3 year signature from Osman Jackie Karkamaz in Istanbulspore!

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A 3-year contract was signed in Istanbul with coach Osman Jackie Korkmaz, who was promoted to the Super League after winning the Spore Toto 1st League play-off.

In a statement from the club; “We have signed a new contract with our technical director Osman Jackie Korkmaz. After the 2021-2022 season, in which we were promoted to the Super League, our club has signed a new 3-year contract with our technical director Osman Jackie Korkmaz.” The expression was used.

Osman Jackie Karkamaz, who made the statement after the signing; “I am very happy to be working here. I would like to thank our President, Mr. Ekmel Faik Sarialiolu, who has always been behind us and supported us on the way to the championship and our board of directors. We have left behind a successful Istanbulspor, with its unique game culture, has added color to the Super League since the 1st League. It is about to add more. May the signatures we have left today and the new process we are launching benefit our community. ” He said.

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Visit Istanbul Men’s High School

Sport Toto in the 1st League, Istanbulspor, which advanced to the Super League 16 years after beating Bandirmaspor 2-1 in the play-off final; President Ekmel Sarialioglu, coach Osman Jackie Korkmaz, team captain Ibrahim Ilmaz and Muammar Sarkaya met with students at Istanbul Boys High School, where the Yellow-Black Club was founded. Students welcome students at the Istanbul Spoor School with a banner reading ‘Welcome to your home’.

Istanbul Sport President Ekmel Sarlioglu, Coach Osman Jackie Korkmaz, Team Captain Ibrahim Ilmaz, Football Player Muammar Sarkaya, Legendary Names of Sports Clubs in Istanbul Spoons Jackie Korkamz handed over a plaque to the school principal, Hussein Sari, with an Istanbulspore crest and an Istanbulspore jersey.

Thanking Istanbulspor for their participation, school principal Hussein Sari said, “I want to express our belief that we are always together and we can do good together. I want to thank my president, my coach, my valued elders, and my Players. “

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On the other hand, Istanbulspore President Ekmel Sarialiolu said, “We have worked to make things believable.”

Osman Jackie Korkamaz: Today we are back in our souls

Coach Osman Jackie Korkamz, who was promoted to the Super League with Istanbulspore, said: “I wore this glorious jersey to a young and amateur team. Muhitin, who was my coach, is with us today. Today’s meeting is a return. Body to the soul. , Then this school is the home of knowledge. “This is his soul. Today we are back to our souls. This is our greatest happiness. “

Iskander Gurgen, son of Istanbulspore founder Kemal Halim Gurgen: Our players have played with love and brought us back to where we deserved

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Alexander Gargen, the son of Istanbulspore founder Kamal Halim Gargen, began his talk by asking the students if they knew where the club’s color came from. Istanbulspor Hall is a club founded in 1926 by all Istanbul Boys High School students. Our players have played with love and brought us back to where we deserved. Hopefully, thanks to our managers and the people who support this club, the team has come to its rightful place year after year. “We will play with love and win with love,” he said.

Team Captain Ibrahim Ilmaz: We took Istanbulspor to where it deserved it.

Noting that they represent Istanbulspore in the best possible way and will continue to do so, team captain Ibrahim Ilmaz said: “This championship should be a gift to all our fans and the club’s legendary names. We are very proud to have lived and experienced this happy life. We have represented Istanbulspor in the best way possible over the years. “We will continue to do so. We have brought Istanbulspor to its rightful place. I think our success will continue at a rapid pace from now on, “he said.

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