The general financial general assembly of the Karşıyaka Sports Club was held

When the general financial meeting of the Karşıyaka Sports Club was held at the Karşıyaka Municipality Zübeyde Hanım Wedding House, the management was left administratively and financially. As of April 30, 2022, the total debt of the Green-Red Club was announced in Congress as 126 million 390 thousand TL where Karşıyaka Mayor Semil Tuge also participated and Fatih Diniz was the Chairman of the Council. At the last congress held on July 3, 2021, the club’s debt was declared as 96 million 679 thousand TL.

As of April 30, 2022, Izmir team managers owe 13 million 67 thousand TL, public debt 67 million TL, staff debt 6 million 637 thousand TL, market debt 9 million TL, lawsuit and enforcement loan 10 million 801 thousand TL, additional athletes deserve it. Was announced as 10 million TL. On the other hand, the draft budget for the new season has been passed by the Congress as 147 million TL, including 25 million TL for football and 95 million TL for basketball.

TURGE BUYUKKARCY: We will reach our goal in the new season

Karşıyaka President Turgay Büyükkarcı, in his speech to the Financial Congress, said they would reach the target in the new season. Buukkarsi, “We came into the office 4 years ago. Epidemics, exchange rates, difficulties did not diminish our faith and love for this symbol. After the transfer ban in football, we started the season with a number of mistakes. I personally took these mistakes upon myself. Learned from mistakes and I think we took the right steps. We appreciate it. “I think the football we’ve played recently has made everyone happy. We have started the transfer work for the new season, but we will not transfer too much, we will transfer 4 points and we will get 2 youngsters. We aim for a better team next season. I hope we can reach our goal. 4 years ago our priority was to send the ship safely to port. The infrastructure and facilities are worthy, and ultimately, it was a sporting success. Now is the time for success in sports. “ Says

Alsankak Goodwill

Karsiakar president Turgue Buukkarsi, who played football home matches at the Bornova Aziz Coca-Cola stadium last season, announced that they would play matches at the Alsankak Stadium in the new season. “We haven’t achieved what we dreamed of in basketball this season,” said Büyükkarcı. The amount we paid was 2 3.2 million, which dropped to 9 1.9 million due to this exchange rate. We missed out on a European Championship last year The season has been a frustrating one for us since we missed out on the European Championship final last year, but this team has always given us even more strength over 50 years. It gave me hope, I have no doubt that we will be better next year. “ He said.

“Great success in volleyball”

“The girls in our neighborhood have done a great job in volleyball.” Büyükkarcı said, “No one dreamed of reaching the final of the play-offs. Everyone praised it. We received praise from the president of the Volleyball Federation, Akif Ustundag. We fought against the team with three times our budget. Join the national team. This is an advantage for our volleyball branch. Our coaches were selected for the national team. We reached the finals with our youth teams. We played in the finals of the under-19s. At U15 and U17 we were leaders in the group. In volleyball, we won the youth championship in Izmir and reached the final in Turkey. Our club has 51 staff, 81 coaches. Our 300-square-meter fitness center, named after dear brother Bulent Jeren, is over. We will open soon. Chhi. We are renovating our football camp facilities. The work of our museum began under the presidency of the council. Our belief in 100-daycare infrastructure land and stadiums continues. Next week we will go to Ankara for land. I have been asked a lot about status, but I will continue my silent response to this. We need to change the law under the new sports law. We need to make a different, more accurate law. “ Says

The name of the sponsor for the first time in football

Turgay Büyükkarcı says they are the first name sponsors for the football team in the new season, “We continue to grow with sponsorship. For the first time in our history, we have got a name sponsor for football. We will launch it in the coming days. I would like to thank our friend কারlker Ergüllü from Karsiyaka for his support in football and volleyball. The digital channel is very important now. We introduced the first fan token in history. We introduced the first fan token for these projects. We will continue to do so. “ He said.

Semil Tuge: If the stat project is not resolved, I will take action

At the Green-Red Club’s financial congress, Mayor Karsiyaka briefed Semil Tuge on the latest status of the district stadium and stadium project, which is expected to be built year after year. Tuge said if the problem of the project is not solved, he will start the construction work by pulling the project himself. Semil Tuge, “There is no barrier in front of the stadium. Since there is no budget allocation from the Ministry of Sports for the stadium, we came up with the idea of ​​forming it as a consortium with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality last year. “We learned that this is an architectural project and not a technical project. The public architect who drew the project could not get his consent. This problem, which seems small, is important because an organization needs to clearly define each project in order to go to tender. If that doesn’t work, I’ll draw the project myself and start building. “ Says

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