SBU Rector Prof. Dr. Erdogan talks about President Erdogan’s fight against smoking

University of Health Sciences (SBU) Rector Professor. Dr. Sevdet Erdal, In his statement to the AA reporter, he said that the World Health Organization had declared May 31, 1988 as World No Tobacco Day to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco.

Tobacco has done more harm to mankind than anything negative throughout history, Erdogan said:

“Tobacco is the greatest weapon of mass destruction that mankind has ever seen. One cigarette contains about 7,000 toxins. Most of them are carcinogenic. Because of 19, we take twice as much tobacco in one year as we lost in two years. We are talking about such a dangerous substance. “

“We are not at that successful pace right now.”

Recalling that Turkey launched a significant fight against smoking in 2008 under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Erdogan said:

“After six years of preparatory work under our President as Prime Minister in 2002-2008, we enacted a law to provide a smoke-free airspace in 2008. Through this law, we have made great strides till 2012. Tobacco use rate, which was 32 percent, 27 percent. In fact, Turkey, the first country to meet six of the six important criteria set by the World Health Organization, has provided it. The efforts and will of our President are very important here. But the situation changed after 2012. We are not at that successful pace at the moment. We have a smoking rate of 32 percent or more. This is a very dangerous situation, so the coming years will be more difficult for us. The risk of smoking among women and children will increase.

Erdel said the 2008 resolve and will to fight smoking should be restored.

Attempts to quit smoking in a helicopter

Erdogan said President Erdogan’s name should always be remembered with gratitude for the fight against tobacco. To express my gratitude, on behalf of our nation, on behalf of our country, on behalf of the future of our country. I must express my gratitude. ” He said.

Noting that President Erdogan was upset to see young people smoking, he immediately took the package from young people and signed it with the date and time of day, Erdogan said:

“The foundation stone of the third bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) has been laid in Istanbul. Mr. President is examining the bridge from a helicopter. The then general manager is giving him information about the bridge. I am with them. I am with them.” When he left, our president was looking at his cigarette. He noticed that it smelled bad and said, “Are you smoking?” In other words, our president is fighting against cigarettes everywhere on the ground and in the air. Let them say, ‘He has struggled.’ He does not do this because he cares about human health and he loves people.

Launched “Smoking Free University” application

Noting that current laws and regulations should be implemented and inspections should be more frequent, Erdold continued:

“We need to improve the control system. We need imprisonment for selling cigarettes to children, but children are still selling cigarettes. Who sells cigarettes to children? So it needs to be monitored. It is a crime to sell hookah to minors under 18. But they Cigarette packages are covered with warnings. By law, this is part of a hookah bottle. ” Should we leave these to the President? Administrators and concerned people should take care of them. “

Noting that they have launched a “smoke-free university” application on the campus of the University of Health Sciences, Erdogan added that they want to enable students to quit smoking.

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