The brains of obese people are 10 years ahead of old age

If you have that common disease, then you are 10 years ahead of brain aging.

Global public health information pollution and inadequate health literacy negatively affect our personal health. We are far behind in terms of adequate awareness about this issue. As the level of education decreases, the rate of disease increases and the level of health literacy is both inversely proportional to age and directly related to the level of education. In this case, the first goal is to reduce the risk and prevent the disease from growing in proportion to the epidemic. The Sabri Ülker Foundation, which runs projects that will raise social awareness and awareness about healthy nutrition, is working to do just that. Last May, the Foundation in Istanbul teamed up with “The Nutrition Society” to bring together the world’s top nutritionists, recognized as one of the world’s leading nutrition organizations. The importance of health literacy was emphasized in the conference entitled “The Role of Nutrition for Health”.

Our health education rate is full

According to the results of the study “Health Literacy Level in Turkey and Related Reasons”, 24.5 percent of our country’s adult population has an “inadequate” knowledge level, while 40.1 percent have a “problematic” knowledge level about health literacy. Of the 53 million adult population, 35 million do not have adequate health literacy. The study shows that 43.5 percent of inadequate health literacy levels have a disease diagnosed by a physician.

Begum Mutus

Begum Mutus

We are the most obese country in Europe

Studies that clearly show the health-nutrition relationship reveal the dire consequences of not being aware enough about it. For example, according to the 2022 European Obesity Report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) regional office for Europe, about 67 percent of Turkish adults suffer from overweight or obesity. About 25 percent of men and about 40 percent of women are obese, the report said. Although obesity, which has reached almost epidemic proportions in Europe, is not going to stop, Turkey has emerged as one of the most common obesity and overweight problem countries in Europe. Begum Mutus, general manager of the Sabri Meteor Foundation, said “inadequate health literacy is one of the most important risks that negatively affects health” and noted that reaching health literacy targets was crucial to tackling the problem.

We can change the course of the disease

Obesity is a significant risk factor for diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer which is one of the most important non-communicable diseases causing death and disease. Studies show that obesity affects even mental health, and that people with obesity are 10 years ahead of their brain aging. However, small changes can make a big difference and change the course of the disease. For example, the Diabetes Removal Clinical Trial (Direct) proves this, showing that type 2 diabetes (T2D) is an inverse disease. In the study, it was noted that 82 percent of those who lost more than 15 kg in 2 years (the end of the symptoms that cause the disease in chronic disease).

The importance of family and teachers

One of the most important ways to combat the disease is to have the right information and to apply this information properly. Based on this information, it has been said that the secret of a healthy life is proper health literacy education given by family and teachers. Since childhood.

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