Racism in the police station: ‘Gypsy’ family falling from the verandah.

Wall – Details of the May 31 police station torture in Istanbul’s Atashehir district’s Mostafa Kamal Pasha district have been released. Resul Bayir, Yaşar Bayir and Hüseyin Bayir, who said they were tortured in and out of the garden, went to the prosecutor’s office and filed a criminal complaint. The Bayir family said they were called ‘gypsies’ at the police station and were subjected to racism, torture and insults. Family members, who said they were being held in an armored vehicle after being tortured, also told the prosecutor’s office that police jokingly told them, “These are the families who fell from the porch.”

The Bear family went to a wedding on May 31st. At 19.30, police arrived at the wedding area and asked to end the marriage and said there was a complaint. Meanwhile, the police asked Resul Bayar to come to the police station. The buyer asked why he had to come to the police station and what was his crime? Allegedly, the police beat Bear, whom they cursed for these words. Bayer has filed a criminal complaint with the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office alleging “beatings, torture, swearing, insulting and racism” and explaining how they were tortured at the police station: He abused people in the neighborhood, insulted me in the presence of my family, grabbed my hand, then told me, ‘Come to the police station.’ I went so that the incident would not escalate. Meanwhile, my family followed me, even though I told them not to come. It’s not hard to understand. He curses and insults me, saying, ‘Who are you?’ He started hitting me, saying, ‘You will respect me.’ I was shocked by the fist in my face, and when he hit me he shouted, ‘I am the God of this place.’ We tortured her, telling her buddy, ‘I’ll teach this gypsy who I am.’

They ridiculed him, saying, ‘Get off the porch.’

Half an hour later, other policemen at the station said they could get out. However, Bayir could not go … Bayir continued: “They opened the door and I went to 3001 Street. My family saw me and started shouting. They said they would complain. When I was approaching my car, the police chased me. Again, before I knew it, they laid me down on the ground. They kept walking. My son, my mother and father intervened. They beat my mother. They broke my father’s hand. They broke my son’s eyebrows. Other police officers said, “You would say they have escaped. Otherwise you too … “I was beaten for about two hours in the police station garden. Another policeman came. I thought the policeman was the chief, because the policemen called him ‘my supervisor’ and put him in a white car. ‘Yeah, this is my boss and his son fell off the porch.’ They then threatened, “If you do anything about beating us, we will kill you.” They said, “We will write, you and your son will sign it. And they beat and tortured my son and forced him to sign the report.”

Bayir claimed that footage of the violence was present on camera records and that these records would be requested from the police. “As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey who has been detained by the police, tortured, exposed to obscenity and racism, I want those who have experienced these things to be held accountable before the law,” Bayer said at the prosecutor’s office.

‘She was shouting that we were working with the Gypsies.’

Hussein Bayer, the son of Resul Bayer, also spoke of the torture in the prosecutor’s office, explaining that they had faced racism with the words: “My father was tortured in front of my eyes. They have beaten our family. Canaan police were shouting, ‘We’re dealing with these gypsies’, swearing and insulting. He was tortured for hours. These pictures are also available on mobile records.

Resul Bayer’s father, Yair Bayer, also told the prosecutor’s office that he had been tortured and racist. Bayer claims that the torturing police must be held accountable before the law.

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