MKE Ankaragücü supports new sports law and TFF presidential candidate Büyükekşi

MKE Ankaragücü Club President Farooq Koka said that enforcing the Sports Club and Sports Federation Act is a very wise decision. Says

Sport Toto was promoted to the Super League as the 1st league champion, the president of the club of MKE Ankaragücü was a guest at the Coca AA Sports Desk.

Pointing out the importance of the new sports law, Farooq Koka said, “I believe the reason for the origin of the sports law is correct. There may be some shortcomings, they will be rectified through regulations. When the shortcomings are felt. The reason is correct. I am saying this as a club president who has paid a price. Thousands of euros. I am paying the price for past mistakes. That is not the case. No one has the right to imagine football through the club. Everyone has to take responsibility for their signatures. “

“I believe Mehmet Bukeki will contribute if elected.”

Farouk Koka backed Mehmet Buয়েekক, a presidential candidate in the General Assembly of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) scheduled for June 16.

Recalling that Mehmet Buikeki made a presentation at the Association of Clubs Foundation, Coca said:

“Unfortunately, we look at him with superstition rather than as a person’s contribution. Mehmet Bouyuki is a well-known name in the Turkish public and has achieved success in his own company. When we look at his past, he has a lot of heights. The title. “I don’t see it as biased. In fact, I don’t even look at the name. I look at the principles and the rules. I also shared my thoughts when he gave a presentation. I believe that.” If Mehmet Buইekকি is elected, he will contribute. This cannot be done with just one president, everyone should contribute to the brand value of Turkish football. “

Emphasizing that Turkish football is in a very bad place, the president of the yellow-dark blue club said: “The picture of Turkish football is not good. We are all responsible for it. We have to fix it and take steps to make additions. Price. If not here’s a new product just for you! We must take Turkish football to that place, eliminating all reckoning and conflict. You deserve it, “he said.

Commenting that he did not approve of the constant change in the number of foreign players, Koka said: “I am in favor of playing with a large number of domestic players in all teams. Our football is lagging behind for 20-25 years. We didn’t take what we should have ৷ there are almost no football players ৷ last season, you played 8 foreigners in 14 foreign squads ৷ I can’t find it right ও let’s reduce that number to 10-11, but every player we hire should play. We must prepare for the future with a long-term plan. We must play the foreigners we have bought today, but with strict rules we should publish a structure of 5-10 years. If the number of foreigners continues like this, many clubs will not be able to find players. ” Evaluated her.

MKE Ankaragücü goes to extraordinary general assembly

Farooq Koka has announced that they will take the club to an extraordinary general meeting within a month to amend the constitution and make some changes to the board of directors due to the new sports law.

The president of the yellow-dark blue club continued his speech as follows:

“Due to the new sports law, some regulations have to be made. Not only Ankaragui, all clubs have to go to extraordinary congress. So, we will take a decision of the General Assembly in a month. We will make some changes in Ankaragui. We plan to have a congress at the end of the month or at the beginning of July. To run the club, we need a new vision, a new management, and a change in the by-laws as required by law. We want a system based on rules, not individuals. “

Reminded of the good news of May 19th

Farooq recalled the good news given by Vice President Fouat Okta about the construction of the stadium on May 19 in celebration of the Coca-Cola Championship and gave new information.

Recalling that they celebrated May 19 at the stadium for awareness, Coca concluded his remarks as follows:

“On May 19, the stadium is the sports temple in Ankaragücü. We have reunited the community there. Our Vice President Fuat Oktay has also announced the good news of the stadium. The information we have received is that the tender for the stadium has been completed. The date has not been finalized, but the information I have received is as follows: I know that you have disclosed this to the Council of Ministers. The highest quality and eligible stadium to be held in Turkey will be in Ankara. We will bring our community together in this stadium as soon as possible. This meeting Ankaragücü I hope it will coincide with the days when he played at his highest.

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