3 Hisar group’s album ‘Aşk-ı Alem’ has met music lovers

The members of the group, Erdinç Şenyaylar, Hakan Dedeler and Engin Gürkey, talked to the AA correspondent about the album and its work.

Erdinç Şenyaylar, who comes from a musician family and participated in the album with modern guitar timbres, said he has known himself and has been working with music ever since.

Shenilar says he was mostly a recording musician before working with his group, and said, “Over the years, we’ve had something different in our minds. We wanted to engage them in such a task, and we got the answer. ” Used expressions.

Emphasizing that she entered the music market after her military service in 1994, Shenilar said that she has worked with many singers throughout her career, and after 2016 she began to make her own music.

Erdinç enyaylar, emphasizing that they have received positive feedback from their work, said: “When you like it, you get a little more pleasure and keep on producing. This second album also encouraged us. We started so well. We will continue. It’s more. ” He said.

“We’re trying to share with people the culture we cherish.”

Hakan Dadeler, who included the album with his vocals and drums, noted that he loved the khanjani and said, “His voice heals me. First, I heal myself so that when we meet people I can heal.” “It simply came to our notice then. Says

Mentioning that he sang while playing the drums, Dadeler said, “Of course, as Anatolian people, it is impossible not to be influenced by this mosaic and to benefit from it. We are nourished and we try to share that culture. Feeding with people.” Evaluated her.

Daedalus says Engin Gürkey, with whom he has worked for seven years, introduced him to guitarist Erdinç Şenyaylar in 2016 and said, “We said let’s do a project. We wanted to name this project ‘3 Hisars’. A band has been established in Istanbul. And Istanbul has three castles. A band that belongs to Istanbul and was born in Istanbul. So the source of our music is Istanbul. ” He said.

Underlining that they have created a synthesis of music fed by Turkish and world music, the artist provided the following information:

“You can also listen to Makam tunes. You can hear both Latin tunes and Flamenco. In other words, it’s a kind of music that includes a lot of music in a transitional way. Of course, when doing it, you have to pay attention. For harmony and harmony. I believe We can achieve that. That’s why our first album is called Hemhall. It means to be united in the same feeling. We believe that we are united in the same feeling with the song and when we are together. “

The artist said that they released their debut album “Hemhall” in 2018, in response to requests received on social media accounts. Last month, he insisted that Gloss Music had released the original version of the original single, “Nebtedi Menein Hekaya”, “I Come From A Far Way” in Berlin.

In the early years of his arrival in Istanbul, he met producer Hassan Saltik, noting that they were like brothers and sisters, and said, “I loved him very much. That means he was digging for music. It’s a value that music has found and carried to this day. He has left a huge archive for us. ” Says

Dads said the album “Ask-I-Alem”, which Celtic wanted to release, was released a year after his death.

Noting that Hassan Saltik’s work is invaluable, Dadela continues:

“It is difficult to do artistic work. It needs to be appreciated because it is not a popular concern and there is always work based on archives. Because, unfortunately, populist thinking does not allow this kind of work. There will be really cultural and lifeless productions for the future. I personally express my gratitude to him. “Hassan Saltik was a very important music ambassador and gave us many lasting works to present to the world. We thank him for this work and we remember him with respect and compassion. “

“I’ve always had music and rhythm in my life.”

Percussion artist Engin Garki mentions that he got his start in music through boarding education, which he started at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory in 1976, and that his life has always been one of rhythm as he was a percussionist.

Noting that he is continuing his academic career, musicianship and teaching together, Garki said that they started composing music with Sanyalar and Daedalus after Aynalar and Insesaj Group.

Mentioning that they made a very normal and sincere music, Gürkey said, “Of course, our very valuable friends and musicians are playing behind us, but there are also scenes where we go out with the three of us. It’s a great facility. John, we can communicate. Sometimes we think we’re wrong. But a friend told us, ‘We can do it this way.’ “We take advantage of that,” he said. Says

Referring to the benefits offered by digital opportunities, Garkey said, “We had more CDs and records in our time, but in this age we live in, you can reach a lot of people without making an album. It’s easy to assemble. We think it is. ” Evaluated her.

Engin Gürkey added that the album is also available on digital platforms, and they will give concerts in summer and autumn.

The album, released under the label “Kalan Music”, features 6 vocals and 4 instrumental works. Furkan Bilgi, Ali Tufeki, Resat Senial, Umut Cell and Ozkan Senial also contributed to the album with their instruments.

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