Professor Dr. Enderhan Karakok talks about his father Abdurrahim Karakok:

“When it comes to Turkish-Islamic causes, when there is injustice, when there is a persecution, he expresses his oppression, which man cannot express, cannot say and cannot say through his poetry. For this reason, man found himself. Abdurrahim Karakoch “

ÇORUM (AA) – Dean Professor, Faculty of Communication, Seluk University. Dr. Anderhan Karakoচ, for his father, the poet and writer Abdurrahim Karakoোক, said, “When it comes to the Turkish-Islamic case, when there is injustice, when there is victimization, people express their shatteredness with his poetry, which they cannot express.” Can’t and can’t explain. That’s why people found themselves in Abdurrahim Karakoch. ” Says

Enderhan Karakoচ spoke about his father at a memorial service organized by the Quorum Municipality at the State Theater Hall on the anniversary of the death of Abdurrahim Karakoোক, one of the most important voices in Turkish folklore.

Karakoch, who said that what his father wrote in his poems reflected in his real life, insisted that the poet was never isolated from the public.

Noting that Abdurrahim Karakoz achieved significant success when communication was limited, Karakoz said, “It is not easy for a person to struggle alone, to promote himself when he has nothing but media equipment. He had thousands of books in the 1950’s and 60’s. It was sold in the decade, and then when you look at it in terms of finding thousands, it means that he is a person who will be taken as an example. So, young people, this is something you can do, if you ask for it. My dad used to say, ‘I wish they could pass me, better than me.’

– “This nation loved and counted Abdurrahim Karako”

Abdurrahim Karakoch is careful to convey the message of his poetry to the public, Karakoz said:

“One of the things that made him happy was that the messages of the poems reached. Did it reach? Thank God it reached. Who did it reach? It reached everyone. It did not reach a single listener.”

“No one knows who Mihriban is”

Everyone knows Karakoch’s poem “Mihriban” and they are wondering who is “Mihriban”. Dr. Enderhan Karakoç continued as follows:

“I was curious, I asked. I even made my grandson, my wife, ask what I couldn’t. Who is Mihriban? Everyone is thinking. When we asked my father who he was, he said, ‘Why are you interested?’ He’s a black man. He’s short, dark, that’s it, “he said.” It doesn’t matter. My dad doesn’t hide it either. Is his name Mihriban? No, his name is not Mihriban. The name Mihriban is mentioned as a symbol in the poem. We know nothing but that. Look at laughter and laughter. It means they can’t get rid of it. They wanted to find it, but we don’t even know. Here, no matter what anyone says, no one knows who Mihriban is. Living with my father, living with my father, no one remembers my late mother. There are invisible heroes, People remember him when he is reflected in poetry, unfortunately they may forget the true, loyal people. “

– “His problem was this nation, it’s people”

Abdurrahim Karakoচ, emphasizing that he was the interpreter of the feelings of the people, Karakoz said, Through. So, people found themselves in Abdurrahim Karakoch. When he wrote, “He was sincere in every aspect of life. At the age of fifty he had a house. , ‘This place will kill me,’ and there he died. He has nothing else. He did not pursue any cause other than his work, he did not pursue fame. The reason was this nation, it was the people, “he said.

Enderhan Karakoç added that before his father’s death, he had given his rights to all except the enemies of his country, Turkey and Islam.

At the end of the conference, the mayor of the quorum Halil Ibrahim Asgan, Professor. Dr. He presented flowers to Enderhan Karako.

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