The indoor market in Kalenderhan is open

Kortay Municipality The construction work is completed and the service begins Indoor Market in CalendarhanThe official inauguration.

Calendarhen spoke at the opening ceremony of the indoor market, which has an enclosed area of ​​2,327 square meters and was designed as a single floor, Hassan Kilka, Mayor of Karate, He underlined that the implementation of the said project requires karate and their love for the citizens. President Hassan Kilka said, “In our karate we do every service, every step for our district and every project that comes to life; We need the love we have for karate, the love we have for our countrymen and our city. As a karate municipality, our understanding of services and investments is a priority for our people and the efforts that add value to them. We serve everyone in our 80’s neighborhood in line with our efforts and our karate needs and wants. In this context, you know, we founded our Calendarhan and Buuxinan Indoor Market. In September of last year, we organized an event together. Today, we are officially inaugurating our CalendarHean Indoor Market, which we have accomplished as a result of our tireless efforts, and today we are again serving our fellow citizens. When our shopkeepers conveniently displayed their products in the indoor market on our calendar, our fellow citizens had the opportunity to get comfortable service. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will also open our Büyüksinan indoor market, which has very little work. When these two projects are completed, the number of indoor markets in our district will increase to 17. I would like to point out that our district already has 1 semi-open street market and 1 open street market, ”he said.

“They will make shopping easier and generate electricity for its GES features”

President Hassan Kilka, who said that in addition to the administrative department and security rooms in the indoor market, Calendarhan has tea stoves, prayer rooms, toilets for men and women and the disabled, as well as electricity and hydrophore rooms. The market is fully equipped with panels of solar power plants to generate electricity. Hassan Kilka said, “As a karate municipality, we have set up two solar power plants in our Tatlikak and Sarakolu neighborhoods. We are not satisfied with that and we continue to produce new generation of nature-friendly projects for renewable energy. Our Kalenderhane Indoor Market and Büyüksinan Indoor Market One of the most important features of these projects is that their roofs are equipped with solar power plants. In addition to our in-house markets will provide a comfortable service to our citizens. It has a reinforced concrete wall and is completely enclosed with a hinged shutter system. The roof is made of steel and the roof of our market is fully equipped with solar panels. Thus, annual power generation of 472 MWh will be possible. Therefore, our internal market is both a The motherland adds a new comfort to the shopping of citizens and merchants and generates energy. I hope we open our Büyüksinan Indoor Market, which has the same features, in the coming weeks, together. As a karate municipality, we will continue to provide the best services to our fellow citizens and make the lives of our people easier. Good luck with the Sunday market off our calendar. I wish our traders good luck and huge profits. ”


“Karate Municipality adds important values ​​to the district with its services”

Mustafa Uzbas, Deputy Mayor of Konya Metropolitan MunicipalityHe said that the most important understanding of the people’s alliance is to contribute to the peace and happiness of the people by performing important services till date. Mustafa Uzbas said, “As a metropolitan and district municipality, we are working day and night. In this sense, our karate municipality adds value to our city that services are more important than others and suitable for our district. Allowing us to meet comfortably, it will also make a significant contribution to our market traders. The power generated by the project is an important example of clean energy.


“Karate Municipality provides beautiful and important services throughout the district”

Ahmet Pekiatirimsi, Mayor of Selchuklur. Noting that the Calendarhein Indoor Market project is one of the best examples in AK Party Municipality, he thanked all those who contributed to the implementation of the project. Mayor Pekiatimsi said, “As Konya Municipality, we have been working tirelessly and tirelessly. Our Karate Mayor, Mr. Hassan Kilka, has continued to invest in every Karate neighborhood and street very quickly since taking office. Health facilities, sports facilities from Karate School The Calendarhaven Covered Market is a facility that generates energy not only for market traders and citizens, but also generates electricity for its own use, contributing to the municipal economy as well. Good luck for the benefit, ”he said.


“It’s an honor to be human.”

Hasan Angi, AK Party Konya provincial president Expressing that he liked the indoor market in Calendarhan, he emphasized that a service was provided where citizens could easily shop. “Our citizens living in the area will be able to come here with their vehicles and shop very comfortably,” said President Angi. This is human dignity. As the solar panels installed on the roof of the market this Sunday produce electrical energy, the system also prevents this solar heat from bothering the traders and the citizens shopping in the market. Thanks to this modern investment of our Karate Municipality, it also provides a significant economic return. I congratulate our Karate Municipality for this wonderful investment. Asked to be blessed.


“Our karate mayor has done more than he promised to the citizens.”

MHP Konya Provincial Chairman Remji Kararslan He added, “I am very happy to see the inauguration of another service of our karate municipality. Fortunately, much of what our Mayor Hassan Kilka promised our district before the election has come true. We, as the MHP organization, closely follow the services provided by both the metropolitan and district municipalities and appreciate what has been done. I wish the market a better off in our calendar. “

Murat Patek, chairman of the Konya Chamber of Marketers, said that as a market trader, they serve the public with a 16-hour work environment between mid-winter, cold summer and hot summer, and said, “Being aware of these difficulties, our mayors have always supported us and “They created the indoor market. I would like to take this opportunity. Thank you very much, on behalf of my chamber and my business people.”

After the speech, the Indoor Market in Calendarhan, which was brought to Calendarhan district by the Karate Municipality at a cost of 13 million 500 thousand lira, with the GES project, was opened to meet an important need of the region.

Members of the protocol also examined the project and met with citizens and traders shopping in the market.

Closing market opening ceremony; Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Uzbas, Karate Mayor Hassan Kilka, Selkulu Mayor Ahmed Pekiatimsi, AK Party Konya Provincial President Hasan Angi, MHP Konya Provincial President Remji Kararslan, Karate Citizen Chiefs and AK Party Murtaz MHP Karate District President Sebahatin Kuchuk Dogru, Konya Marketers Chamber President Murat Patek, Karate Municipality Councilor, Chief and Citizen.


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