‘You are responsible for every police officer who commits suicide’

Murat Minister said in a statement today that Special Operations Police Alpaslan S, who served as Sharnak’s ‘governor’s bodyguard’, had written a lengthy message from his superiors that he was being crowded and that he had attempted suicide after being sent. Message to his friends.

At the suggestion of the Minister, “Before firing from his gun, Alpaslan pulled the pin of the S. grenade and placed it on the table. He committed suicide with his gun, but the grenade did not explode. Since there was a bomb in the room whose pin was pulled out, medical intervention for S was delayed. Alpaslan S.’s life-threatening danger continues “ The minister said in his statement,

“Does your consciousness ever feel?”

“Two days ago about the problem of the police; After I tweeted about the crowd, supervisory dominance and overtime work situation, Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister Suleiman Soylu, Mehmet Ersoy, responded to me on Twitter yesterday. “We’ve taken care of 3600, you’re exploiting other things,” he said. We were talking about police suicide; We were talking about higher dominance, mobbing. Last night, after Mehmet Ersoy tweeted, our brother, a valiant police officer who prevented a coup attempt against Serena on 15 July, committed suicide with his retired special operations police father and brother. And while he was committing suicide, he committed suicide in the name of the police chief who insulted him, cursed him and beat him. I’m calling from here; Süleyman Soylu, Mehmet Ersoy, Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? Here I am calling AKP and MHP deputies; Do you ever have a conscience? While rejecting the parliamentary inquiry into the AKP and MHP vote, I urge those who say, ‘Police should not investigate suicide’, I said at the time; “You are responsible for the suicide of every police officer,” he said. Speaking again today; You are responsible for every police officer who commits suicide or attempts suicide. “

“Such management and mobilization is a major cause of suicide.”

Minister Murat also submitted a parliamentary question to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, asking Suleyman Soylu to respond to the incident.

Minister Murat asked Soylu the following questions:

“Early in his life, police officer Alpaslan S., who loved his job, wrote the message, sent it to his friends and committed suicide. Would you accept what Alpaslan S wrote in this message? Are you going to conduct a comprehensive investigation into what Alpaslan S. said in his message and start an investigation into high-ranking individuals who dominate, abuse and abuse and insult employees? It is obvious, as is evident from the letters and messages left, that the dominance and mobbing of high-ranking officials is the main reason that makes our police members tired, takes them to places where they lay down their lives and take them away. When will your ministry take action in this regard?

“I chose the path of death, thank you for surviving the honorable accusation.”

The suicide note written by police officer Alparslan S., who attempted suicide and was included in the motion, closes the names of the superiors as follows:

“I am one of the special operations personnel who carried out my duties against the dogs trying to stage a treacherous coup in Ankara on the night of July 15, 2016. While I was trying to hold on to life with a sense of vengeance against the treacherous dog herd of our country, I no longer had the patience to be repeatedly insulted by M ফrnak PÖH branch manager M Chief Inspector and people named YA. . There are many witnesses to the subject; When my friends who work with me in the Guard of the Governor of Şirnak, which is the last place of my duty, will be asked, the information necessary for my suicide will be found. I want to express myself as follows; On the night of the coup I was injured, the record was found at Discovery State Hospital. But the last person I carried that night, Boulent Yertseven, despite the seriousness of our chief commissioner, I refused because I could not fit myself into my proposed experienced position because he only came up with the word-e-shahadah because I had it. Don’t lose an organ. My father and brother, who are retired Special Operations Police, arrived in Ankara Golbasi from Istanbul just before dawn and stood there with the necessary sensitivity to die for our homeland. Despite all this, I did not expect applause from anyone or turn the situation into an opportunity and choose the path of proving myself as an experienced person. I am the only child of this country. I have never been one of those who advertise, because I do not trade, I defend my motherland. My brother, Nayak Gazi Yavuz Gundogdu, will testify to the details I have given for my year job at Giresun. No citizen of our country deserves to be insulted by his family and his sacred values, and I have testified in my own ears that our branch manager, whom I know as the greatest of our branch and whom I fail to respect, has been insulted. The mother and sister of some of my friends who were special operations police and worked with me. If I mention that M. I have any rights over both the Chief Inspector and the YA, then I should be banned. I could not have gone on this journey alone without their children. After I lost my nephew to cancer at the age of 5, my vulnerability to children took on extreme proportions, so I went alone so that their children would not be without parents, but we will deal with it in the hereafter. I want everyone who reads it to know that on the night of the treacherous coup, the missile landed where I was 20-25 meters away and 51 of my dear comrades were killed in an attack on our presidency, which is our home. The sherbet of martyrdom was not given; The only dream of my life. It was not possible for me to fulfill my dream. Maybe I mingled with the rebels, I took refuge in my Lord’s forgiveness, and now my wish is as follows: I want to bury my special operation in disguise. I want those who made me like this to be fed from the state table, which is the right of the unfinished orphan, and I put my trust in my state elders that they will do what they need. I mentioned in my article; They both have children, may my lord keep them happy for the rest of their lives; May the tears that flow from the eyes of my parents after the death of my parents live in this world and in the Hereafter. My dear family, I apologize to all of you. It’s my fault, I know, but I’m dishonest, arrogant; I cannot live with the insults and insults done to my motherland, which I want to bear for my blood. Let me also mention the content of the insult; Our branch manager M Chief Inspector, after I said that our governor deems it appropriate to work in a CAT outfit, told me there, ‘You do not have to wear belly dancer attire for special operations. . He said, “If he had been afraid, he would not have come to the refuge.” Our commissioner, Suleiman, has no sin, but he was inside during the speech, he heard all these insults, including the oaths of my friends to their mothers and sisters. It is up to her to testify or not, but I have no right to her if she refuses. Pray for forgiveness from our Creator, our Lord, who committed suicide and punished me. I live without water, but I cannot live with my honor, my dignity, the humiliation of my cause. Ahmet, I am sending you this message because in our organization, some things are covered up due to human arrogance and worldly worries. My request to you, convey the matter to our governor and provincial police chief. My lord, I hope that what I have given will not make you and your countrymen like me feel again. My neighbors, my friends who know me, know that I do not want to leave this life. Anyone who knows me knows that I have fallen in love with both the disguise and the cause of our special operations agency and I do not speak. I made that decision because I could no longer lift and swallow the heavy sentences used in the process I was in. The matter that I have passed on to my neighbors because of my suicidal decision, I have to tell them the details, they will send it to the necessary place. I will not allow anyone to insult me ​​so much. I chose to die rather than live with disrespectful accusations. If so, I have a right to it, it is halal for you. YA i .. and M. without superintendent; We will deal with them in the Hereafter. God be with you. Get your rights. I hope my Lord will forgive me, Amen. “

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