Doctor’s rebuke to his colleagues from Bursa; ‘We owe this country’

Unal Ozbe
The daughter of Vassid Akalap, one of the most experienced doctors in Bursa, OP. Dr. Fatma Akalp is a hardworking, patriotic, strong doctor who never gives up. After graduating from Hacettepe’s Faculty of Medicine, Fatma Haneem, who took her mother as a model in both her profession and her life philosophy, overcame many difficulties and was accepted at the University of Zurich to become a specialist. Akalap, who returned to his hometown without much thought after a successful education there, continues to work as an ophthalmologist at Bar্সa. Fatma Akalp, speaking to her colleagues these days, said that many specialist doctors are standing in line to go abroad due to economic conditions and not knowing the value of their profession; Reminds me of spiritual values. Not only the doctors, but all the Turkish citizens are reminded of the values ​​that make up the raw materials of this country, Akal thinks that everyone is indebted to this country.

Mrs. Fatma, may we know you first?

First of all, this invitation is very valuable to me, I must say. I wanted to be a good doctor, a reliable person. I didn’t want to chase after applause and approval. But what you do well is rarely remembered after your death. The works that you do not write, remind or announce are not imitative. But you have to give a hand and set an example. It is very important to be an example to the young people who come after you. Ben Op. Dr. Fatma Akalp. I am a person dedicated to being a doctor. I grew up in Bursa until I was 18 years old. We have grown up in the footsteps of the versatile Atatুrk. We were raised as candidates for development in the fields of music, science, sports and literature. At age 7, I decided to become a doctor. My mother, the owner of the first private hospital in Barsa, op. Dr. Vassid prematurely. This is a relay race. I grew up being the daughter of a very honest doctor and a very honest contractor. I’ve worked hard, summer and winter. I have won the best medical faculty. I met a teacher in 4th grade, Professor. Dr. Sabiha Keskin. It came from America. Are you thinking of going abroad? He asked me. She became a great role model for me after my mother. Another role model is Professor. Dr. Gazi Yargil, I pray to him every night. He was chair of neurosurgery at the University of Zurich. A great talent. I won the American test … ‘

I take the example of my mother

Did you decide to become a doctor before the American story because of your mother?

‘My mother is a very attractive person. He is a Balkan immigrant. Children of parents do not know the impossible. He is a breakthrough. We are going to piano lessons at the age of 7. He told me, – I have a bleeding patient, wait for me in the car. – Of course, I did not stop, I could see what was happening inside the operating room window. I saw a huge woman 1.80 meters tall, covered in blood, quietly controlling the place. He saved the woman, he saved the baby. At that moment, he became a monster in my eyes … ‘

Wasn’t this trauma for you at this age?

‘My mother then roared at me; What are you doing here But I was very happy with what I saw. I said, whatever it is, I’m going to be something like that. Then my mother made a rule that no matter what book you have at home, you can’t be a quality person, you have to improve yourself. During my middle and high school years, I helped her with her surgery on weekends and holidays. For example, when you ask for an element, you can’t say no. He’ll say no, you can’t find it. Sometimes mom I can’t, I say it’s impossible; He says the only solution to the impossible is death. My father was also a person of this mode. In other words, we were the children of two couples who did not know what was impossible. The utopia that others had was normal to us. ‘

Something caught my attention. Now we are all holding hands with our kids, Baby Rose Doll. Although you are a child of an economically wealthy family, you said that you were my mother’s assistant during your high school years …

‘We had staff at home and at the hospital. But we never understood who was the employee and who was the boss. We grew up with them. I was working in the operating room. My sister also worked in the hospital pharmacy, she was 13-14 years old. We live in a house with a garden. Trees and flowers across 16 acres, we planted and grew them. We have had a landscape architect here for 1-2 years. We do everything ourselves. We would dry the meat at home year after year. I will ask if there will be a war. When I was young, I used to knit my own sweater. I don’t know if my parents ever called me my darling, my princess. As a Republican woman I am ashamed to say my princess. As the son of the great leader Atatুrk, I cannot call myself a princess. We are harming the children by saying this. ‘

Then you decide to go to America. What happened then?

A delegation from America came to Cerrahpaşa 6th grade. Whatever I do, I have included myself in Congress. I took my best friend’s car and drove to Congress from the hotel where the doctors were. Talked to teachers. I have confirmed the job to go to America. I went home to play bye; I’m very happy I’m going to America. My mother said; Yes, but not America. I said yes, I have been preparing for this exam for 2 years. He said; However there is no obstetrics. In future eye diseases. First, you can go a long way in your academic career, then there are huge advances in technology. You can also spend time in your personal life. Your family will be your life. First we rest. Then it became understandable to me. Then he asked me to learn another language. Leave English. I said, does it work that way? My years will be wasted. He said it did not matter.

In fact, parents do not want their children’s school years to be wasted. On the contrary, your mom has taken a different approach and turned your career around completely …

‘She was the daughter of a very low-income family. He studied abroad with lectures while he was a medical student. He did double residency in 1966 despite the need for money. That is why he has given birth to low income people without expecting anything in return. Quilt is burned for flies in our family needs. It would be a waste of a year for good. The risk is taken. We never see ourselves above or below what we are. Then I went to Zurich. This story is also important for young people. When my family wanted me to go to Europe, I decided to learn German. I went to Istanbul and took the names of the clinics in those countries from the consulate and wrote one letter after another to the directors there. I prepared my files, registered my diplomas, scientific publications and hobbies and sent them to them. I wrote 27 letters. However, I started to learn German from a German who did not know a word in Turkish. Of the 27 letters, 16 returned well. ‘

You study the language and learn as if you were going to the University of Zurich, even though you have not yet been accepted. How do you get into this inspiration?

‘I have never lost faith in my life. No failure has ever washed me away. Atatুrk says; There is no hopeless situation, there are hopeless people. My grandfather fought in the Arabian Peninsula and near Belgrade, then he joined Kuwait-e Miliye. We sample them. So there is no hopeless situation for us. I had terminal illness from the age of 37 to the age of 49. At age 37, I had a skull surgery. They said he would die, after all he would go blind. They said he would be injured. I did not. I had stage 4 cancer when I was 39-40 years old. I have never been sick. In every battle I have lost, I have gained something new. I have no authority. But I will say anyway; If you are losing something, there is a way for you to do better. These diseases have taught me that. Just being a good doctor is not enough. You have to be good, moral, honest. ‘

These are now plus features

‘These are responsibilities. Must be understandable, respectful, hardworking. It is unimaginable. Being open-minded is not a blessing for development, it is the foundation. ‘

We are the raw material of this country

I ask this but can’t help. You went to Zurich. You became an ophthalmologist there and came back to Turkey. But now our doctors are trying to stay abroad. Why did you choose to return to Turkey when you could go to Zurich as well as the United States and practice your profession there?

‘I went there not as Fatma, but as a Turkish girl, I know it; When I was attending a language course at Oxford, I was confronted with a lot of ridiculous questions. It’s about our religion, our language … We should be responsible for the consequences of our actions. If I make a mistake, the Turkish girl makes a mistake with the Muslim girl. Went to Zurich with this awareness. Believe me, I would start my shift at 8am and finish at 10-11am, I would go to work on the weekends. My boss says: If there is another Fatma here, there is no need for another assistant. If my colleagues who are going abroad are determined, please let them carry this awareness. Don’t embarrass us. Your every move does not bind you, it binds your country. I am both secular and republican, but also a woman of faith. I have already passed my diploma at the University of Zurich. I can work there comfortably. But I have to say this; The son of the Turks, the Turkish citizens belong to this country, just like the underground and surface resources of Turkey. We are the raw material of this country. In my opinion, extortion is a raw material fleeing abroad from this country. No one can explain it to me. The situation in this country has deteriorated. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. There is no opportunity to discuss mental and economic violence against doctors in this country. But that doesn’t mean I have to leave my homeland. We belong to this country. We are indebted to this country. We didn’t come at all. If we are not indebted to anyone, we are indebted to the heroic martyrs who are lying under this ground in this life. We hate those who give up and love no one but their motherland. If your conscience makes you feel comfortable, if you can rest your head on the pillow, I have nothing to say to you. Otherwise I will go to a house on the shores of Lake Zurich and relax. But that’s not it. A successful, hardworking person who does not give up becomes essential in his own country. Of course those who want to go don’t ask me. It may be that our qualifications are not evaluated. But it will not be good if we do not fight.

Finally, you received a flag of social responsibility from your mother. I know you want to continue this. What do you want to say about this?

The hospital did not have an intensive care unit in the 70’s. There were women poisoned with rat poison, women who put a thorn in their womb for abortion and had to die. : My mother saved flour in poverty. We would go to the hill village every weekend. We toured the village. There is no village in Bursa that I have not visited. I will never forget In 1979, we went to the village of Buুকuk Deliler in Calais to dress up as a woman We entered an Adobe House. It smells so bad that I love that scent now. Your ground is shaking. The woman is on the floor. That’s when I understood what my mother meant. Growing up means you don’t think big of yourself where you stand. That hand you will be. The field is not at hand. God is not needed. No one knew about his help. I always want to set up the library. My brother and I are making a list of books. We write small notes inside those books. Those who have read this book; I hope you come to a better place than us, you deserve your homeland. I never give a book without emotion. We have a soup kitchen project with my brother. We can do this through associations or individually. But I’m not in favor of anything to show for it. I hope there will be people who will agree with me. ‘

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