The first scientific meeting after the epidemic took place in Baskel.

The first scientific meeting was held in Basque after the epidemic – Van News

The first scientific meeting was held in Basque after the epidemic - Van News

In collaboration with Van Baskel District Governorate and the Baskel District Health Department, the Baskel Health for All Symposium, the first post-epidemic scientific meeting, was held with the participation of academics.

Bringing together academics, experts and researchers from Sakaria University and Sakaria University of Applied Health Sciences, the ‘Health Symposium for All’, organized by the Basque District Health Department, kicked off the conference alone at Basque Anatolian High School. At the symposium on June 7-9, 8 invited speakers discussed current issues critical to health, such as maternal-child relations, public health, and post-epidemic psychology of health workers. In the honorary presidency of Baskel District Governor and Deputy Mayor Asim Solak, Sakaria University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences faculty member Prof. Dr. Dr. Yordanur Dickman, Sakaria University Faculty of Health Sciences Lecturers Association. Dr. Hawa Sart, Sakaria University Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Faculty member Özge Öner, Sakarya University Res. It started with the participation of Mariam Pelin.
In his inaugural address, Baskel District Governor and Deputy Mayor Asim Solak said it was important to hold such a symposium in Baskel. “We have been battling the epidemic for more than two years. We have faced crises from time to time. Thank God we have survived this ordeal. We have always been in touch with health workers. There have been selfless efforts. Fighting against. This is the first in our district. “After the epidemic, the opportunity for a general assessment emerged. I would like to thank our guest lecturers who have come here from Sakaria and who have contributed to the organization of this symposium. “
Noting that they are focusing on all segments of society and creating solutions to social problems, Baskel District Health Director Dr. Ümit Söylemez said, “Our intention was to come together and talk to them again, since we were away from our citizens after the epidemic. At the same time, we wanted to explain primary health services. Our educators in Sakaria are here. Which will last for 2 days, will be good and beneficial. “
Mentioning that they have talked about strengthening the mother-child relationship. Faculty member Ozge O’Neill said he was happy to be in Basketball. “This is the most remote corner of Turkey. We work very hard in the area where we are, but we see that these places are very difficult to reach. I am happy to be here. We know what a mother is for a healthy child. It is important for mothers to raise awareness and strengthen health workers who will work psychologically with mothers and children. Such research will benefit our society. In the future, “he said.
Mentioning that this is the first scientific meeting after the epidemic, the faculty member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Dr. Jordan Dickman said: “We are in a scientific meeting, which was held for the first time since the epidemic, two years later, face to face, which we really miss. Our goal was to support the public and both. Diabetes mellitus is the most common type of diabetes in the general population. We have discussed diabetes, the cancer that can cause stress, and its protection from cancer and brucellosis, which are the most common in this region. We have talked about ways to prevent these diseases, raising awareness among the public and health workers, “he said.
The symposium concludes with the awarding of certificates of appreciation by academics and participants.

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