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Every day we open our eyes to a new topic of discussion on social media. In the last few days, a tweet from a user has divided social media into two parts. Tweet thread here:

“After my mother retired, she cleaned the house 2 days a week to contribute to the house. The couple also understands that they will be able to go out once the work is done. The only strange and annoying situation. My mother’s daily wage is 250 lira. So he gets 500 lira a week. There is no food in it. But of course they say ‘the kitchen is yours, eat whatever you like’. Only this couple always says ready food, there is nothing to eat in the fridge. When my mother tries to make food for herself, she loses her job. The woman works outside and the man works in the home office. When a person is hungry, he says to eat from outside. These are luxurious foods. Equivalent to my mother’s daily wage. But the guy doesn’t cook for my mom. So even if the donor of chicken says ok, my mother doesn’t like food. But she cooks her own expensive meals, eats them in her house and then dumps them in the kitchen. She never thought of telling my mother to eat. Because she obviously likes to call herself such an expensive food, but if she told my mother about this food, my mother’s daily wage would exceed 400 lira, maybe she doesn’t want it. It is not enough to say that he does not want it, he does not see the need. Is it really annoying? According to him, my mother has already got what she deserves and obviously she does not deserve the food she eats. On the other hand, according to this method, a person can eat chicken donor with my mother 2 days a week. But he doesn’t like that either. What really bothered me was that it was so common. It may be extravagant, but I think there is a blood link between this “small” event and the big event where people are exploited, oppressed, humiliated and slaughtered in various ways. A couple of examples to my very kind mother. In modern times, violence is treated politely and with laughter. “

In our culture, it is customary to put food in front of anyone, give them treats and ask them how they are, but can anyone who comes to clean the house or look after the child be expected to be treated?

What the user said has caused a great deal of controversy on social media. ‘Should the cleaning assistant be fed?’ Some of them said ‘take your food from home’ for discussion, others described it as a big shame.

Similar discussions came from Switzerland. ‘What was the strangest moment with you in someone else’s house because of their culture?’ In the discussion that started on social media with the headline, after a user mentioned his memory, the tradition fell into the language of the whole world. “I went to a Swedish friend’s house to play a game. His mother invited him to dinner. And listen carefully here. He told me to wait in the room when the family ate dinner and went to dinner.

So, we asked both the host and the lady who helped in the debate which divided the users.

‘They even send food to my kids’

AL (42)

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I have been cleaning different houses year after year. I never had this problem with any of them. Everyone I worked with at home gave me what I ate. In fact, one of them not only gave me a treat, but also bought and sent the pizza we ate for my kids on the way home. I don’t want to work in the house of someone who can’t even feed me.

‘Only robots can work without eating cleams’

Who is he? (36)

The helpers who come to our house work with physical strength all day long. Therefore, he has to eat and drink and gather energy, because his work is very heavy. Just as most of our workplaces provide meals, we also have to arrange meals for our housekeepers. Imagine that your workplace doesn’t give you food and you don’t go out during your lunch break. Can you stay hungry all day? When he arrives in the morning, I either stay out or we meet right at the door. I can’t make special meals for her, but I left the breakfast table open and I told her to start work after breakfast. When he is hungry, if there is food I eat or order food from outside. I like to leave it at that.

Recently, I was calling my assistant at home and talking on the phone about what I should say from the outside. My colleague was very surprised to hear our conversation. “You mean your food too? “I don’t know what he eats or drinks, I never asked him,” he said. It was also very strange to me and I could not keep my mouth shut. I think you should buy a robot vacuum instead of a housemaid, only they can work without eating. “At first he was a little upset but then he fixed it. Didn’t think about it, but will definitely ask next time.

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‘Come clean, not guests’

AP (53)

I don’t feel compelled to give food to those who come to clean. I’m not someone who cooks a lot for myself anyway, I usually eat out. Some people around me tell their assistants to eat at home if they want, or order from outside. It seems so stupid to me. A helper comes because I don’t want to do the housework anyway. Should I cook for her so that the helper is not hungry, or will she stop working and cook for herself? You can return home after breakfast. She can also buy a sandwich for lunch. Even abroad, cleaners always pack and bring whatever they want with them. I think we’re a little overbearing, folks. He is not a guest, he comes to clean the house … Why expect comfort in a five star hotel?

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‘I can’t let people hang me while I eat’

Annexes (35)

I call a helper at my house once a week. However, since I work, I don’t even have the opportunity to make lunch for myself. So eat out. Of course, when I eat on my own, it doesn’t keep the person working next to me hungry, I tell him about the same food. In addition, the kitchen door is always open for him and he can enter whenever he wants and eat whatever he wants.

‘We always have your plate and glass ready on the table’

EV (45)

The same helper comes to us for a long time, we love and trust him as a family. She is a member of our family and of course we have to meet her food needs. If it comes to the weekend, I definitely want him to have breakfast with us. Sometimes he sits, sometimes he doesn’t sit, but we always have his plate and glass ready. We ask her how she is, if she has a problem, we listen. He can eat and drink whatever he wants from the cupboard, I’m not saying that anymore. They are our helpers, not our slaves. Those who do their work with due respect and do not fail to respect are the crown of my head. I always order food from outside or pay the masters who come to the house for repairs. Beyond humanity, I think the responsibility of working in my house that day and helping me rests with the landlord.

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‘For years I have kept nothing but water and tea in my mouth in the house I go to’

Mary B (42)

I visit cleaners 5 days a week. I’m going to one of the houses I’ve been to for about 10 years. A family with very good economic status. I don’t care about anyone’s money, but they are really rich, but they are just as stingy. There is an increase in street fares, as they say, I want to raise prices, you are like an opportunistic trader. They eat and drink while I do my work, but they don’t even say, “You can eat what’s left after us,” invite them to the table. The day I worked at that house, I bought 2 bagels and cream cheese from the street in the morning. I eat one for breakfast in the morning and another in the afternoon when I am hungry. For so many years, nothing went down my throat except a cup of tea and water in that house.

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Once they made an olive bun for breakfast. I was probably very hungry that morning too, the smell of that muffin didn’t go away for a few days. Although I tried to make the same thing as soon as I got home, I couldn’t smell it. My financial situation is not good, but whoever comes to my house, I put something in front of them as much as I can. Okay, I’m a cleaner, I can’t sit at the same table with them, but they can offer me the rest. After all, we humans, when we see it we crave, or wonder about the taste of things we have never eaten in our lives, but I never touch anyone’s things after they give it away. When I was eating something in my hand, I would get annoyed when I saw him eating cat and dog in the street, I would immediately take a bite and put it in front of him. But not all people are the same …

‘I was cooking but I was just salting and tasting’

NB (54)

I do both cleaning and cooking in the room where I go to clean. I cooked but did not eat a single plate of their food. Since I do it after cleaning dishes, I always prepare food close to work. When I worked during the day, because there was no food at home, I would take fruits, nuts or something with me before I left, I would fill my stomach. Once I had finished cooking and finishing my work, the hostess I was going out with lifted the lid of the pot and said, ‘Oh, how low is it? I felt very bad. It made me feel like I was cooking and eating from it. The woman had never cooked in her life, so she didn’t know that when she cooked the big spinach, she would swell up and come out so much. Until that day, I only ate a tablespoon to see the salt in the food I made, but it meant that I was eating too much of their food. I told my other friends who went to clean, they arranged another room for me where they could not reach. It turns out that there are some people who order lunch, and they don’t send me food before I eat it. It’s not about the food, the value they give you, other people think I’m worthless, but in this house they treat me like a normal person.

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