National swimmers of Ata Sports Club ready for the World Championships

Ata Sports Club national swimmers Derin Toparlak, Seren Guran, Yunus Toparlak, Ege Yankee Gunes, Murat Sanel and their coaches Canberk Babaolu, Bakirko Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Manager Sait Babaulu and Ata Sports Club Jenner. .

Sait Babaoglu: The best athlete in the world, not the rest

Mentioning that they came here as a result of a process, Sait Babaolu said, “They are all young people from Bakirko district. This is another matter of pride for our country. As national team coach, I feel my greatest pride and honor. Life as a sports person. One of the founders of the club.I am a friend and father of Coach Canberk Babaolu, who coaches national team athletes. I don’t think it could be more honorable for me than this. By 9 a.m. they go to school, then they come back to the pool in the evening on the way back. My teacher in Canberka says that the training distance is 15 kilometers from time to time. They don’t walk, don’t run, they don’t cycle They are the best athletes in the world, not Bakrki. We give, “he said

“Lost 1 Week in Swimming Branch 1 Month Back”

Sait Babaolu said it took 1 month before the swimming branch suffered 1 week of damage, “When the pool was under renovation, we did not close 2 lanes despite having 3 cranes. We even took the risk. I applaud our youth sincerely. Great goal is big. Name work, great effort. And this club is a club founded in the name of the great leader Atatর্rk. We are sure that our athletes who joined only 2 world champions Darin Toparla in last year’s championship, will have near success without this number. ”

“We are aiming for 25 medals”

Announcing the 25th anniversary of Ata Sports Club this year, Babaolu said, “We aim to win medals at 25 European and World Championships. Hopefully, these youngsters have the infrastructure to achieve this. We expect 25 medals at the 25th edition of the year.”

Canbark Babaollu: We will get the best results

“We have a race ahead of Serbia and we are determined. We will compete for the highest degree in our country. After 20 days in Serbia, we will be in America for the world. Games, and there we are trying for the gold medal We will do and get good results. Then we will go to Colombia for the World Championships. There is a lot of traffic. It is a good goal there too. If we can show the same faith. Get a medal. 1-2 months later, the Open Water Championship is being held in Italy “We have a high goal there too. We will take part in 4 important races. We will get the best results like last year, ”he said.

Derin Topallak: We are participating in the World Games for the first time for Turkey

Darren Topperlack, who stated that there is no national team in any of the three disciplines and no medal winner, said, “I will be competing in the World Championships in three disciplines again this year. My goal is to win gold again. Now we are swimming. , This is my busiest year. Because “I will go to 3 world championships and 1 world games. This is truly an unprecedented year. Usually, so many races do not come in a row. This is the first time we are participating in the World Games on behalf of Turkey. It makes us very proud. I will give my best, “he said.

Seren Guran: I’m aiming for a gold medal.

Seren Guran, who has played in the national team three times in fencing, said: “This is my first time taking part in fried diving. My goal is much higher. I represent not only the team, the club, but also the Turkish women.

Yunus Toparlock: “I want to come to the stud with my brother Derin Toparlock.”

Yunus Toparlak states his goals as follows: “Our goal in this race is to be first, second and third.

EGE YANKI GÜNESH: “I want to break a world record”

Revealing that he has been swimming for 10 years, Ege Yankı Güneş said, “I have become a national for the first time and I have worked hard. I want to break not only the gold medal but also the world record.”

Murat Senel: “Together we will get beautiful results”

“First, my goal is to set a world record.

Yusuf Garip: “On our 25th anniversary, we have set a target of 25 medals”

In a statement, Ata Sports Club General Manager Yusuf Garip said: “We have set a target of 25 medals in our 25th year. Big goal. “Our goal is to build beautiful youth for this country through sports. They are all talented youngsters and there are hundreds of athletes behind them and they follow them. Brothers and sisters. They will set an example for them through the championship. ”


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