Who is Hakan Ural? Who is the father of Hakan Ural? Here is the biography of Hakan Ural …

Hakan UralHe was born on May 10, 1967 in Istanbul. Her father is a famous singer. Selkuk UralIs

Hakan Ural’s father, Selchuk Ural, never married his mother and did not even admit to having a child until he was 16 years old. However, at age 17, he was able to transfer to his father’s custody. He grew up in his grandmother’s house in Fındıkzade. As a child, he polished shoes, worked as an electrician and made a living by selling water.

She started modeling at the age of 16. Then one by one they started getting offers from Yesilcom. But because of school he went to America, came. Hakan Ural, who was known for the first Blue Voyage movie, in which he starred opposite Banu Alkan in 1986, played the lead role in 1987 with many names such as Serpil Chakmakli, Wonderful Avsy, Wa Aidogan.

Hakan Ural soldier?

Hakan Ural, who was sentenced in 1999 to 10 months in prison for receiving a false Caris report, was released after serving two-fifths of his sentence with the benefit of Parole Act No. 3713. Hakan Ural was immediately listed. He completed his novice training at Hatay and spent the rest of the month in the van as a soldier.

Married, do you have children?

Hakan Ural, who married singer Sibel Kane in 1988, became a father at an early age. The couple has two children, Melissa and Enginkan, from their marriage. She worked as a Ural real estate agent during her marriage to Sibel Kane. Hakan Ural sells the current residences of Sejen Aksu, Nukhet Duru and Hulia Avasar. The couple divorced in 1999.

Hakan married Izzy Kane, the granddaughter of a carpet owner in Ural Sara, whom he met in 2002-2005. He has another daughter, Gisela.

TV series and movies

In 2008, Hakan Ural appeared in the Qadir Inani-starrer TV series “Epsis Recipe”; He co-starred with Burcu Kara, Nihat Nikerel and Mesut Akusta. In 2009, he starred in “Kolpacinino: A City Legend” with Aydemir Akbaş, afak Sezer and Ali Sürmeli.

In 2012, he starred in the TV series “Purgatory Time” with Saruhan Hünel, Selin Ortaçlı, Sermin Hürmeriç, Kürşat Basar and Burak Sergen.

Hakan Ural starred in the 2014 movie Code Name Coze, a biography of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The movie, starring Cem Kurtoğlu Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stars Hazım Körmükçü, Tolga Karel, Günay Musayeva, Turgay Tanülkü, Orhan Kılıç, Hakan Ural, Yılmaz Gruda.

Nowadays, he is a commentator with Nur Tughba Algul on the morning show What’s Happening on Canal D.

Hakan Ural Selkuk Ural

Relationship between Selchuk Ural and Hakan Ural

Selchuk Ural had a love affair with Sehan Sem, one of the most beautiful actresses in Turkish cinema. The couple, who have been together for many years, never got married because they were going to marry Selchuk Ural fashion designer Kanan Yaka. Hakan Ural grew up without his parents knowing until he was 19, because he was an illegitimate child.

Selkuk gave birth to a daughter named ‘Asli’ after marrying Ural fashion designer Kanan Yaka. Ural’s ex-girlfriend, Sehan Sem, continues to pressure her ex to accept Hakan Ural. Selkuk Ural, who could not bear the pressure, adopted Hakan Ural as his son. Although the Selchuk Urals and the Hakan Urals lived in peace for some time, they became separated over time.

Hakan Ural used the following expressions about his father in an interview: Who knows, I am not the one who saw my father until I was 19 years old. At the time, there were even things like “this baby isn’t from me.” Of course, there is no DNA test. People are already making their own conscientious judgment about what they do. But then I saw that some things did not change. There is no point in continuing artificially. I haven’t seen him in a long time. May Allah grant you good health. I have no problem.

Selkuk Ural said he would take his title from his son Hakan Ural, and Hakan Ural said, “It won’t happen. It’s as if we bought it through a tender!”

It is noteworthy that Selchuk Ural did not attend the funeral of Sehan Sem, who died in 2016. “My father was not present at my mother’s funeral,” said Hakan Ural. I don’t expect anything from him. I don’t want to talk either, “he said.

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