Batıgün Sarıkaya – Movies and music reunite in Izmir

We are entering a week full of excitement and excitement for movie lovers: the Izmir International Film and Music Festival, where we will meet hundreds of films and celebrities, begins today. During the day there will be movie screenings at various venues and in the evening there will be a delicious concert at the Ahmed Adnan Saigun Art Center, featuring performances of movie soundtracks by Zulfu Livanelli.

The festival program, which was held for the first time last year and did not make enough noise due to this terrible epidemic, this year offers exciting movies and events not only for the cinephiles, but also for those who sincerely love and are interested in movies. In music

The situation in the competition

In the national competition, the Festival Symbol Prize, Crystal Flamingo, will be awarded in seven different categories (Best Film, Best Female and Male Actor, Best Original Music, Best Original Film Song, Best Sound Design and Special Jury Prize). This year 10 films are competing: 9.75 (Uluç Bayraktar), List of Me Lovers (Emre Erdoğdu), Ela ile Hilmi and Ali (Zia Demirel), In the Shadows (Erdem Tepegöz), Kerr (Tayfun Pirselimoğlu), Kumbara (Ferit Karol). )), Sardunia (Çağıl Bocut), The Story of Jean and Ali (Mehmet Ali Konar), U Ben Lenin (Tufan Tastan), Juhal (Nazli Elif Durlu). There are some among them whose screening period has been reduced, but most of them are still continuing their festival screening.

Jordan Kiral, one of the living masters of our cinema, presided over the national competition jury. Biket ILhan, Ebru Şeremetli, pianist Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı, radio-TV programmer producer Izet Oz, actress Selene User, musician Selva Erden are on the jury. There are also separate categories for TV-serial music. The TV series and digital platforms will be seen recently for the awards given in the category of Best Original Music and Best Original Song. The jury also includes many valuable names: composer Serdar Kalafatoglu, presided over by writer-researcher Alikan Sekmek, film critic and screenwriter Burak Goral, journalist writer Elsin Yahsey, musician lyricist Nejih Unen, TV critic Ozlem Ozdemir. Madayanti has decided to give the award.

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Nice movie to pick

At the festival, we will see very valuable films that have music at their center or have a special meaning in the relationship they have with music. This year, the Masters category includes films signed by two important names: Eiffel (Eiffel), Officer and a Spy (an officer and a spy) and Adults in the Room (adult in the room), three recent film composers Alexandre Desplat, and Spanish Argentina (Jonda). , Music by Falcolo Argentino), with music by Fadolar (Fados) and Flamenco Flamenco (Flamenco Flamenco), directed by Carlos Saura, the pride of his cinema, surrounded by musical consciousness, song and dance

Also, in the Memory section, we get a chance to see movies signed by unforgettable composers. Matin Booke, one of the most valuable composers in Turkish cinema, is one of these names. We get a chance to see (hear) three works by this unique artist, who set an important example at a time when film music was not yet institutionalized and created the spirit of domestic cinema: Ah Guzel Istanbul (1961, Atif Ilmaz), Savemek Zamani (1965, Matin Erkson) and Vesikali Yarim (1968). , Lutfi Akad).

Another memorable name in this episode is Mikis Theodorakis, a gift from neighboring Greece to the world. It will be invaluable to see the following films, the music of which he has performed and which has left a deep mark in the memory of many generations, again on screen: Zorba (Zorba the Greek), Immortal (Z) and Rehearsal (Jules Dassin). And of course a music legend Nino Rota. Italian cinema has brought the immortal artist to the forefront of the world. Of course, we remember him most with that glorious Father (The Godfather). In addition to Dad, visitors will meet at the 8.5 and Sweet Life (La Dolls Vita) festivals. Judy Garland, one of the most important female stars of the century, including the musical and not only her acting, but also her excellent interpretation qualities, will also be remembered with a special section for her. 100 Years of Legend: Judy Garland, a biopic about The Wizard of Oz, A Star Is Born, and the last period of this great actress, and Renee Zellweger won the Best Actress Oscar for her role here, Judy We’ll See.

Oh the classics!

Undoubtedly, music has a special place among the movie classics. In the “Music is immortal” section, we will fully understand our excitement about this issue. Great movie and genre masters engraved in golden letters in the history of cinema will come to the screen: old and new versions of West Side Story, Let the Sun in (Hair), Cats, New York New York, Singing Rain movie legends.

It doesn’t end there, of course. We will have the opportunity to see a lot of movies and documentaries about old and new music: in the Nature, People and Music section, Baraka and Sansar, which I think is the best documentary of all time. Also included in this section are Tony Gatliff’s Gernimo and Transylvania films, where gypsy culture comes to life on screen with great enthusiasm and sadness.

In the special screening, Carla Simon’s Alcaras, Sem Kayar Love, Mark and Death, Orhan Murat Aribarnu and Sami Ayanoglu’s legendary anticipated song, another breath of Nissan Dag, Pablo Larein’s Spencer, Flasmemelek-A Dervis Zayes. ., Which won a wonderful award last year. His documentary, George W. Bush, will provide a special viewing experience.

And other excellent sections

So dance! Episodes of The Moment Remains, The White Crow, Saturday Night Fever, Jimmy’s Hall, The Dancer Upstairs, And Then We Danced Danced) and Yuli are some of the recent movies we’ll see.

Biographical films of legendary names in the history of music will also be screened in the Star of Music section: Bohemian Rafflesodi about the Queen, Fantasy: John Lennon Dedicated to John Lennon, The Sidewalk Sparrow (La Mom), which features the story of Edith Piaf. David Bowie has dedicated ministers to Stardust, Rocketman Elton John and Jappa.

The song films for The Life Is A are as follows: Annette, Beats, I Am Woman, Searching for Sugarman, Django Exile Melodies, Felicit, Song of My Life (La Familia Beliar), Idol (The Idol) and Song. Name.

A movie legend

There will also be a special screening at the festival. A special copy of FW Murnau’s legendary film Nosferatu (1922), one of the ancestors of horror films, can be seen at the Ahmed Adnan Saigun Art Center with jazz music. The music will be performed live by Cuspet Ensemble and Collagen. One of the pinnacles of silent cinema with such an experience is truly a unique opportunity to watch this film.

Meanwhile, the national competition film crew will take part in an exhibition at Caracas Cinema and a short interview will be held. Unforgettable composer Jebignio Presner, who received the honorary award at the festival, will meet the audience at the French Cultural Center on the closing day. Nesip Sarsi, who has been honored with the Labor Award, will give a lecture on the Matin Bookie, and Attila Dorsey, who has been awarded the Labor Prize and will be one of the leading figures in cinematography, attending talk and signing events. Critic Burak Goral will give a lecture on children and cinema.

In short, Izmir moviegoers have been waiting for a full ten days. The festival will provide special moments where we will get a closer look at both music and movies, meet valuable names who have contributed to movies and see living legends like Zbigniew Priesner. In the midst of these economic and social barriers where almost everything is going badly, combining movies and music will be a stimulating and refreshing experience for many of us on our way to a more optimistic future and a new light. With inspirational energy we will draw from art, we will continue to resist everything and those oppressors and work for a peaceful world.

Note: You can access the screening program on the festival page and the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Arts page.

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