Istanbul Provincial Health Director Memisoglu’s scary statement: ‘We will fight disease’

Awareness campaign against NASH is held every year on 9th June, International NASH Day, which is defined as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and is a deceptive disease caused by excessive fat accumulation in the liver (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). In this context, what happened at the Sepetçiler summer palace Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kamal MemisogluDirector of the Institute of Gastroenterology at the University of Marmara and President of the Fatty Liver Sub-Working Group of the Turkish Liver Research Association and100 Turks who have conducted medical scienceLocated in Professor Dr. Yusuf IlmazIstanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Gastroenterohepatology Instructor, Turkish Liver Research Association Board Member Sabahattin Kaimakoglu, Professor Dr. Murat Akildiz With patients and physicians.

In the event, there are 20 million fatty liver patients in Turkey, of whom at least 2 million are at risk of cirrhosis.NashHe was reportedly ill. Although it was pointed out that the disease progresses fraudulently and is not yet known for any drug treatment, there was an emphasis on major damage to liver obesity. Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu further warns that obesity and inactivity are a big danger.

Talking about the epidemic process, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kamal Memisoglu, “The ones who suffered the most or unfortunately lost in Kovid were our patients who did not take good care of their bodies, were overweight, had co-morbidities and did not exercise. Instead of feeling remorse after ‘nothing will happen to me’, we need to raise awareness about not actually being there.

– When you look at it today, covid has become a hot topic in the world, but the number of deaths from covid and the number of deaths is comparatively different from the diseases we call circulatory system. About 17 million people in the world die of circulatory diseases alone. Much more interesting; The serotonin disease that we have discussed due to fatty liver is actually much more deceptive and much more common.

One of the biggest risks in this society at the moment is; Obesity, we see fat in one in 4 people. I think one in ten of them get the disease. Our people should know that regret will not be of any use after their liver is exhausted, many patients are waiting for a transplant when you see it. We are more than happy that people are not sicker than the treatment of their illness. I want to be unemployed as long as people are healthySaid

“In 20-30 years, we will fight disease.”

Talking about a question about NASH disease screening studies, Prof. Dr. Memisoglu, “There is no scan for NASH. Not today, not tomorrow, but ten years later, after this lubrication has accumulated, you have a real problem. You have a scan, nothing may come out, but if you continue to have a negative diet after five years, you will have a fatty liver. Then it was too late. We give them extra food, they have a habit of eating fast.

– Especially in Kovid, we see that the rate of weight gain in children who do not sit at home and do not exercise. When overweight children cannot lose this weight, especially during adolescence, we will struggle with many problems when the metabolism gets old after a certain age. I would especially like to point out this risk. In a country with a young population, if you do not prioritize preventive health in the preventive health system, if you do not give it as a society, when you look at it today, some developed countries have obesity and weight problems. Countries

– These weight problems have reached a point where they cannot be solved. Maybe it’s not very noticeable now, but I’m sure that 20-30 years from now, with these habits, we will really grow up, dealing with health related diseases, especially obesity and inactivity, that our country is unfortunately suffering from diabetes at the moment. Not in a good position in the case.‘He said.

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