famagusta, with Greek authorities saying “relevant laws are the Republic of Cyprus, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.” The convention and he stressed that he had violated the EU Declaration of Fundamental Rights. ”

The mother of the child in question said in a statement to Anthi newspaper; She says she is a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus, born and living in Derinia and her daughter was born in 2017 at Famagusta General Hospital.

Despite living in southern Cyprus, insisting that “the Republic of Cyprus refuses to grant citizenship to her daughter”, Anthi said that she made many attempts to obtain citizenship in 2017, but that she had been the victim of racist behavior, let alone the results.

Anthi says he applied to the Greek Ministry of the Interior when his daughter was born in 2017, and he visited the ministry every six months until 2019, and on his last visit he told her that “since the beginning of 2013, children whose parents are Turkish Cypriots Will not be able to evaluate the application because they have stopped checking their information “.

Anthi asked the officials, “So what am I going to do? Will my child remain anonymous? He said he asked the question and an official answered, “Let him get Turkish citizenship like his father.”

Following the news, the newspaper quoted Greek Child Rights Commissioner Despo Mihailidu as saying.

In his statement, Mihailidu said that in such cases children’s rights were violated and that the state should respect children’s right to citizenship, adding that “having children without citizenship is unquestionable.”

Mihailidu added that since 2021, his office has received 10 applications for “parents of children who are Turkish citizens or third-country nationals who have entered the Republic of Cyprus illegally” and his office has repeatedly intervened in the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs. Performs his institutional duties.

– Turkish Cypriots came forward to delete some data from ID card

The Haravagi newspaper reported that the removal of the names of the mother and father from the “identity card republic of Cyprus” was on the agenda of the Committee on the Protection of the Rights of the Child in the Greek Cypriot Parliament.

The newspaper said that the issue was brought up because the fathers of all the children whose fathers were not known, leaving the father’s name blank in their identity cards created discrimination and other problems for the children. He said that it was important.

Nuris said in his speech that registration of parents was considered necessary in matters related to money exchange, security and policing, adding that it was important for Turkish Cypriots to have this data in their identity cards to verify their identities. Those who received immigration assistance because of their mother and appealed to the Greek Cypriot authorities for various reasons.

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