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Continuing to work to give the city a greener, cleaner and more modern look, Efeler Mayor Mehmet Fatih Ataye has brought a new park to the city.

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The park, whose construction was completed by the municipality of Efler in K কাজztip district and where the name of the late Idinspor goalkeeper Ekrem Targitay will be kept alive, was put into service through a ceremony. At the opening ceremony; Efler Mayor Mehmet Fatih Ataye, IYI Party Aydin Provincial President Resep Tanar, Aydin Chamber of Agriculture Council President Mustafa Erdal Childar, Ekrem Targita’s son Sonar Targite and his family, members of Efela Municipal Council and many other members of the political party Was.

Kilichdaroglu is celebrated by the President

Republican People’s Party Chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu has sent a congratulatory message to President Ataye on the occasion of the inauguration. In his message, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “I would like to thank you for your kind invitation to the opening ceremony of Ekrem Targitai Park, which was opened by our Efler Municipality. I congratulate our municipality and our Mayor, Mehmet Fatih Ataye, who have brought so many social and cultural residences to Efler, and on behalf of Efler, extend my warmest greetings to all our guests who attended the inauguration of Ekrem Targitai Park. “

“We will immortalize the names of those who contributed to Effler.”

Speaking at the opening of the park, President Atay, who has created new and modern accommodation for the people of Efler, said he had the honor of playing football with Ekrem Targiteye and said, Before that there was no Efela name. At the center of Aidin, the sports community trained very important actors. One of the most important of these was Ekrem Targite. He was a goalkeeper and while playing for Çine Madranspor at the age of 14, Aydınspor always played a friendly match against Çine Madranspor at halftime. I got the honor and respect of playing with him three times. Therefore, it has become a very meaningful park for me. I would like to thank you very much, we are happy to name a person who raised kids like you in this park, and to name a good person who has made a great contribution to the sports community, a person. With a proud life. We did a very good job. All members of my council unanimously decided to name the park. I am eternally grateful to them. Yes, an overdue park, late name. But from now on, with our council members, we have decided to immortalize the names of all our people who have contributed to sports, culture and industry in our Eiffel district. “

“President Atee promises book cafe in Sestep”

Sharing the good news, a book cafe will open in the Sestep district, President Ataye said.

“We will open a book cafe in our Chestep Neighborhood. We’ve taken its place, now we’re designing the interior. In a very short time, our book cafe will meet the people of Chestep. ” He said.

Addressing the children attending the inaugural ceremony on the demand for children’s balls in the district of Chestep, Mayor Mehmet Fatih Ataye said, “Now it’s summer, you want balls from us. I’ll buy you a ball, too, but in the winter you will all read and learn in the book cafe. Promise? “President Ataye concluded his remarks with the following words:

“Yeah, okay, we got the word out from the kids too. I want this park to be beneficial to our people of Eiffel and Sestep. I want to thank all of you for participating in this warm weather. Good luck, thank you.” Target Thanks to President Ataye on behalf of the family

Sonar Targita, son of Ekrem Targita, made the following statement in his speech on behalf of the family:

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Mehmet Fatih Ataye, the mayor of our Efler, and our head of the Chestep district, Kani Kavadar, who brought this project to the Chestep district. My father Ekrem Targita’s football career began in Chestepspor, and since 1966 he has been a professional soccer player in Aidinsport for 14 years as a goalkeeper and captain. He served in the municipality of Aydin for 22 years from 1980 and was the founder of Aydin Belediyspor. My family and I are proud to provide such services in our Çeştepe neighborhood. This project, which has been brought to life, is a work worthy of the people of Sestep and my father Ekrem Targita. My father’s name will live on in this work forever. I would like to express my deep gratitude and respect to those who have contributed. “

Thanks to Mehta for the services of President Atay

Chestap Neighborhood Headman Kani Kavadar also said:

We would like to thank the Mayor of our Efler, Mr. Mehmet Fatih Ataye, for bringing this beautiful place to our surroundings. We are glad that our park bears the name of the late Çeştepeli Ekrem Targıtay, one of the legends of our Aydınspor. We are delighted that Book Cafe, which has made every neighborhood a haven for education and culture, will open in our neighborhood after the honeymoon, which opened in our neighborhood and attracted the attention of our women. We would like to thank our President Mehmet Fatih Ataye and our municipal staff for these invaluable services. I just want Targitai Park to be good for our surroundings and I pay my respects to all of you. “

After the lecture was over, the ribbon cutting for the park began at Ekrem Targi. Efler Mayor Mehmet Fatih cut the ribbon and inaugurated the new park with guests and attendees. President Atay visited the park with participants and took lots of souvenir photos with the children. (Hazel Bayek)

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