Chase the wedding! – News7 writer Serdar Arceven

I don’t know what will happen when you read this article, but …

At the time we are writing, the price of village gold exceeded a thousand lira!

One gram, a thousand lira!

And we’re entering the “wedding” season, let’s see.

Most of the “weddings” postponed due to planning will take place this summer.

Also gold prices are rising, let’s see what happens.

Many “parents of daughters”, especially “mothers of daughters”, must buy lots of “gold” to see their children succeed.

As of today, the average demand exceeds one million lira.

It’s only money for hanging out with “gold”.

He has just come and gone, he has a lavish wedding, he rents a house, he owns a house from head to toe, this and that, he has thousands of things in his mind.

Young people who get married and parents who marry their children constantly complain to us because they know how hard we work to “promote marriage”.

They also send their accounts.

“What do the Als say!” There are some people who say that a marriage will cost at least 500 thousand lira on the terms imposed by the sensitive families.

Those who have tightened it well can pull up to 300 thousand, but it was a very, very difficult task.


We write about how expensive the marriage process is …

“What, gold is needed for marriage? Is it necessary to get married with drums, juranas, musical instruments and hooks? Does the house have to be complete? There are some people who say, “Let them get married and get their non-essential items on time”.

Thus, we see that those who give counsel use their own marriage as an example.

“We had a small tube in our house at the time of our marriage, and a stretched bed, would you believe? We did it over time … “

Well, that’s right.

Now we are at another time.

Seventy years ago, the rise in petrol prices did not directly affect the vast majority of society.


4 out of 5 families own a car in one way or another and almost everyone cries when petrol, diesel and auto gas prices go up.

Long queues are formed at gas stations when fares are announced at midnight.

Thus, the old pine became glasses.

Neither we are old we, nor old youth our present youth.

Also, the beauty of old times is diminishing, but bad things continue, unfortunately …

“What the hell does it say” printed, keep it up!

There is a very ugly thing;

“What, our daughter has to go like a widow!”

Terrible, look everywhere ..!


In an environment of high inflation, some get richer, others crash faster.

I don’t know how those who will be rich will be bothered by the fact that young people who want to establish a house cannot get married.

I think it would have been great if they had.

I have drawn attention here a few times;

Family Minister Daria Yannick has often said, “Our population is aging 4-5 times faster than even continental Europe!” He warned the whole society,

He also mentions the “at least 3 children” call, which Mr. President once voiced frequently.

We’ve been proud of our young population for years … some people are doing deceptive things called “population planning” to increase the age of our country …

We said they aimed to snatch our greatest strength, our young and dynamic human resources.


Many negative factors, ranging from indefinite maintenance to financial difficulties, lead to a decline in marriage.

The number of children in each family is decreasing.

Divorce is on the rise.

And as the family minister put it, “our population is aging 4-5 times faster than continental Europe!”

What effect does it have on those who become rich as they get richer?

This question will be answered according to the dose of “patriotism”.

Since rapid aging of society is only a matter of “survival” …

He who loves his country very much, no matter how rich he may be, says, “Alas!

Among those who are getting richer as they get richer, there must be some people who have come to the position of “But you too … Champs-Elys সর্বes everywhere for us”.

It happens in all societies!


I am finishing the article, please do not be impatient.

I saw a “pink” news on a television channel today.

Those who will get married are being assisted through the bank!

Banks are the interest institutions that destructively multiply their profits during this economic crisis.

Top winners of all ages!

As the country and its “low-income” citizens get into trouble, these interest-bearing companies are getting richer …

State statistics show this!

User ..

He will sell for a lot more than he took …

He wins and breaks record after record.

For a good deed such as “marriage”, which is obligatory, obligatory and sunnat provision; If you infect the bank with interest, you will lose in every way.

You will drown, you will drown your world and your hereafter, God forbid!


There is no one to advise, no one to give money.

Let it be your brother, one of those who give advice.

O fathers and mothers!

O daughters, mothers and fathers!

Please do not complicate matters further.

Make it easy, it’s not hard!

Love, don’t hate! …

Your children will not marry “El Alem”, they will marry each other! ..

Let everything be concise.

Words always sound good.

May marriage be blessed and prosperous.


As the slope of life is getting steeper and steeper …

What is the problem, what will the neighbor say ..!


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