Children of war victims in Ukraine dream of growing up in peace (2)

David Kachakchisvali / Dmitry Chirchiu – Witnessing the 100-day war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on since February 24, Ukrainian children now want the conflict to end and to grow up in a peaceful environment.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, 261 children were killed and 724 wounded in the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, where Russia began fighting on February 24.

Most of the children were killed in the fighting in Donetsk, Kiev, Hakov, Chernihiv, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Sumi and Mykolaiv regions of the country.

Ukraine’s presidential commissioner for child rights and rehabilitation Daria Herasimchuk said on June 1 that about 190 children injured in the war were being treated in various hospitals across the country.

“We have no information about the situation in the occupied territories. I am sure that number will increase when our troops enter the area,” Herasimchuk said, referring to the number of children killed or injured in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Says

According to the United Nations (UN), about two-thirds of the 7.5 million children living in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes.

On the one hand, while the Russia-Ukraine war continues, especially in the Donbass region, children living in the capital Kiev, which the Ukrainian army has controlled since the end of March, still cannot forget the injuries caused by the war.

The children who spent their days in the basement turning into shelters under the house, stayed in the area until they were removed from Borodianka, which bears the brunt of the conflict, now dreaming of going to school and kindergarten.

Milana Bevja, 6, who plays with her peers at the center of Borodianka, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that she now spends playing outside because the nursery she went to was closed due to the war.

“I can’t go to the nursery for a long time now and I miss the nursery very much. There’s cleaning work going on now.” Bevja said the nursery would open soon and he would be able to meet his friends.

In the first week of the war, Bevja said they had taken refuge in the warehouse of the house where they were staying. Says

I don’t want to hear the siren anymore

Five-year-old Erika Yushchenko, who plays with her mother in the center of Borodianka, said they were in town when the attack on the area began and said, “Those days were very scary. The door is not opening. ” Says

Yushchenko said he was frightened when he heard the siren because of the injuries caused by the fighting. He said.

Explaining that they had spent the first five days of the war sheltering under the house and hearing the sounds of tanks and planes, Yuschenko said, “I want to grow up in peace. I want to learn, to read and write.”

Didenko, 13, who lost his father in a Russian invasion

Roman Didenko, 13, who lost his father in the Russian attack, said they were able to leave Irpin with his mother on March 4, where the collision took place, and said, “We quickly got ready and left. I saw a lot of cars. Burning. It’s very scary. Was. ” Says

Explaining how his father helped in the evacuation of civilians, Didenko said, “I lost my father in the attack. It is very difficult to express my feelings. There is a big void inside me. I will take my father as an example. It will be for the country. ” He said.

Didenko wished peace to the children who survived the war, “I want my country to be independent. I don’t want war anywhere in the world.” Used phrases.

My son has been withdrawn

Didenko’s mother, Lyudmila Didenko, said she could not believe the fighting had begun, saying “my wife was seriously injured in the attack. She was taken to hospital but could not be saved.” Says

Mentioning that her child was experiencing emotional trauma, Didenko said, “My son was withdrawn after what happened and I had trouble communicating with him. We need a psychologist to fix this problem.” Used phrases.

Didenko stressed that the Ukrainian people must be strong and not lose hope of winning the war.

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