Sud has been released under house arrest for her boyfriend following her death – Bizim Yaka Kokeli newspaper

The incident happened on August 5, 2021 to Izmit Topkular Mahalesi Hilal Soka. Neighbors informed the police when they heard gunshots from the house where Sude Aksarsu and Onur Ozturk lived together. After the notification, the police and medical team were sent to the address. He died at the hospital after being shot in the head with a gun at home. Onur Ozturk, who was taken into custody after the incident, has been arrested.

A lawsuit was filed against Onur Ozturk in the Kokeli 4th Criminal Court on charges of “intentionally forcing a person to commit suicide by force or threat”. In the indictment, the report prepared by the Institute of Forensic Medicine has been grounded. A report prepared by the Department of Chemistry Specialization of the Institute of Forensic Medicine states that methamphetamine and amphetamines and various green prescription psychiatric drugs have been found in the blood of Aksur. An investigation into who fired the gun found interest remnants of Aqsur’s right hand shot.

She told her mother, “If I didn’t come, she would have done something. Tell the police.”

Also in the accusation, Sude Aksarsu’s mother sent a voice recording to the personal messages section of her social media account, saying, “Mom, I’m coming home today ৷ and” Has done. Inform the police. “

‘I lost the woman I loved in front of my eyes’

The trial of Onu Ozturk has started today. While Sude Aksur’s family and lawyers were present in the hall, Onur Ozturk joined the CGBS from the prison where he was detained. Onur Ozturk, who was promised at the hearing, said: “As the allegations state, things like ‘causing death’ are baseless. You don’t know that he committed suicide because of his family. I saved this girl from drugs. Wetlands. The day of the incident. We went to the market. Because he was intoxicated, he had a crisis and screamed. He got fit again and started insulting me. I shouted at him. I shouted at him. Then we came home. I sent him to buy wine. The gun was in the middle of the seat where I was sitting. TMD came out of the house with interest and said he hugged me. He took the gun without noticing me. He went to the door and said to me “Look at me, I love you so much” and nodded. I lost the woman I loved in front of my eyes. I had no chance to help. I called 112. “

‘My only regret is putting that gun there’

Onur Ozturk, the father of three daughters, said: “I can’t do this with a woman, I’m the father of three daughters. I sold it for drugs. I bought it from them at interest. My only regret was that I kept the gun there. I had a quarrel with those who give drugs at interest. That’s why I had a gun. “I didn’t say bad things to Sude, not to kill him. I saw him as my child. Sude was out on the street without me. If I had been beaten, she would have reported me to the police, “he said.

‘The bullet was in the barrel’

Speaking on social media about the audio recording that Sude Akarsu sent to his mother and was included in the allegation, Onur Ozturk said, “The audio recording in the allegation is half, there is a continuation of that audio recording. When we sat down with her. The next day we sat in the park with her sister. She warned her sister Sude, “Don’t do that.” “Then take care of me.” When my enemies came home to attack me, I I put the bullet in the barrel. Then “I didn’t take it out, it just stayed that way. When Sud took the gun, the bullet was in the barrel, “he said.

‘If my daughter pushes the trigger, she must’

“I always take my daughter to the hospital for drug treatment. I reacted to her meeting with Onur. We knew this man was married. We also heard that he was not a good man. I took her to the hospital. Then we went to ATAMATEM, and when she was 18 we went to AMATEM. I went to their house many times to talk, but I never saw my daughter. I complained to the police many times. There were some things that scared my daughter. Despite asking her many times, she never told me. I sometimes get angry and sometimes go to them with love. We had an emotional message. If he doesn’t come, he will kill me. ‘ A few hours later, Sude sent a voice recording saying, ‘I won’t go. Come on,’ in a calm voice. I realized there was something wrong with her tune. I asked her but she didn’t tell us. “The accused beat my daughter. What he was saying. We heard him pull her by the hair. A week before the incident, at 2 pm, the police brought my daughter to my door. Onur beat me in the presence of the police. He said, ‘I have taken refuge in the police.’ “My daughter did not commit suicide. She had to do it when she pulled the trigger. The report showed that she had bruises all over her body. Even her thigh bone was crushed. How did that part of the body get crushed? I last saw my daughter when the police brought her at 2 pm.” The next day when I went to work, the accused came and took my daughter away. After that, I never saw my daughter again, “he said.

‘I saw their fight a day before the event’

Onur Ozturk’s neighbor BA, who was called as a witness, said, “I know the accused because he is my neighbor. Sude’s older sister was working outside my workplace. I’ve seen Sude once before. After I started living with Onur, The day before the incident, I saw their fight. Screams were heard from the house. Then Sude came out of the house crying. Unur grabbed her hair and dragged her inside the house. After a while, Sude came out crying again. “In the evening, Sude came home with a grocery bag in his hand as if nothing had happened. I was. In the back room of the house at the time of the incident. I heard Onur shout ‘Sude, sude’. But I did not hear the shots. “

‘I went to the buffet, it was there when I returned’

TMD (17), who was heard as a witness, said, “Sister Sude was a drug addict. Brother Onur was taking her to the hospital. We sat together and watched a movie on the day of the incident. Later, I left. To drink at home. They Speaking of engagement. I went to the buffet. On returning home, Sude’s sister was lying on the ground. Onu’s brother called an ambulance. I called her again. Onu’s brother was the enemy.

‘If he had been killed, he would have killed the mother of three’

Onu Ozturk’s mother, SG, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, said, “Sude was a street child. She knew my children for many years. Her mother kicked Sude out of the house. I heard her mother say, ‘Kill yourself.’ “Don’t come to this house.” Sude raped her son-in-law. She cried on my chest. Onu is an aggressive child, but if he had killed, he would have killed the mother of his 3 children. Since then, Sude has been on the streets. He was 16 years old. He used to sell his meat. Everyone around me knows that. “


The court, after hearing the parties, decided to release Onur Ozturk on the condition that he be placed under house arrest and barred from leaving the country, given the nature of the accused and the possibility of a change in nature. The crime, the fact that witnesses would directly influence the decision was heard and the evidence was not likely to be concealed or altered. The hearing has been adjourned till October 6.

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