‘Let’s get married as parents and teenagers’

Ali Erbash, President of Religious Affairs, who delivered a sermon in Tunceli, said, “Let us, as parents and youth, support marriage. Let our engagement, marriage, and marriage be simple and modest.” Without exceeding.

Head Professor of Religion. Dr. Ali Erbash, advising young people and those who will marry in the family, said, “Let us avoid alcohol which makes our marriage numb, celebrate with weapons that turn our marriage joy into sorrow and violate the limits of privacy.”

Ali Erbash, whose construction was completed on the campus of Tunselli Munzur University. After the inauguration of the Ali Mosque, he performed the Friday prayers and delivered the khutbah.

Erbas said in his sermon that the way to build the future is possible through a home with a religious and moral foundation, full of love and compassion.

Emphasizing that families should benefit each other when building a home, Erba said:

“Make it easy, don’t make it difficult, give good news, don’t hate.” Your happiness makes us very happy. Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) advised you: “O young men. Marry those of you who can afford it, for marriage is the best way to protect one’s eyes from haraam and to protect one’s chastity.” “Following the advice of our Prophet, try to build a family home that conforms to our values. Never compromise with love and respect, affection, kindness and grace when building and protecting this home.”

Erbas said that happy days should not be turned into sorrows by shooting weddings.

– “Let’s be parents and help young people get married”

Erbas, who warned young people not to cross the halal and haram lines, said:

“When you get married, do not violate the halal and haram lines of Islam by taking refuge in the excuse of getting married once in our life. Always let the following verse of our Lord be your guide: ‘O you who believe and do not transgress the limits set by Allah, for Allah You don’t like it. ‘ Let us all enjoy the peace of a family that our Lord has blessed us with. Helper in marriage as mother and young man. Our engagement, marriage, marriage should be simple. Let us be humble and modest. Our demands should not go beyond reasonable limits. Sacrifice, in short, with the consent of our Lord. ”

– “Mosque is the school where young people learn basic religious knowledge”

Erbash, Mr. Expressing satisfaction over the inauguration of Ali Mosque, he said, “Mosques are the ornament of our city. Mosques are not only a place of worship on the university campus, but also schools, schools where both youth and children pray and receive their education. Basic religious knowledge. We are opening it, they are welcome. We will open a summer Quran course in two weeks. We are waiting for children and young people. As a nation, we learn most of our basic religious knowledge in our mosque weekend courses and summer Qur’an courses, “he said.

Ali Erbash later took part in a 4-6 year old Quran course on the ground floor of the mosque. Dr. Ali Dianet inaugurated the youth center.

After the inauguration, the examination was presided over by Israfil Kisla, Chief Adviser to the President, Mehmet Ali Ozkan, Governor of Tunselli, Hafiz Osman Shahin, Chairman of Musafas Review and Recitation Board on Religious Affairs, Tunselli Provincial Mufti Dimayev and Kurselli. ‘A course. .

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