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Dursun Uzbek, who will be competing with former council chairman Eşref Hamamcıoğlu at the club’s extraordinary general assembly on June 11, answered AA reporter’s questions.

The new type of coronavirus epidemic has caused significant economic problems in the world over the past two years, and the sports sector has been hit hard, Uzbek said, adding that clubs have entered a major financial crisis.

Revealing that the club has an important sporting mission in Galatasaray, Uzbek said that despite all the difficulties in the past, the club has not lagged behind in its activities.

Noting that despite everything, they will do their best to become the most successful club, says Uzbek “We will continue our efforts to add something new to our sporting success. We have plans and research to get out of this situation. We are well prepared. I am sure we will go to the days of victory in Galatasaray.” He said.

Dursun Uzbek, reveals that he owes much to Galatasaray, “I entered high school in Galatasaray at the age of 12. I went to boarding school. After graduating from high school and university, I started my business life. I feel indebted. Most of my inspiration comes from here. “It is my duty to serve the club. Now is the time to pay off that debt. ” Used phrases.

“Riva project reaches 300 million”

Dursun Uzbek said there were some misunderstandings about the Riva and Florida projects that began during his presidency.

Noting that the Galatasaray club cannot achieve sustainable success without achieving its economic independence, Özbek said: “We have no plans to sell real estate. If you sell them all, Galatasaray will not be able to repay the bank loan. However, if you develop The real estate that we have inherited, if you get a chance to upgrade 3-4 times from their current situation, you can transfer them to Galatasaray. It is very useful. ” Expressed opinions.

Recalling that they started the Riva project during his presidency and then the Floria project was added to it, Uzbek said. “Until that day, 1.5 billion lira was predicted for these two projects. Since the dollar was 3 lira at that time, I explained to the General Assembly that it would reach a total of 500 500 million, of which 300 300 million. রি 200 million from Riva and Florida. “He approved us almost unanimously. Riva is still going on. On the other hand, Florida took a different form during the reign of our late President Mostafa Genghis.” Evaluated her.

Recalling that they expect about 300 300 million in benefits from the Riva project, Uzbek said:

“Today, we are close to it. In the first term, we received 94 94 million in cash flow in the framework of our agreement with Emlak Knut. We closed our foreign exchange debt without touching any part of it. We sent 94 94 million to AŞ’s account. That amount went into the club’s coffers, including $ 41 million. Also, with the closing of the foreign currency accounts, we got rid of $ 30 million in interest. When you add them, it’s $ 165 million. There are 750 villas in stock. There are also commercial areas, school districts and forests. To explain these in detail, we need to inform our people Of these 750, 150 villas belong to Galatasaray. When we calculate roughly, the value of these 150 villas today is 2 billion 100 million lira. The exchange rate continues to rise, but it has reached 125 125 million at today’s exchange rates. When you collect it all, this is the case in Galatasaray. “The 0 290 million project has benefited from the Riva project. The 300 300 million project is close to it. I hope it will pass in time.”

Uzbeks said they want to make the best use of the forest in the Riva project, which has a 6 percent zoning permit, does not cut down any trees and does no harm to nature, and if it does, the income. Will increase further.

“Approximately 8 billion TL worth (in Florida)”

Dursun Ozbek emphasized that the club has 20 acres of land in Galatasaray, where the facilities at Floria Matin Ok are located, and continued his statement as follows:

“Other divisions belong to the General Directorate of Emlak Housing and Sports. It is impossible to do anything on the 20 acres of land rented from the Directorate General of Sports. The 40-odd acre is the title deed property of Emlak Conut. Within the framework of the partnership, there is a zoning permit. Thus, the value of this space has doubled. We have again taken steps to develop our land in Florida within the framework of the work. We have done it today. Emlak Conut with 20 acres. It is close to 100 thousand square meters. “This will make it possible to build a salable area. This is real estate development. The value of an estimated 8 billion TL suddenly rises. We’re working to make it happen. “

Noting that he has also worked on the Hotel Building in Messiadeko, facilities in Kemberburg, the gym and the historic building in Beygolu, Uzbek said he also has important projects such as digitization, infrastructure reform and Columbus. Uzbek, “The cash flow received after the completion of these projects is approximately 9.5 billion lira. After repaying the club’s financial debt, a fund of 6 billion lira remains. This fund will serve Galatasaray for the next 25-30 years.” Says

Noting that the club had a successful season in Galatasaray in collaboration with NEF in basketball, Uzbek said, “It has set an example of how amateur sports can be handled. I think similar applications should be made in other branches. We will continue to work on this. Problem.” ” He said.

“We want to have a successful season by strengthening football.”

Dursun Uzbek says they will strengthen the team to have a successful season in football.

Expressing that they attach great importance to the 2022-2023 season, the Uzbeks continue as follows:

“Next season will end in 2023. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the republic, the great leader Atatুrk gave us a gift. Therefore, it is a very important season. Our football is one of our most important branches Our technical team works in football and we continue our efforts to address the shortcomings of the team We never want to turn these studies into election materials Supporters and the community should know that we are working on it. We have important football players in the current squad. We are not planning to sell any of them. On the contrary, our goal is to have a successful season so that we can strengthen. Create Missing Places If the General Assembly gives us work, we are ready We have prepared our works to please the fans in all branches 2023 will be a good year for Galatasaray I think we will have a good season “

Recalling that they established a strong cadre at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season, when he was in the presidency, Uzbek said, “We made a total of 10 transfers. There was one goalkeeper, he was behind Muslera, but the other nine were in the first 11. We made a very good team. We showed that we can do it together with my team. We will do it. Do it again. We’ve seen how important experience is. In Galatasaray, the team must have won the most trophies in its 100th year. “ Used phrases.

“Galatasaray does not allow attempts to design a federation”

Dursun Uzbek said that they are closely following the process of the extraordinary general assembly of the Turkish Football Federation to be held on June 16, “Since the election in Galatasara, everyone is trying to design their own federation board and federation president in their own way. In this way, they want to establish a psychological superiority. We see this. If the General Assembly authorizes me and my friends, He won’t let anyone mess up. ” We follow the process closely. “ Evaluated her.

Özbek says that Galatasaray is a global brand and has about 30 million fans. “Our members are actually the representatives of these 30 million fans. They are accountable to them too. Everyone should come to this critical election, there should be a record voter. My request is to encourage each other. Everyone must be present to vote. Best for Galatasar.” He finished saying.

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