Deceptive Women – Mehmet Kokundeniz’s book summary, topics and reviews

Who is cheating on women? Who is the author of cheating women? What is the subject and main idea of ​​cheating women? What does the deceptive woman book say about? Do You Have A Cheating Woman PDF Download Link? Who is Mehmet Kokundeniz, the author of the book Fraudulent Women? Here are the summaries, songs, comments and reviews of the book Cheating Women …


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Author: Mehmet Koskundeniz

Publisher: Why the book

ISBN: 9789752543102

Number of pages: 300

What do cheating women say? Subject, main idea, summary

According to research; One out of every two married or long-term partners has cheated on his wife emotionally or physically. Men’s cheating has always been considered common. It was said, “The filth of a man’s hand.” The deception of women was mysterious. The true stories in this book unravel the mystery behind the deception of women. It gives clues as to why a woman cheats and how she cheats. This is the first time women have told the story of their disbelief so openly to Mehmet Kokundeniz. Don’t believe what you read.

Tuge married for stubbornness. He cheated on his wife for the first time with his father’s friend. Her subsequent relationship was eventful. Recently, for the first time, he kept track of his daily relationships. He has cheated with his wife along with 26 others. He found his companions in Reina, Sorti.

Phulya married Argument to a rich and educated young man whose family considered him suitable. He got upset in the early marriage. When he was a reporter on television, he met a famous actress. Now she is having problems with who she is dating and she is looking for someone to marry.

Berin first cheated on his fianc হাসান Hasan with Murat. He later got engaged to Murat. He cheated with Aihan and Murat during the engagement. Ayhan was married to someone else. She became pregnant from Ayhan but married Murat. For a long time, Murat considered the child his own. The relationship with Ayhan continues. Even after getting married, he cheated on Murat. Later their marriage was dissolved. Ayhan also cheated with Nihat. Now she is married to Nihat. She says she no longer cheats.

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The words of the deceitful woman – the words of the song

  • Making love to my husband was like paying taxes. Civic duty …
  • I always love my husband. I love it now. But unfortunately my love no longer has love. I love a child as much as he loves his father. My soul is hungry, my hunger.
  • They looked really happy after taking the pill. They were constantly smiling. “Can a pill make a person so happy?” I also swallowed one. At that moment, I had already swallowed the pill …
  • For the first time ever I was able to surrender to a man, even before I shook hands with men. See how easy it was … I didn’t really understand it. The hawk was on me, and five minutes later it was down. Is that what you call sexy? Am I going to experience this my whole marriage?
  • I decided to break up the engagement, but then … I’m not a girl. Who will take me without Dogan? What if he tells my family the truth when I leave? Now I had no choice but to get married.
  • Everything is very simple … so I risk everything for someone who wants my body. At that moment, I was very angry with myself. When I got home, I realized for the first time what I was doing …
  • In fact, the person himself is responsible for his experience. There is no point in blaming others.
  • I recently read somewhere, “He who has tasted deception will do it again,” he wrote. Is that true?
  • … “Don’t you ever envy me?” I asked a question. The only answer I got was “I believe in you, wife”. Ah ah … if you held me a little, not sleeping on the couch like grandparents with four grandchildren, maybe I wouldn’t feel any of these experiences.
  • I love him so much. I thought I was alone and it turns out I wasn’t. The man I was madly in love with was sleeping with other women. I was always afraid of being cheated. Fear of cheating on my new girlfriend was killing me. I should have done something. I should have beaten this. I did … I cheated on him. With whom I have never met. I was relieved. I overcame that fear. Now I don’t care if my girlfriend cheated on me …
  • No street girl befriends another street girl. They are just rivals. However, we play a friendly game very well.
  • We feared that if we became unhappy in the future, we would blame each other.
  • I cried again without showing it to anyone.
  • The fact that my husband did not come home in the evening pushed me online. Chat rooms, lots of men. I became the wolf of the chat event and that virtual world is only mine.
  • Sometimes people get stuck in the flow of events and lose control …

Cheating Women Review – Personal Review

I do not recommend men to read this, because I think that after reading this book, the person he is with is very considerate … (Zcan_Озджан)

This book is one of the books I will never forget, as evidence of how a society is degraded and how immorality is protected (Muzayen Atilla)

First of all, God forbid that such a situation should happen to anyone. In fact, it is a difficult situation for both the cheater and the cheater. Maybe when you read this book, you will see women from a different perspective, your self-confidence will go down a bit, but you will still understand somewhat that brings a man to that position. I think it would be helpful to read it without having to change your attitude towards people. (Onur Palut)

Do You Have A Cheating Woman PDF Download Link?

Mehmet Coşkundeniz – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Cheating Women is the Cheating Women PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s website, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book, Mehmet Kokundeniz?

Mehmet Koskundeniz; Love doctor, journalist, writer.

He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism and Public Relations.

He began his career as a journalist in 1987 as an intern reporter for the Guinness newspaper. He was then promoted to police reporter. After working as a reporter for various newspapers, he tried television broadcasting in 1994. He has worked as a reporter, copywriter and assistant director in the programs he has worked for.

Because he loved to write, he turned to journalism again. In 1995, he began working as a night manager for the Posta magazine. In 1997, he became the news director of the same magazine. He is still in this position.

In early 1999, he began publishing a Saturday column in the Posta magazine. In his writings he has dealt with affection. The articles have attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time. He started preparing the “Love Doctor” page. He touched on every aspect of love on this page and answered readers’ questions. He took Love Doctor to the radio and produced a program of the same name on Radio D between April 2003 and June 2004.

Her first book, Ask Biz Suits, where she compiled her columns, was published in March 2003 and attracted tremendous attention. You Go, Ask Me, was published in September 2004. The first edition sold out in the first week. Other books by the author: Love Catches You, I Love You Because, You Why I Love You, Cheating Women Tales.

Mehmet Coşkundeniz continued to write columns on Saturdays in Posta and published the Love Doctor page in Poster Sunday Supplement on Sundays.

Mehmet Coşkundeniz Books – Work

  • You go, let love be with me
  • Love suits us
  • Love sleep
  • I love you because it can’t be without you
  • Love and Ash
  • Love holds you
  • You owe me a love
  • Cheating women
  • Only ‘love’ did not deceive me
  • Love has found us
  • Burning love
  • Handbook of love
  • And women … and men … and love …
  • How do I catch
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Because not without you
  • I declare my heart to you
  • Cheated women
  • Tell cheating women

Mehmet Coşkundeniz Quotes – Lyrics

  • Once your face became the qibla of my soul; What should he do, change the qibla, do you think this is your life? (Burning love)
  • It is a human quality to love again, to come out of destruction with courage, to be able to start anew, to accept resistance and never give up love. (Love sleep)
  • Then we buried Ayegul. I dug his grave with my hands, shed tears. I used to go to his grave every evening for two years. I put roses in my rose soil. I cried in the cold of winter, I talked to him till morning. (You owe me a love)
  • Now I put him in a place in my heart that he could not fill the void he left in me. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.You owe me a love)
  • And reunite … all the broken mirrors inside me are fixed …Love suits us)
  • Because I love you; Wherever you blow on this cold winter day, even when you pass by without touching my skin, you manage to keep me warm, you must do these things in a unique way .. (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • “I love you because you’re walking with me in the rain. That’s why you never feel bad even if you get sick and go to bed the next day.” (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • He was ready to distribute the possibility of love between her for free. He could have given his life for his friends if he wanted to, but when it comes to love, he can be the most selfish person in the world. That was the truth … whatever it was he was always there. What was changing, what he wanted to change. When someone tries to change him, he immediately becomes aggressive with the defense of past wounds. (You go, let love be with me)
  • Love is not something that gives people eternal rights. You can’t take this as an excuse. Clover, don’t forget; You cannot be the God of the heart and feelings of anyone but yourself. (Love sleep)
  • We are all half-time extra, broken lives. (Love has found us)
  • Maybe his eyes were just like yours … or was his name reminding you? Maybe it didn’t sound foreign at all. So did we sit and talk for hours? Did I tell him about you? Or how did my inner wound, which I had hoped to close, grow in your absence? (Love suits us)
  • Everyone who has heard of this love has been amazed, only you have not heard. (Only ‘love’ did not deceive me)
  • I know what it means to love someone with passion, without expectation, like crazy. If I’m going to love someone, it’s just you. (Love suits us)
  • For the first time ever I was able to surrender to a man, even before I shook hands with men. See how easy it was … I didn’t really understand it. The hawk was on me, and five minutes later it was down. Is that what you call sexy? Am I going to experience this my whole marriage? (Cheating women)
  • When you are with a woman you forget the world. You will only be his. Only then can he feel that he is yours. And only then will you realize that a woman who feels close to you can completely change your world. You will taste. (You go, let love be with me)
  • No street girl befriends another street girl. They are just rivals. However, we play a friendly game very well. (Cheating women)
  • I can’t wait for the past day, except for the lonely summer night, and even the last blue gleam in my eye will give you the good news of the future. (You owe me a love)
  • I hid my dream in the darkness of the moon. Now I am walking in the path of love, and you are standing in front of me with the possibility of not loving me. (Only ‘love’ did not deceive me)
  • “You make me jealous. You make me jealous with such taste and determination that I like it so much. You don’t bother me too much, and you don’t feel indifferent without being jealous.” (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • Because I love you; It honors me that someone like you loves me, it even makes me stronger against everything .. (I love you because it can’t be without you)

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