The Iranian “toy doctor” has been entertaining children for half a century

IranianSabah Haliki, who has been repairing toys in Turkey for half a century, has been called a “toy doctor” by children and toy lovers.

Haliki, who was born in 1948 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as the son of an Iranian gramophone master, repairs old and new toys with the help of his wife.

TehranHaliki, who turned his home into a workshop in Istanbul, told AA reporters about his passion for toys, how he started the business and his half-century of experience.

Tinkering’s adventure that begins with the gear wheel

Haliki says he spent his childhood with his father, who repaired gramophones in Baghdad and began to tinker with his interest in Kaghuil. Says

“As I walked past the toy store, my dad cried because he couldn’t buy toys.”

Expressing his fondness for toys since childhood, Haliki says:

“Things weren’t good when I was little, parents couldn’t buy toys for their kids. I used to cry when my dad couldn’t buy toys when I was walking past the toy store. My dad used to say, ‘Think about it. Bread. “Everything is not going the way you want, I can’t buy it now.”

Haliki explained that they were sent from Iraq to Iran in 1971 because of the change in circumstances. We had nothing, “she said.

The first thing they did after returning to Iran was to find their relatives, Haliki said. “My mother and father met and married in Baghdad. My mother was originally from Gulpaigan in Isfahan. My father was also from Usku district. We went to Tabriz, we found our relatives. We also found my mother’s relatives in Gulpayagan. ” Says

The adventure of toy repair begins

Her adventure as a toy mechanic began with a man who asked her if she understood the toys, Haliki said that after she said she understood the toys and that she loved them, the man offered her a job. And that’s how his story began.

Haliki says he has shown his labor and skills in the stores assigned to him and they have worked together for a year or two.

Noting that he left the store a few years later due to their disagreement, Haliki said he knew the market, other toy repairmen knew him, that an Armenian merchant who was in the toy business helped him and gave him a gift. Place in his shop.

Haliki continues like this:

“I was repairing everything that was broken. I didn’t get any money from him because he gave me a place, even a phone. He made a lot of sacrifices for me. Then there was a revolution in Iran and he couldn’t. Don’t stay here, he Went to Spain.He sold the shop to me at a reasonable price.

Their children are also continuing this profession.

Haliki said she got married in 1979 and said, “I loved dolls and toys and collected lots of dolls. But I had 3 sons, no daughters.” He expressed his desire for his daughter.

Haliki, who said his children learned the job from him gradually while working, noted that although he taught them all, they continued the same profession.

“I’m grateful to my wife.”

Haliki says he works 6-7 hours a day at his home in Tehran, which he has converted into a workshop. He said.

Haliki expressed her gratitude to her husband and he helped her a lot. Says

“I can fix 90 percent of the toys that arrive.”

Noting that he collected toys that could not be broken or repaired, Haliki said:

“Sometimes very old toys or dolls come. They need parts. They can be difficult to recover. I can fix 90 percent of the toys that come. The parts I have are very useful for repair.”

He is continuing his work at home after the outbreak of Kovid-19

He continued to work in his shop for a while as the Kovid-19 epidemic began, but his children told him, “Dad, you’re over 70, it will be very difficult for you. It has come and gone. It has a virus.” Explaining that he moved his business to his home saying:

“Now I decorate this house in my house and now I work here. The kids are fixing toys in the store. They bring me some toys to fix.”

Noting that her children not only repair but also import toy parts, Haliki concludes:

“My three kids work in stores. They fix the electronics themselves, like helicopters and drones.”

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