With age 40, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced by 50 percent.

With the change in lifestyle, the age of becoming a parent has also increased. Career plans, dreams, child desires can be postponed.

Couples are afraid of not having children after a certain age, said gynecologist and obstetrician Professor. Dr. Sevtap Hamdemir Kılıç said that as the demand for advanced children increases, so does the need for IVF treatment.

Kılıç reported that pregnancies 35 years of age or older were rated in the advanced age category and that the chances of getting pregnant decreased by 50 percent with age 40.

“Infertility”, that is, the problem of infertility, continues to increase with age, the pregnancy process becomes a little more difficult and complications increase near birth, Kılıç said, adding that there is a 20 percent chance of conceiving during each ovulation period under the age of 30. , And this rate drops to 5 percent by the age of 40.

According to Kılıç, egg quality decreases each year with age, the rate of fertilization by sperm decreases, and genetic problems appear in the fetus.

Couples who experience this condition apply for in vitro fertilization treatment, Kelick says:

“When a pregnant mother applies for ultrasonography and hormonal in vitro fertilization treatment, ultrasonography is done on the second day of menstruation, although it is mandatory. It is important. In advanced IVF treatment, the fetus should be examined in terms of chromosomes. In this regard, the method of ‘pre-implantation genetic diagnosis’ is applied. In advanced IVF treatment, there is a problem. It is very important to take a biopsy and evaluate it in terms of chromosomes in the birth of healthy babies.

Recommendation for IVF treatment at an advanced age

In these treatments, tests like FSH, E2, AMH tests performed on the second or third day of menstruation will guide us to reach important information which gives numerical value about egg condition. Cardiological and endocrine-based co-morbidities such as hypertension and diabetes, which have not been previously identified, but whose existence is a question mark, or whose presence is relevant in family history, should be identified. It is recommended to take genetic counseling for genetic research such as implantation test before pregnancy. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Starting to take folic acid supplements with the decision of pregnancy will reduce the chances of possible nervous system imbalance in the baby. In vitro fertilization treatment will keep the pregnant mother safe in the case of pregnancies obtained after advanced age, followed by an obstetrician with a sub-branch of perinatology.

The age of the mother is not as important as the age of the father during pregnancy. In the 40’s, sperm motility decreases. Due to the deterioration of sperm parameters, the advanced age of the male does not affect it as much as the female, but it does reduce the success of the pregnancy. Inability to conceive due to men is seen in about 50 percent of couples. If there is no problem in the pregnant mother, then the father should also pass some tests.

It is important for couples to work together in IVF treatment. The problem is always common. It is not possible to go back to the past, where there is return from loss, there is profit. Yes, you have suspended the baby and you are now over 35 years old. In that case, you should start the process as soon as possible by applying to an IVF specialist without wasting your time. You don’t have to stop dreaming of having children. Anything can be achieved with the help of advanced medicine and advanced technology. ”

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