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Demirel family great excitement!

Jeanne Saver, who was first selected in the Miss Belgium beauty pageant in 2009 and married goalkeeper Vulcan Demirel in 2010.

Yaade, the daughters of a happy married couple, received a report card today. The famous couple shared their daughter’s happiness on this special day.

Where are the children of famous graduates?

Even if the children of show business celebrities sooner or later return to the parental profession or do not move too far away from that alley, they receive higher education in various fields. In the case of movies, music and theater, the children of self-proclaimed celebrities have the most choice in which country to study and in which branch they are studying .. Here is the answer ..

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‘Graduation? My dear daughter, when did you grow up! ‘

Pinar Altug married Yagmur Atakan in 2008 and the couple’s daughter was born in 2009.

Sue graduated from middle school. Pinar Altug and Yagmur Atakan did not leave their daughters alone at the graduation ceremony.

Iyade got his certificate

Pinar Altug shared photos of the event with his followers on Instagram. Altuğ dropped the “Middle school graduate! How did you grow up” note on the photo for which Sue received her diploma.

Iyade got his certificate

Pınar Altuğ shared these frames with the note, ‘It’s easy to say 8 years … Girls graduate, we’re happy … This 8A was something else, my friend’.

Iyade got his certificate

‘I find it hard to describe my happiness’

Ayesha Dilan, daughter of actress Ahmet Mumtaz Tailan, has graduated.

Taylan shared a captioned photo of her daughter, who graduated from Florida’s Ringling College of Art and Design, on her social media account.

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The master player omitted the note “Sometimes it is very difficult to describe happiness. For example, I am sad now”.

Iyade got his certificate

Congratulations from Ayçin İnci, actress Ahmed Mumtaz Tailan was married in 2007 and was married for 5 years:

“My dear Ayesha, thank you my beautiful daughter, my heart is full of joy, may your eyes always be so bright, congratulations, I wish you continued success”

‘Path, girl’

The Aye-Sinan Engine couple, their daughter Elif Engin, graduated from the University of Galatasaray’s law faculty last year. After completing his internship, Elif Engine officially became a lawyer.

Iyade got his certificate

Ma Aye Engine shared a picture of her daughter in a gown on her Instagram page. Below, she wrote the note “I hope you are wearing this dress with white on your forehead … good luck, my daughter”.

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‘Half of my life’

Mire, the daughter of the famous singer Bullet Certus, graduated from high school. Serttaş congratulated his daughter with a post on her social media account.

Iyade got his certificate

‘I’m half my life, Mire. May the certificate of honor, appreciation and respect you received in your school life be with you forever, my daughter! I love you … ‘

The university is located in the United States of America

Shimal Kanak, daughter of famous singer Vulkan Kanak, has graduated from Kanak University.

Iyade got his certificate

Very proud Kanak congratulated his daughter on his social media account. Simal, who studied at Suffolk University in the United States, graduated from the Department of Business Administration. Attending his daughter’s graduation ceremony, Konak expressed his feelings in these words: My dear daughter, may your path be clear. Let the brave light of civilization be your guide on your forehead.

Become a fashion

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Fatih Terim’s youngest daughter Bas, one of the most famous names in the fashion world …

Iyade got his certificate

Terim studied fashion design in New York, USA.

Political Science Graduate

Sejin Erbil, the eldest daughter of Mehmet Ali Erbil, was also educated in politics.

Iyade got his certificate

Erbil graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Political Science.

Master in the United States

Everyone knows Tarak Akan’s son Baris Uregul through the movie “Daily Insan”, where he appeared on camera with his father.

Iyade got his certificate

Barış Üregül studied software engineering at Bilcant University. He then went to the United States to pursue a master’s degree.

He had a quiet life in London …

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Murat Kureklibaur is the eldest son of master actor Kunit Arkin. A few years ago, when he was still a child, he appeared on camera with his father for the movie Citizen Riza.

Iyade got his certificate

But then he was not interested in acting at all. Murat Cüreklibatur, after studying business informatics, earned his master’s degree in software systems. He founded a software company called Arkın Design. While living quietly in London with his wife and two children, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and began acting.

Life has changed in Malta

Burak, son of Aedes Hun, completed his higher education in Malta.

Iyade got his certificate

He also started a business life in Malta. He became the marketing director of a large US organization.

Let them say ‘he uses his mother’s surname’ …

Seren Olke is the daughter of the famous star Juhal Olke, who was born from his marriage to Jafar Olke.

Iyade got his certificate

She studied literature because she was afraid to be called “she uses her mother’s title.” He starred in the TV series Night and Day. However, his main job is as a tango instructor.

Son of the director of the actor’s parents

Hira Tekinder, son of Jerin Tekinder and Katin Tekinder, studied filmmaking in London.

Iyade got his certificate

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