Health tourism in Turkey will become a brand with “Healing in Turkey”

The Ministry of Commerce has decided to set up a “Hill in Turkey” portal to promote Turkey’s healthcare exports, a system that will be set up and operated by the Service Exporters Association.

The name of the portal will also be used as a brand and slogan for health tourism in Turkey.

Thus, Turkey’s healthcare exports will be promoted as a whole. A call center will be set up within the portal and foreign patients will be able to lodge their complaints and suggestions.

Oztan, president of the TOBB International Health Tourism Council, evaluated the “Hill in Turkey” portal and the new support for health tourism.

“It will be announced on our billboards, on the pages of newspapers, on the Internet, on television.”

Oztan stressed that it was important for the state to stand by them and support health tourism, adding that Turkey had received many demands in this regard.

Revealing that patients can be served directly through this site, Oztan said that the name “Hill in Turkey” will also be a brand and will be promoted everywhere.

রোগzgür Öztan said: “Patients seeking medical treatment in Turkey will be able to see the country’s health institutions, doctors and medical procedures through a single portal. We will be announced everywhere on billboards, in the pages of newspapers, on the Internet, on television. ” He said.

Oztan stressed that patients can report problems through the portal, adding that the site is also important for patient safety.

“Patients will be protected from counter-trade.”

Information will be provided on everything from hair transplantation to dentistry, bariatric surgery to thermal health and physical therapy, “Oztan said. The information will be presented neatly to the patient. As a physician. What we cannot independently promote can be done through this site with the help of the government. ” Used expressions.

Noting that foreign patients can also see which health institutions are recognized through this site, Oztan has made the following assessments:

“Patients will thus be protected from illegal and under-the-counter business, they will not be aware of such places. Institutions recognized and supervised by the state will be featured on this portal. There will be opportunities to check. We make sure this page is working with the state. We will put it on our pages to show it. We will show that we are part of the global brand ‘Hill in Turkey’. “

Recalling that in some countries insurance covers the cost of medical treatment abroad, Oztan said, “If Hill becomes a recognized brand in Turkey, the insurers will be able to cover the cost of medical treatment in Turkey. Insurers will see that the portal is of high quality.” Says

“There is no precedent in the world for complex insurance”

Turkey should replace the notion that it is cheaper in health tourism, Oztan said:

“Turkey provides world-class quality healthcare. The quality of services provided with the support of the Ministry of Commerce will continue to increase. If I want to open an office abroad, it supports the cost. The ministry also includes complexity insurance, which is unique in the world. A complexity, it will be supported at 70 percent. It will also give us an advantage because no other country has such insurance. Would like to because this insurance is available. “

Noting that the ministry also supports Turkish TV series shown abroad in the scope of service export, Oztan added that health tourism promotions in these TV series will now be within the scope of support.

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