We want our young people to write their names in the sky.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu“We want our young people to cross world boundaries, explore space and write their names in the sky. We want our worthy human resources to become stronger in space and our young people to participate more vigorously. The National Space Program.” Says

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism, the Governorship of Diyarbakir, the Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakir, the Karakadag Development Agency and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), with the support and contribution of “2022 International Diyarbakir” Started with TÜBİTAK

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the organization, held at Jerzevan Castle in the Chinese district of Diyarbakir, Minister Casapoulou said the sky observation festival has now become a tradition.

“We are in one of the 10 destinations where the sky is observed in our country.”

Casapolu is one of the most important sky observation destinations not only in the country but also in the world. Georgia Castle He mentioned that they are in a place where history and science meet the stars.

“Today, we are at one of the 10 destinations where the sky is the limit in our country. You know, Gerzavan Castle, with its 3,000-year history, which was included in the provisional list of World Heritage Sites in 2020, is one of the rare examples of our civilization and cultural resources. Known as the abode of astronomers. ” Casapoglu said that it was believed that all these temples were placed according to the position of the celestial objects and the stars and that each of them had a different meaning.

Referring to the studies of thousands of scientists a few centuries ago, the first phase of the space age, which is the agenda of today, Casapolu said that these scholars are proud of their past as children of the land where they grew up.

Explaining that today, being a part of world change, calculating to signal change requires a lot of determination, confidence and self-sacrifice, Casapolu said of the “National Technology Movement” and the “National Technological Initiative” space program, led by the President. Started, this side was implemented to open new doors for the youth.

Casapolu said they have undertaken activities that will empower young people and provide new opportunities at every step of innovation, information technology, entrepreneurship and technology, and said they have provided thousands of projects and millions of resources to help young people develop. In this sense

Explaining that the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the T3 Foundation, and the experimental technology workshops are working hard to develop the most strategic skills of the 21st century, Casapolu said they have realized hundreds of different projects in these areas with all stakeholders. , The academic community and great collaboration.

Mars camp

Casapoglu went on to say:

“So far, we have 407 youth centers, 322 youth offices, the number of which is increasing day by day in our 81 provinces, providing trainings, workshops, projects to support educational, technological, scientific, cultural, sports and social development. Our youth, and To make our youth stronger and better equipped in every field. And programs. Millions of our young people have fully benefited from these opportunities. Thank God. We started our Mars camp at the Diyarbakir Sur Youth Center. The extraordinary situation of this camp which we started for 6th and 7th grade students.

Casapolu says that by using soilless farming kits in Mars camp workshops, each participating youth is able to experience a different alternative to agricultural production.

Casapolu said that with this program, young people interested in the sky learn interesting information about space, experience all the infrastructural information about agricultural production in space and the telescopes they take to youth centers. The program created a ground for young people to always explore the sky.

“These young people, who are the future of our national space program, discuss world problems in agriculture and climate, make assumptions and learn from relevant experts and trainers about space research.” Casapolu said they would increase this interest with the activities of the “space” themed youth camps and youth centers which they would organize in the near future with the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

“We want our worthy human resources to be stronger in space.”

Casapolu said they want young people to be curious and pursue science in the best and most equipped way possible, adding, “Any support in this sense is our most important goal and mission for our young people to follow this path. It is our most important goal.” And the mission. We want it. We want our worthy human resources in space to become stronger, and our young people to participate more vigorously in the national space program. ” He said.

Noting that they signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Industry and Technology last year to assist young people in the development of science and technology, Casapolu said that in this context, they continue to work in every corner of science and technology in the country without slowing down.

Recalling that together they realized the Xerxes Castle Sky Observation Event to raise scientific awareness and contribute to personal development in astronomy and space science, Casapolu noted that for 3 days, young people would explore the sky on one side and improve themselves. Training, seminars and competitions in different branches of science.

Noting that young people interested in the sky, university students studying in the field and participants from 81 cities took part in the event, Casapolu said, “The youngest participant is 1 year old, and the oldest participant is 65. Our guests are with us in different parts of the world today. Blessings. Draw the table. ” He said.

“This land will be remembered not for the dark news, but for sports, technology and tourism.”

Casapolu says they will continue to prepare the rich and bright youth of this geography for a strong future through science, art, education, culture and sports, who try to feed evil and create frustration among the youth.

“This land, which has hosted civilization, will be remembered not in the dark news, but in sports, technology and tourism. And the youth of this geography, the children of this geography will fascinate the whole world with their knowledge and tools. All our opportunities are for the children of this geography.” , For this nation, for all our youth in our 81 provinces. “I hope this beautiful event will become a tradition every year with increasing performance, participation and strength. Its visibility in the international arena is growing and Diyarbakir is also becoming a hub for sky observation, as always, with the most prominent and sincere hosting. “

Casapolu thanked all stakeholders for participating and contributing to the event, including Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varanak and his team, Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

“It’s great to integrate people with technology.”

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan said that the country has a very important area in terms of history and a very important archaeological study was done on this land, where the history of humanity began and said that Zerzavan fort is one of them. In this area.

Alpaslan said the event, which allows young people who are in love with science to observe the sky here, unites the past with the future and technology, is important.

After the speech, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varanak, Minister Casapolu and members of the protocol joined the opening ceremony and inspected the stand.

Diyarbakir Governor Ali Ihsan Suu Kyi, Ambassadors of several countries to Ankara, Rector of the University of Dikal (DU) Professor. Dr. Mehmet Karakoch, AK Party Diyarbakir MP Mehdi Aker and Ibubeki Bal, district governors, representatives of government and non-government organizations and guests from different provinces were present.

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