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Whose work is compiled story? Who is the author of the compiled story book? What is the plot and main idea of ​​the compiled story? What does the book of conspiratorial stories say? Is there a PDF download link for compiled stories? Who is the author of the book Compiled Stories? Here is a summary of the compiled story book, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Nihat is young

Publisher: Street publishing

ISBN: 9789757991229

Number of pages: 96

What do conspiratorial stories say? Subject, main idea, summary

“Coup has come and gone, one war has started, another has ended, our city has reached ten million. What you eat and drink is yours, tell me, who has borne the burden of this world?”

Their mother’s tender daughter. The girls are rotting in the house with their mother. Their mother’s lamb. Their mother’s rose. Victim of mother’s immorality.

The girls who have been locked in the house all their lives, the girls who don’t have jobs today, and the ones who are most fortunate are the girls with higher vocational education and open education. Hold fast to the quarantine room of respect for girls, whitewashed rooms, morality, dignity. “

Quotes from compiled stories – lyrics

  • Where in the world does it matter? War everywhere! People everywhere!
  • Tell me, who has borne the burden of this world?
  • Ankara is a harsh and arid city. Even if you’re a dog, you won’t find an angle of curling.
  • Seventeen years old, what a beautiful age! At that age figs pour their honey, pomegranate cracks, lust is hidden in our body like a spy! At that age the wind bites and caresses our cheeks, and the waves pull us inside as they move!
  • My joy was my only weapon against life.
  • Whose idea is this thing called love, I don’t know. I didn’t like it at all.
  • Months passed. I said to my mother, “Mom, will the worms cry?” Mom looked at me anxiously. What happened to this boy happened right after he was vaccinated, he told neighbors. One of his neighbors said that the vaccines of these infidels, powdered milk, they are driving Muslim children crazy. All night long, my mother secretly prayed in my mouth and blew it, and made me drink sherbet water. I could not sleep peacefully again. Until he grew up and became acquainted with Yunuslar and Hockey Bektaslar.
  • Coups come and go, one war begins and another ends. Our city is ten crores. What you eat and drink is yours. Tell me, who has borne the burden of this world.

Compiled Story Review – Personal Comments

Is there a PDF download link for compiled stories?

Nihat Genç – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Compiled Stories is the PDF link to the compiled story. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Nihat Genç?

Nihat Zenich, (born 1956, Trabzon) is a Turkish journalist and writer.


She graduated in 1974 from Mary Mehmet Kayhan Primary School Primary School and from Travajan Commerce High School Secondary and High School. He was admitted to the Istanbul Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences and the Ankara Banking School, but dropped out due to political events. He then graduated from the School of Health Administration in 1983. After finishing school, he worked as a government employee in the Ministry of Health / Ankara Rehabilitation Center and then in the Ministry of Culture for nine years.

In his youth, he worked as a technician in newspapers and magazines. Prior to September 12, he was one of the most important young intellectuals in the ideological movement and wrote in various nationalist journals. Since then, his articles have been published in nationalist political magazines such as The Independent and Kırmızı-White and Leman. He briefly wrote a column for Axam magazine and left the newspaper after accusing the same newspaper’s author, Eng Ardic Lehmann Magazine, where Gen had worked in the past on Saddamism and slander. He returned to Lehman in September 2008. [1] The author began writing articles for Aydınlık Magazine in December 2008. One question – one answer – in his column, Janes assesses current issues from a nationalist perspective.

Until September 2008, he co-starred with Serder Akinan on the TV channel Skyturk in a show called “Ne Var Ne Yok With Nihat Gains”.[2] Since it is a sister organization of the Canal Axam newspaper, Gencio’s program has ended. Following the show, he co-produced “Veryans with Nihat Genç” on Avrasya TV on October 18, 2008 with Lale Şıvgın.

The quest for humanity has dominated his stories, he has delineated the problems and social changes of the time living together with the human story and he has always chosen his heroes from among the oppressed people. In political or apolitical opinion articles, it is seen that he possesses a much more harsh, angry and even aggressive style. A hidden but deep feeling of loneliness is a powerful element that forms the subtext of his story and the ideas of his writing.

An article criticizing the 2005 Ottoman Armenians Conference on the Fall of the Empire, organized by Bilgi, Sabansi University and Bogazisi University[3] Eletisim Publishing, which has been publishing all her books for a long time, has decided to sever ties with Nihat Jane and not publish her books.[4]After that, the author started publishing his books from other publishing houses.

His book

Yesterday’s Fear (1989)

Nobel of the Age (1991)

Hodja Ofli / There is no shame in Sharia

Compiled story

Narrow space flood 1993

University Science from the Blow (1993)

Cold Soap (1994)

History of Dogging (1998)

Mortals of the Modern Age (2000)

Hometown story

Dark Behind the Tree (2001)

Old violinist (2002)

American Dog (2004)

Sahitya Path (2004)

Sentry Post (2004)

Line Defense (2005)

Adhans to the Darkness (2006)

Conversation in the Geography of Love (2007)

Fight Day (2007)

You are a variant (2008)

A Nation Awakens 17: “Days of Fight” (2009)

I Ask The Black Flower (2009)

Civilians’ Endless War with Gene (2011)

Occupation Day (2011)

Examples from his story

Narlıbahçe Street (modern day villain)

Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.

Is there any remorse for this work? (Offley Hodge)

Pride and Misery (History of Docking)

Turkan (behind the dark tree)

Hero Brand Harmonica (compiled story)

Old violinist (old violinist)

Television program

What’s new with Nihat Genç? (Sky Turk, 2003-2008)

You’re a variant with Nihat Janak (Eurasian TV, 2008-2011)

Nihat Genç I’m talking about this! (Public TV, 2012 -…)

Let it burn with Nihat Jensi (National Channel, 2013 -…)

Nihat Genç Books – Work

  • Azan towards darkness
  • History of Doging
  • You are very human
  • American dog
  • Hometown story
  • How did the Islamist Errol go crazy?
  • Dark-backed tree
  • Conversation in the geography of love
  • Line defense
  • Old violinist
  • Cold soap
  • Nobel of this age
  • Single gun
  • Our day will come
  • People of the modern age
  • Literature lessons
  • Compiled story
  • Fear of yesterday
  • Towards the path of the lion
  • Offley Hodge
  • Do not send scoundrels to my country!
  • Listening to the Anatolian writer
  • Sentry post
  • Day of Resistance
  • Occupation day
  • A nation awake! 17
  • I asked the black flower
  • The endless war of the citizens with the jinn
  • Essay 61
  • You Veryans with Nihat Genç
  • One person show
  • Prayers in the palace
  • Oman will not deceive us
  • Old violinist
  • Flooding in narrow space
  • Listening to the Anatolian writer
  • Introduction to Literature Lessons

Nihat Genç Quotes – Lyrics

  • There is no civilization because people are speaking correctly and speaking moderately. (Sentry post)
  • Sound has infinite power. (Oman will not deceive us)
  • Every day of my life, no matter how busy I am, I always pick up a book and try to read at least a few pages of it. Lest he be defeated … (Oman will not deceive us)
  • “If you are satisfied with life, do not bother with the American occupation, and if the IMF does not bother you, then you have nothing more to” humor “. There is no place for humor in this happy, joyful, happy, sweet life, let it not touch me. Humor has nothing to do with people without purpose. “(Line defense)
  • If you are immovable, artistic and have a deep excitement; No frustration and despair in the world and its church and its ideology and its patrons can defeat you. (Single gun)
  • “Our intellectuals have been teaching us to rise and fall for two centuries, and every generation is breaking their limbs. Look, they are still teaching Istanbul conquest. Someone teach this generation ‘fall’. “Being able to read” without breaking one of us (Old violinist)
  • We have given our property to the West, we have given our mines, we have become slaves in the West, we have become monkeys, we have become dogs, we have entered the most disrespectful alliance, we have become puppets and diplomats of the West, so we have become traitors. To our neighbors. We have been betrayed, we have given up the Innerlique of the Middle East and have become allies of the West. But the westerners have not stopped, they still want something, they are not satisfied with taking away our honor, they are not satisfied with taking away our honor, they are not satisfied with taking away our religion completely and now they want to take away our land, our neighbors. And all our sacred things from us. (Line defense)
  • Can I grow up not lying? What do I do when people multiply, crowds, books, thoughts, events become complicated? The devil is touching your skin. They will call me perverted, they will sit on the hot iron, they will say sorry, repent, and they will make me the most disgusting bargaining tool in the world. No. I grew up not lying …Fear of yesterday)
  • “Those who have no worries have only the tradition of their fathers and grandfathers, swords and weapons in their hands.” (History of Doging)
  • People look at the cup and see the world on the other side, we can’t look one step further, come on and don’t eat yourself. (Line defense)
  • “His hollow eyes rest nowhere but his heart, which has become an island of honor …” (Old violinist)
  • “… many people feel guilty. They no longer trust society. They no longer trust the media. They no longer trust their mother. They no longer trust information. They no longer trust the news. They trust the spoken word. No, and they are skeptical of society. If our age is the age of despair, then it is false information, fake news, lies. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. ” (Listening to the Anatolian writer)
  • “… in the West and in the East, the debate over ‘an intermediary between God and the servant’ is the bloodiest and most heated debate in history.” (Prayers in the palace)
  • Don’t they know that they can sit down to produce crops, sit in fields, vineyards, sit down and create culture and freedom can no longer be achieved with guns, processions and noise, but with these? They know! But then their century-old power is in danger of being destroyed! Collecting products, writing books, working all day will feel very feminine to them. They are like lacquer shops, tough people with heavy authority … (Old violinist)
  • People as intelligent as a village imam rewrote 1400-year-old Islamic thought and became fashionable.Literary lessons)
  • “I’ve never had a country as beautiful as your eyes.” (Nobel of this age)
  • “I had a ‘what do they say’ religion. Leave this religion, whatever they say, you will be very light, come on, goodbye.” (Nobel of this age)
  • I know that if they lie under a cherry tree for ten minutes, all the panic will go away. (Old violinist)
  • The people who are roaming our streets now are not the ones who do not hold their word like the caragos.Sentry post)
  • Which Islam, which country, which community Islam, which era Muslims? Is it Islam to live with our parents or is it ideological Islamism invented nowadays? (How did the Islamist Errol go crazy?)

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