Decision not to prosecute for the murder of Ibru Sijdam in Besiktas, Istanbul

Istanbul In Beşiktaş, Ebru Cizdam (41) died 3 months ago after falling from the porch of a room on the 7th floor of the hotel where he was with Özgür Aydogan (42) with whom he had been married informally for 25 years. As they were about to enter their house before the incident, a quarrel broke out between the two of them, who also had two children. Idogan was arrested for lack of footage of the fight and camera recordings of the fall. A non-prosecution decision was made for the released wife during the investigation.

The crypto money investment of a young man living in Casioren has ruined his family. The Ali-Muhteren Durkun couple, who participated in the “Muge Anlı and Sweet Sert” program on Atv, explained that their son, Ugur Durkun, had disappeared for 18 days after losing his fortune in exchange for a coin. Anli begins a search to find the missing young man. It is understood that Durkun has invested 12 million lira in crypto money by selling 1 house and 27 cars. It was seen that the young man lost his money and fled in a short time as he could not look at the face of the family. The young man, who was connected to the live broadcast of the parents’ call on the show, hung up the phone and said, “Let your rights be halal. I don’t want to say anything more. I am aware. What am I doing?”

Expression Bank
In Istanbul
Mehmet Aydın, who founded “Çiftlik Bank” and hit 1.1 billion lira from 132,000 people, blamed the press. Mehmet Aidin, nicknamed Tosunkuk, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for using the word “bank” without the permission of the organization concerned, said: , Then creates problems, ”he said.

Percent Face drive
Italian To the north of Vicenza Living in the state Candida Uderzo In driving school Eye examination New after passing Got a driving license. One hundred Old lady To be independent Love it and For a tour Put pressure on your son He said he didn’t want it. Udarjo in the country, Century Inverted and driven The third person known Down in history.

Connected to life
Moose Ercan (38) and Şehirban Akdeniz (35) welcomed their third child, Bulani. However, it was understood that the birth of the little Hayat was in the absence of a breech, which is seen in one in 5,000 people. The family took their puppy to a private hospital in Elazig. Pediatric Surgeon Specialist O.P.R. Dr. Fikret Ersöz breeched the baby through a two-hour operation. The family, whose little puppies survived, were overjoyed.

The main procedure!
Myrtle Emel Gurhan lost her husband last year due to illness in Erdemli. 9 months later, her 14-year-old son Becky died in a traffic accident. Gurhan, a mother of two in agony, set up a robotic coding workshop at Kokahasanli Secondary School, from which her son graduated. He kept the boy’s name alive.

Izmit The 17-year-old MHY, who was studying in the machinery department of the Vocational Education Center, was beaten by his teacher saying that he was boiling the lesson. The moments when the teacher beats MHY by saying “how to beat” were recorded by another student on his mobile phone. The student’s family learned of the incident from the Provincial Department of Family and Social Services and began an investigation and came to their home. Father Ahmed Ilman said: “We didn’t know anything. He was depressed on his way home from school. We asked him, but he didn’t tell us anything. Of course this We will not let goSaid

In the killer
In Koram, Emrah Ozkan had an argument with his wife Ozgekan, who was in the process of getting divorced. He fired shots at his brother-in-law, Izgi Takran, who intervened. He was caught eight days later.

War in the villages
In Istanbul, baby Karim first opened his eyes to the world. It weighed 600 grams. It was about an inch long. He was taken to the incubator. She survived cerebral hemorrhage, jaundice and shortness of breath. He was released after 110 days.

Yali Magandasi
Prosecutor Hallis Genghis went fishing in Kandili. His head was hit. The gun was fired from the Inon family’s palace. The perpetrators were Sevin Inonu’s brother-in-law, Burak Menzensiolou, son of Ugur.

Blasphemy murder
In Arnavutköy, Ahmet Ay (29) and his cousins ​​were warned by the owner of a car wash company after speaking abusively in a cafeteria. When the incident turned into a fight, Hakan Tan, 19, who saw that his father had been beaten, drowned in the crowd with a knife. He seriously injured the moon. The young man fell to the ground and died after being stabbed in the back and abdomen. Police have arrested Hakan Tan and his father involved in the clash.

27 million have been transferred
6 When no one knew, he transferred 26 million 913 thousand lira. Those who know 5 will get 46 thousand 334 lira, those who know 4 will get 817 lira, those who know 3 will get 37 lira and those who know 2 will get 4 lira.

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