The draft health workers law in the commission

The Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey passed a bill to amend certain laws related to health and Decree Act No. 375.

The commission, which was chaired by party Erzurum deputy Recep Akdag, discussed the bill as a subcommittee on improving the financial rights of health workers.

Regarding the improvement of the financial rights of healthcare professionals, Farhat Aydogdu, Deputy General Manager, Public Financial Management and Transformation, Ministry of Treasury and Finance, said: Thousands. With the increase, an additional payment of about 4,000 lira, which specialist doctors have already received for retirement, is 6,120 lira. “This corresponds to TL 1648. Doctors and dentists. Currently, one of our specialist physicians receives approximately 10,900 TL during retirement over 30 years. With this offer, the specialist doctor’s pension is about 13,000 TL. “

– “We will take it to the Constitutional Court”

CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Amir noted that an examination committee was set up at each health facility to inspect the transactions on the basis of additional payments. The problem, the administrative problem, it will go to the judiciary, the state council and we will take it to the Constitutional Court. ” He said.

Mentioning that the Board of Inquiry has been set up as per the rules, Amir said, “Don’t make this mistake. This attempt to evade the law is extremely wrong.” Says

IYI Party Istanbul Deputy Abdul Ahat Andikan said, “The migration of qualified health workers abroad will continue to increase in the near future. Turkey cannot afford it.” He said.

Although a maximum wage was set for the portion of health workers from the revolving fund, Andikan noted that the base wage was not set, and argued that a base wage should be set for it.

HDP Izmir deputy Spiral Kemalbe Pekgozegu claimed that some retired health workers were paid below the hunger limit, claiming that they were health workers who could not stay with them.

Pekgojegu said a “14-point word game” was used on social media for the bill being discussed, adding that everyone should improve their basic pay.

– Discuss the Health Transformation Program

HDP Muş Deputy Gülüştan Kılıç Koçyiğit claimed that the regulation would not address the problems of healthcare professionals in its current form, and claimed that there were shortcomings in the healthcare system after the health transformation program.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then president of the commission, said: “The same is true of any system, there is no stagnant life in the health system, you can fix the ones that are failing, but if one improves by mentioning the pre-health period. Transformation, believe me, laughter arises. I worked in the field, what is it? I am a person who knows very well what it is. I am a person who felt that the mother and father of dozens of newborns came to me and said, , Help me out. ‘ Used phrases.

“You are talking about 20 years ago, come today,” said Fikret Shahin, deputy head of CHP Balikesi. During his tenure, we opposed it and took it to the Constitutional Court. ‘ Let’s go out together and say. ” He said.

“Anyone who says the health transformation program is a neoliberal program, not a populist one, is lying,” Akdag said. Says

– “We want a secure increased income”

General Secretary of the Turkish Medical Association, Prof. Dr. Vedat Bulut says the proposal is similar to the regulations made to the commission, which were unanimously adopted by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in December last year, but the figures have been reduced, indicating a figure to be added. 40,000 for retired doctors and Rs. 33,000 for specialist doctors respectively.

Arguing that the source of additional payments to physicians has been changed, they will be covered from the central budget, but since there is no premium cut, this is not a guaranteed income increase that is reflected in retirement, Bulut said they want a guaranteed income increase.

Noting that trained experts are now going abroad, Bulut said, “Since 2003, the purchasing power of healthcare professionals and physicians has dropped by one-third. Therefore, the loss of physicians cannot be prevented without a 200 percent improvement.Said.

Noting that medical faculties are not opposed to increasing the number of their graduates, Bulut said they want qualified medical education.

Deputy Minister of Health Halil Eldemi pointed out the ease of repaying loans for citizens who have received health care with the offer but have not been able to benefit from health insurance. “1156 people have a debt of 5 to 10 thousand lira. It has a total of 8 million lira. 1693 people have a debt of more than 10 thousand lira, they have a burden of 165 million lira. 85 thousand 947 people have a loan less than 5 thousand lira, 24 million 913. He has a load of one thousand lira. “ Gave information.

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