Last Moment: Dursun Uzbek: Our biggest goal is to win the championship

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Presidential candidate Dursun Uzbek made a special statement to the Ihlas News Agency ahead of Saturday’s extraordinary General Assembly meeting in Galatasaray.

Underlining that Saturday will be a crucial election for the yellow-red community, Uzbek said, “I am giving the following message to all members of the General Assembly; Galatasaray is going through a critical time. Members of the General Assembly represent our 30 million fans. They must participate in the election in a healthy way to reflect their will at the ballot box. The board needs it. A management chosen with a strong will feels stronger and serves better. There are two candidates. Both candidates talked about their projects. Therefore, I advise the members of the General Assembly to evaluate what the candidates have said and what they will do for Galatasaray and choose who has the best project and who will serve better. If we say that Galatasaray is the main thing, then the interests of Galatasaray should come to the fore. “

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6 billion funds

Noting that as a team they have real estate and digital projects, Uzbek said, “We have a very important project like Columbus. We have many infrastructure projects. In the medium term, ie in 3-4 years, we will have a source of 9.5 billion net money from these projects. Money left after construction of Kemerburgaz and Jim. That’s our current account. We do not do these calculations ourselves. Yes, we are working, but we have found these figures within the feasibility framework of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey. Therefore, with the funds we have created at this time, we will first repay our 2.6 billion TL debt arising out of the Banks Association Agreement. Of course, then this debt will not be 2.6 billion, it will continue. We expect about 3 billion. When we provide 3 billion out of 9 billion, a 6 billion fund is created for Galatasaray so that its future can be comfortably planned. We plan to use this fund very carefully and take it to the next 25-30 years in Galatasaray, “he said.

“We’ve done most of our relocation.”

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Explaining that they also study migration during the candidacy process, Dursun Uzbek said, “The candidacy process in this sense does not affect our work in any way. We’ve done most of our work. Our goal is to keep the beneficial players of our team in the squad. We have shortages. We have a determination based on last season’s performance. By making the necessary transfers to these missing places, our biggest goal is to win the championship next season, which hits the Republic’s 100th anniversary. May our fans and our community rest in peace. We did not interfere in any way, ”he said.

“No new facilities built for 30 years”

Emphasizing that Galatasaray is a competitive team, Dursun Uzbek said: “It has to be a training team at the same time. Our projects already cover both infrastructure construction and installation. No new facilities have been created for 30 years. However, in developing situations, infrastructure also needs to be restored. Both of these will be installed and the necessary research will be done to ensure that the infrastructure serves Galatasaray most effectively. We’ve already finished all this. We can say with certainty that; Galatasaray is a competitive team, and the adaptation of young people to the team is crucial. So these two projects have to go together. I think the future of Galatasaray is here too. Let our fans and members be happy. In that sense, it is possible Galatasaray’s future will be established in the most successful way possible, “he said.

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“Our first goal is to create an atmosphere of love in Galatasaray.”

Expressing that they have talked about many projects, the Uzbek said, “If we cannot provide a climate of peace, unity and love in Galatasaray, these projects will be of no use. There is no success. Why should we fight each other, why should we?” Our first goal is to create an atmosphere of love in Galatasaray, because without this climate the road to success will always fail, it will always be halfway through. Needed, ”he said.

“Someone got the square empty”

“We are closely monitoring the situation at the moment,” said Dursun Ozbek, an evaluator of the Turkish Football Federation’s election process. There are fights for the football federation. Of course, some people found the square empty. They are trying to design a federation, a board to deal with psychological excellence. There is no such world! We are coming. If the general meeting gives us a job, there is nothing to wander around in an empty courtyard. We are closely monitoring the situation, “he said.

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Basketball example for the amateur branch

Uzbek, “What would be your outlook on the amateur branch?” In question, “There is a very good example of basketball related to the amateur branch. It was particularly important for President Burak to undergo such a restructuring. Arden Timur also took basketball and played for the championship with a very small team with a budget of 2.6 million euros. He had a very successful season. We will go to similar structures in all other branches. The basketball application is a reference for us. We will establish the same structure in all amateur branches. The man who did it is Mr. Erdogan, we work together. It will be very easy for us. “

“We did it in 2017”

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Addressing the yellow-red community and fans, Dursun Uzbek said:

“When you share love, the amount increases. When you share the pain, the pain is mild. So for the fans, I have only one thing to say; Yes we had a bad season. Next season means a lot. 100th Anniversary of our Republic. We have followed the path shown by the great leader Atatুrk for 100 years. Galatasaray to be the most successful team this season! We are doing the necessary work. If the General Assembly elects us, we will do something that will make the fans happy. We did it in 2017. For the 2017-2018 season, I founded the team with my friends. That team was the champion for 2 years. We made 10 transfers, one of which was a goalkeeper. 9 started 11 played. This is our reference. We will do the same this year as we did before. But never spend big bucks. Now we have the example of basketball. We have proved something there too. Love must be included in this work. When you do this job with love, the result comes out in basketball. We have development of football which will make our fans very happy. Hopefully, once they are elected, we will let them know. “
Stressing that Galatasaray have to play for the championship every season, Uzbek said: “It is impossible to stay away from such a goal because of identity and history. That’s why we’re currently working on it. I invite all members of the General Assembly to the election. Everyone has to come to the polls, ”he said.

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