Art promotes well-being and peace

On stage “I think music and life are intertwined,” says young pianist Ilyun Barkov. Music feeds life and life feeds music, ”he said.

As the Red Crescent Women’s Organization, I met 14-year-old Ilyun Barkov, who is talented not only in our country but also internationally in the organization organized for Cancer Week. The whole hall applauds Barkev, who grows huge on the stage and goes out like a poem on each note, until the palm of his hand turns red. We didn’t get enough to hear. Let us be proud and see the great determination, hard work and dedication behind this success. I am very happy to bring our young talented pianist Elyun Barkov with you this week at Sevin Patisserie Talks. Delightful reading

Dear Eleven, I saw you on stage and I was fascinated. I think your acquaintance with the piano started when you were in your mother’s womb, how did your piano adventure begin and how did you get into these days?

First of all, thank you so much for this beautiful interview and your comments. Like you said, my mom wanted to play the piano and started taking lessons. I’ve been hearing notes from my mother’s womb. Later, when I was 3.5 years old, my family noticed my interest and started playing the piano with me private lessons. I started my full-time education 2 years after I took part-time exams at the Mimar Sinan State Conservatory and started my education at the age of 7, my favorite teacher, Prof. Dr. I continued with Burcu Aktaş Urgun. Later, in the master class, I met my favorite teacher, our state artist, Mrs. Gulsin Onay. A special bond has been formed between us and we have been working with him for four years. At the same time, I participated in the Summer Academy program for talented young children at Mozartime University in Salzburg. There I met my favorite teacher, Gerian Kleiner, and I worked with him for 4 years. I have participated in many international piano competitions. I have won many first prizes Most recently, I won first prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition, Best Chopin Interpretation and Best National Composition. I had a lot of solo and orchestral concerts. In August, I performed Mozart’s 13th piano concert at the closing concert of the 18th International Gumshuluk Music Festival, hosted by the El Eli Symphony Orchestra and Neil Venditti. In September, I gave a solo concert at the Ahmed Adnan Saigun Cultural Center and the Turkan Saylan Cultural Center. I took the stage with the Adana Kukurova State Symphony Orchestra on 22 October and the Dagus Children’s Symphony Orchestra at the opening concert in Galataport on 29 October, led by Mr. Rencom Gokmen. I gave a solo concert at the Sureya Opera House in December and took the stage with Mrs. Gulsin Onay on the social responsibility project organized by the “Healing is Goodness Association” at the Ahmed Adnan Saigun Art Center on 9 April. On April 25, I gave a concert with our state artists Mrs. Gulsin Ona and Tuna Bilgin at the 17th International Belapais Music Festival in Cyprus. Most recently, I gave concerts with the Ankara State Opera Orchestra and the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra to commemorate May 19, Atatর্কrk, Youth and Sports Day.

I wonder if you’re overwhelmed while playing, as if you’re traveling in a different world that we don’t know and you know… is it the story of the compositions you play or the melody that takes you?

If we look at the history of music, we see that it started around the same time in the history of humanity. So music is universal and a reflection of divine beauty. I think music and life are intertwined notes. Music feeds life, life feeds music. When you discover this cycle, your happiness, sorrow, love, wishes and many other emotions of life are reflected with the notes in my heart. While playing the piece on stage, the rhythm and notes in the parts of the piece take me to this flood of emotions.

How many pieces can you play? And have your own composition?

My collection is constantly being added like a pool, on average I try to complete 4-5 solo works and 1 concert in 3-4 months depending on their level. At the same time, I am very excited about composing, I have two compositions of my own, Hope for the Future and Wind, which I have shared on digital music platforms.

Looks like you’re okay now, what do you think the next level is at such a young age? What if you don’t have a goal?

As I said before, since music is universal and divine, it basically contains eternity. If we look at the work of musicians to this day, each of them has become a star in this path of eternity. I think humanity will continue as long as this process continues. This is why I see being for myself as a small part of this endless process. In other words, being a kind of being means not having at all, that is, always learning and always achieving better.

I would like to thank again for participating in the organization organized by Kızılay İzmir Women to raise awareness about cancer. Would you like to say something about this organization?

I think music and art bring prosperity and peace to people. I was so happy to be able to take part in such a valuable social responsibility project and to support this project with music.

Do you think there is such a thing as innate talent – you are undoubtedly talented – or can someone do it with a disciplined job?

First of all, I believe that there is a thing called talent and higher talent. Every human being is born with different abilities. The important thing is that these talents are properly discovered and guided. But if you ask me, what talent or proper conditions and an orderly work are important for talent development, I think if one apple doesn’t have one half like two halves, the other half will remain unfinished. n How many hours a day do you play? The answer to this question actually depends on the situation. School hours are 2-3 hours on weekdays, 4-5 hours on weekends, and this period is much longer before competitions and concerts. However, it doesn’t matter how long you work, it does matter how efficiently you use your time.

How would you describe your friends Ilyun Bürkev?

It’s really hard for a person to answer this question, but I am a person who values ​​friendship and loves to share life with my friends who want to make lasting friendships. Therefore, I think I have a good relationship with my friends who value these values. Thank you again for this wonderful interview.

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