Summary, Topics, and Review of Mehmet Kokundeniz’s book Love and Ashes

Whose work is love and ash? Who is the author of the book Love and Ash? What is the theme and main idea of ​​love and ash? What does the book Love and Ash say? Profit and Ash PDF download link? Who is Mehmet Kokundeniz, author of the book Love and Ash? Here is a summary of the book Love and Ash, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Mehmet Koskundeniz

Publisher: Support publications

ISBN: 9786059913027

Number of pages: 344

What do love and ash say? Subject, main idea, summary

There is no forbidden love, it cannot be …

There are only forbidden relationships, which can cost a lot of time and a lifetime!

“No one can fall in love with someone he’s sorry for! Can you love someone out of compassion? Is it possible? Can you hate another person and dedicate your heart to him because the other person loves you so much?”

Is it called ‘love’?

Impossible …

I cannot turn the compassion of my heart into love. I need strong affection. I can only take refuge in a peaceful harbor full of love, compassion and peace that will open your heart to me as much as possible and revive my feelings that have so far melted into lovelessness and revived the feelings I forgot. “

However, love is not a feeling of empathy, it is a feeling of emotion. Bouquet did not know where he was looking for affection he did not find love, and where he was looking for love he did not find sympathy. He did not realize that these were not feelings that could be substituted for each other. He wanted to satisfy all the emotional needs of his loveless life. Moreover, this man was the father of her lover.

The fate of a young woman who is in love with her boyfriend’s father!

Other books by the author of our publishing house: Love alone has not deceived me, lover, and women and men and love, sleep love

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Love and Ash’s quote – lyrics

  • Be attached but don’t depend .. Love but love yourself more .. Be altruistic but don’t sacrifice yourself .. Be “ours” but don’t forget “me” .. Be patient but don’t be patient .. Criticize but blame No .. ask but don’t insist. Live in such a way that it will never end, but remember it can.
  • “People always confuse the voices of the heart with the voices of their emotions. They are not the same thing. One creates, the other destroys, be careful.”
  • No matter what happens to you, no one can kill you except you.
  • “If I were a poet, I would love you from afar and write my love line by line. Since my pen is broken, I have to sit by your side and live you with every breath.”
  • “I’m leaving now … I’m leaving without burning myself. I’m leaving knowing my worth, embracing my mistakes and crowning what I’ve experienced.”
  • Anyone who chooses and creates addiction is actually an addict of pleasure and wants to dedicate himself to pain. So some people prefer separation to love …

Love and Ash Review – Personal Review

The book is so fluent that I would definitely recommend it to those who have not read it … it is a book where one can surely find a part of oneself. Especially forbidden love and those who are in love with someone older than themselves should read it (Jasmine Essen)

It was a true, live-in story that appealed to me when I bought it. His description was very clear. It certainly attracts you as you read. There isn’t an episode that has lost its excitement. It was a book I bought as a gift to my friends after reading. It made me curious about the author’s other books. (Nuran Deden)

For the first time, I started reading without reading a book. I don’t know how I got confused. If I had stayed, I think I would never have started the book. I’ve always disliked romance novels. But it was against my moral values. Of course, love can be anything. But in this book, we see the bitter truth of intentionally destroying a house in front of us. I can say that it was taken from real life that destroyed me even more. This book, which I did not like in terms of its subject matter, ended with a disappointing conclusion. (Betul Ertech)

Profit and Ash PDF download link?

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Who is the author of the book, Mehmet Kokundeniz?

Mehmet Koskundeniz; Love doctor, journalist, writer.

He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism and Public Relations.

He began his career as a journalist in 1987 as an intern reporter for the Guinness newspaper. He was then promoted to police reporter. After working as a reporter for various newspapers, he tried television broadcasting in 1994. He has worked as a reporter, copywriter and assistant director in the programs he has worked for.

Because he loved to write, he turned to journalism again. In 1995, he began working as a night manager for the Posta magazine. In 1997, he became the news director of the same magazine. He is still in this position.

In early 1999, he began publishing a Saturday column in the Posta magazine. In his writings he has dealt with affection. The articles have attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time. He started preparing the “Love Doctor” page. He touched on every aspect of love on this page and answered readers’ questions. He took Love Doctor to the radio and produced a program of the same name on Radio D between April 2003 and June 2004.

Her first book, Ask Biz Suits, where she compiled her columns, was published in March 2003 and attracted tremendous attention. You Go, Ask Me, was published in September 2004. The first edition sold out in the first week. Other books by the author: Love Catches You, I Love You Because, You Why I Love You, Cheating Women Tales.

Mehmet Coşkundeniz continued to write columns on Saturdays in Posta and published the Love Doctor page in Poster Sunday Supplement on Sundays.

Mehmet Coşkundeniz Books – Work

  • You go, let love be with me
  • Love suits us
  • Love sleep
  • I love you because it can’t be without you
  • Love and Ash
  • Love holds you
  • You owe me a love
  • Cheating women
  • Only ‘love’ did not deceive me
  • Love has found us
  • Burning love
  • Handbook of love
  • And women … and men … and love …
  • How do I catch
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Because not without you
  • I declare my heart to you
  • Cheated women
  • Tell cheating women

Mehmet Coşkundeniz Quotes – Lyrics

  • Once your face became the qibla of my soul; What should he do, change the qibla, do you think this is your life? (Burning love)
  • It is a human quality to love again, to come out of destruction with courage, to be able to start anew, to accept resistance and never give up love. (Love sleep)
  • Then we buried Ayegul. I dug his grave with my hands, shed tears. I used to go to his grave every evening for two years. I put roses in my rose soil. I cried in the cold of winter, I talked to him till morning. (You owe me a love)
  • Now I put him in a place in my heart that he could not fill the void he left in me. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.You owe me a love)
  • And reunite … all the broken mirrors inside me are fixed …Love suits us)
  • Because I love you; Wherever you blow on this cold winter day, even when you pass by without touching my skin, you manage to keep me warm, you must do these things in a unique way .. (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • “I love you because you’re walking with me in the rain. That’s why you never feel bad even if you get sick and go to bed the next day.” (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • He was ready to distribute the possibility of love between her for free. He could have given his life for his friends if he wanted to, but when it comes to love, he can be the most selfish person in the world. That was the truth … whatever it was he was always there. What was changing, what he wanted to change. When someone tries to change him, he immediately becomes aggressive with the defense of past wounds. (You go, let love be with me)
  • Love is not something that gives people eternal rights. You can’t take this as an excuse. Clover, don’t forget; You cannot be the God of the heart and feelings of anyone but yourself. (Love sleep)
  • We are all half-time extra, broken lives. (Love has found us)
  • Maybe his eyes were just like yours … or was his name reminding you? Maybe it didn’t sound foreign at all. So did we sit and talk for hours? Did I tell him about you? Or how did my inner wound, which I had hoped to close, grow in your absence? (Love suits us)
  • Everyone who has heard of this love has been amazed, only you have not heard. (Only ‘love’ did not deceive me)
  • I know what it means to love someone with passion, without expectation, like crazy. If I’m going to love someone, it’s just you. (Love suits us)
  • For the first time ever I was able to surrender to a man, even before I shook hands with men. See how easy it was … I didn’t really understand it. The hawk was on me, and five minutes later it was down. Is that what you call sexy? Am I going to experience this my whole marriage? (Cheating women)
  • When you are with a woman you forget the world. You will only be his. Only then can he feel that he is also yours. And only then will you realize that a woman who feels close to you can completely change your world. You will taste. (You go, let love be with me)
  • No street girl befriends another street girl. They are just rivals. However, we play a friendly game very well. (Cheating women)
  • I can’t wait for the past day, except for the lonely summer night, and even the last blue gleam in my eye will give you the good news of the future. (You owe me a love)
  • I hid my dream in the darkness of the moon. Now I am walking in the path of love, and you are standing in front of me with the possibility of not loving me. (Only ‘love’ did not deceive me)
  • “You make me jealous. You make me jealous with such taste and determination that I like it so much. You don’t bother me too much, and you don’t feel indifferent without being jealous.” (I love you because it can’t be without you)
  • Because I love you; It honors me that someone like you loves me, it even makes me stronger against everything .. (I love you because it can’t be without you)

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