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The EthnoSport Culture Festival, organized by the World EthnoSport Confederation, kicked off in Istanbul yesterday. It will continue till Sunday. The festival, which has a rich content, continues to preserve tradition and history. The first of the events took place in 2016 and it emphasizes the importance of the activity. ‘The equivalent of our sports culture; ‘Ethnospore’ We shared our thoughts in our column titled. It is important to note the following statements in the opening remarks of Nekmeddin Bilal Erdogan, President of the First Organization of the Ethnosport Confederation, who always prioritizes the importance of traditional sports; “The July 15 coup attempt was a turning point in adopting another culture. We as a nation have shown the world that we are determined to move forward with our own identity. What did Mr. Erdogan say? “That’s why I’m interested in the sports of our ancestors. I think these should be widely accepted and popularized by our people. That’s why our archers, our equestrian sport, We have javelin and wrestling.

Those who are on the road, they get what they get on the road

An unchanging organization

Like the first organization, the main purpose of the event is to promote the traditional sports of the countries in a festive atmosphere. The richest country in this regard is undoubtedly Turkey. Through such activities it is possible to preserve historical processes like culture, art, literature and sports. Historical allegiance is as important as being at peace with history for the happiness of individuals and society. You came out with good intentionsIn this journey you have to take every step with patience and perseverance, it is valuable to survive without compromise. It is the duty of everyone to do this. The equivalent of our sports culture; Let’s go back to our 2016 article titled Ethnospor. That day, that writing “No one should expect leadership from others. You take your steps first with your good intentions, the rest will follow. Let us support you with our curiosity and pleasure. For the generation of Asim, ‘Come on Bismillah!’ We say. ” We’ve done this.

Self-identity and traditional sports

Yes, the years go by fast. As far as we see, we try to reflect the ‘game’ in the society through sports.. Today, we see that the efforts and endeavors that have been made in the name of ethnospor alone are not enough and will not be. Although we cannot host the Olympics because we are Muslims (so far the Olympics have not been given to any Muslim country). Maybe we are the country that hosts the most games in the world. As per the state policy, the present government is working with all its might to promote sports and establish sports culture. It should be noted that sports activities are imperialist, not Western ideas, our society’s own. On cultural values Will be built. The sensitive issue, which Bilal Erdogan Bay always draws attention to, is the issue of protecting and upholding the core values ​​of our society. It is only consistent with self-identity. This is possible with traditional sports like shooting, horse riding, wrestling (not cushion wrestling of course).. Spreading the nature of sports as an ‘instrument’ for the benefit of our society, not a ‘goal’ …

Rich invitation to activity content

Yes, in the run up to the 5th Ethnosport Culture Festival, which will run over the weekend, there are a lot of activities together. During the event, participants will participate in equestrian sports, wrestling, archery and equestrian activities, as well as regional promotions in cultural tents in many countries. With its application workshops, handicrafts, children’s play and exhibition fields, the festival will ensure that participants will have a good day as it is educational as well as entertaining. In short, in our view, this organization Ethnosport is a traditional sports culture in today’s society where the emphasis is on the outcome of the sport.Fame It is of special importance for its preservation. Our society tooProtect your values And there is this process for its continuity. It’s important to get outSo we support …

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