‘The proposal does not alleviate future concerns of health workers, but it does alleviate it’

CHP Deputy Chairman Gamje akkus ilgejdi, Health workerPersonal rights law Offer“These regulations will only create a temporary improvement in the income of some physicians and health workers; Where permanent control of the health system is required. With the help of these regulations, it is not possible to reduce the future concerns of health workers, “he said.

Akkus Ilgezdi, deputy chairman of the CHP and deputy head of Istanbul’s Gamje, issued a written statement on the GNAT health commission’s proposed law on the private rights of health care workers. Akkuş lgezdi rated the following:

“Insufficient control”

“It has evolved into a process where operating rooms are closed because there is no equipment. People take an appointment for the first 15 days, they have to travel 142 kilometers to get the appointment they just get, for example, when they go from Silver to Shile. , Where the patient and the doctor are confronted.This system is very inadequate.

“This system is not a family medicine, it is a personal medicine.”

Family members can register with any doctor. For this reason, a family may have as many family physicians as the family population. Therefore, this system is not a proper family medicine system, but an individual medicine system. For example, family medical care is a system that does not guarantee continuity of service. The number of people registered in the family doctor’s list is also much higher. The number of people registered with family physicians in Turkey is 3,334. If we look at the scientific report, this number should not be more than 1,500. Ten years ago, the government announced a population target of 2,000 doctors per family for 2023; Instead of lowering this target year after year, it has been raised to 2,700. It is not possible for family physicians to provide qualified primary health care to so many people. The population of family physicians should be immediately limited to 2,000 without any prejudice to the personal rights of family physicians. All members of the healthcare team working in primary care should be encouraged, and the level of well-being should be increased.

“Health transformation programs must be avoided”

In the general argument of the proposal, government deputies acknowledge that because of the health transformation program, not everyone in our country has the right to health, the burden of the social state is not valid, there is no quality service. Given the current system, there are complaints and problems in practice. You have already broken enough peace of mind. These measures will only lead to a temporary improvement in the income of some physicians and health workers; Where permanent control of the health system is required. With these rules, it is not possible to reduce the future concerns of health workers.

“Health is a whole”

The legal regulations introduced cover only the posts of doctors and dentists and retirees in positions. Health is a complete, only exclusion of physicians and dental coverage and other healthcare professionals is actually against the principle of equality. The proposal does not address the issue of additional pension deductions for doctors working in the private sector after retirement.

“Why do you justify raising doctors’ basic salaries?”

Although the bill raises the ceiling for the additional salary of health workers, there is no increase in the basic salary. Although only additional payments are made for improvement, the primary method that will increase the level of welfare of health workers is to increase the basic wages. It is clear that there will be no significant increase in the income of the employees unless a high increase in basic wages is achieved.

We ask the Minister of Health: Why are you hesitating to increase the basic salary of doctors? Why is your government ignoring health workers who work in low-risk occupations and pay higher wages with less training than government doctors? Instead of increasing the basic wages of health workers, why are you trying to provide extra funding from the revolving fund budget, which is known to be unequal and inconsistent with the central government’s budget? You will never give up the extra payment system, which includes the per-service payment system, which we call performance. You cannot solve the problems of the majority of physicians by paying extra for medical procedures, you cannot eliminate the deeper disparities between physicians.

“Discrimination among healthcare workers must be avoided”

In the 4 / B agreement, it is not clear which professional group has been given monthly increments through the law proposal, appointing health workers in various positions as sub-contractors. The breakdown in the employment of health workers in the public sector and the inequality of income and personal rights between health workers performing the same duties should be abandoned immediately.

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