Let’s wake up against the insane religion mentality

In fact, the landscape is in the middle. Some religious or cultured men, who were particularly attracted to the intoxicating attraction of the Orientalist pen, imposed on us a monstrous notion of religion. This is demonic religion “Guided religion” My graduate. Imported and voluntary religion. That is God Herz To Muhammad (SAV) is a monstrous understanding of religion, which he also told us, instead of a religion centered on the Qur’an and pure Sunnah.
God needs Herz Mohammed (SAV), as well Fundamental principles of religion such as Qiyas and Ijma We are a religion far from the foundation They invited. “New reading” All religions are subject to his sophistry In a vestibule that would deny their sanctity They bring in the society. Atheism And will lead to currents like theism They have accustomed the society to one line. I recently read a scripture in a high school. Kick the young man, Herz Mary ‘Per Academic Chief, to generalize to St. Nabiji Loveless and annoying blind sight, Interpret the Qur’an as you wish There is no other source than its own Self-centered Monuments of arrogance, religious and They leave the youth unaware.
I don’t know if they are aware of the axis change or if it was ordered for them. The fate of those in society who will buy this perception is really unknown. Its name is “Tajdeed” (Renewal) and “Excitement” No. Because all renewals are built on a foundation that has preserved its quality. Here, on the other hand, it is a question of destroying, throwing away and denying all the beliefs and beliefs of the past.
Quran and Harz Mohammad ‘Unfortunately, this understanding, which is not based on the Prophet (pbuh), seeks to destroy all traditional assumptions about the existence of miracles, heaven or hell, from the divine source and testimony of the Qur’an which appeals to every place and time. From intercession to partial disappearance, from the fitna of the grave to the existence of the hereafter. What will happen to the person who loses his saints? What can you wait for? With what will he give peace to his soul?

What is a commission religion?
In this perilous realization of the religion presented to us by those who have problems with Islam, one feels that he is free to interpret any verse of the Qur’an as he pleases. Herz Mohammed ‘Just as he does not like the Prophet (peace be upon him), he does not want to see him as an authority. Such people are indifferent about halal and haram. According to them, many verses of the Qur’an either do not address today or in a regional context. They are historical. There is no heaven or hell, no grave questions, no recommendations, etc. According to them, all these basic assumptions are fabricated. In fact, there is no conscience. What you know right is right, what you know wrong is wrong. The Qur’an does not require arbitration.
According to this distorted notion, there is even controversy over the existence of prophets. Truly, I see the future value of this understanding of religion, which has been prepared and presented to us elsewhere, and moved away from it. We equate this imported, preconceived notion of religion with prudent theologians who deny, ignore, and reject religion.
Members of the commissioned religion hate the sensitivities of the four caliphs and the Companions, whom we call Ahl as-Sunnah. They do not hesitate to speak harshly about the past in order to influence society. They try to alienate people from the elders of the religion by narrating the events, stories, wisdom and life of the Companions, i.e. examples of Islam, superstitions or authentic Sunnah. The procedure for commissioned religion members is summarized as follows: “Philosophy will replace religion and revelation, and soul and ego will replace reason and conscience.”

The door of ijtihad is open
It is clear what each verse of the Qur’an (except mutashabih) means and how it is understood and applied. Herz Muhammad (SAV) How he interpreted and applied the Qur’an was chained by line. Available in books. The door of Deen and Ijtihad is open for new problems. Islam does not accept dullness. The ijtihad that has come through the ages without any breakage throughout history will have an impact in the future as well. In short, Islam belongs to a great knowledge that will provide solutions and ways today and tomorrow. Until qualified theorists come out. May the theologians grow up rooted, holy and faithful to their faith. We are not worried about the future of Islam. Listen to the verse: “We recite the Qur’an We downloaded. For him We will defend the Qur’an. “ (Hijr / 9).
Never forget The closest time to dawn is when darkness is most intense.

Weigh your words
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Surely a man utters a word which causes the wrath of Allaah. He sees no harm in that word. (Ibn Mess / 3970). Note: Some desecrate each other’s chastity, honor, respect, fathers, mothers and holy people. It is also possible for such people to misrepresent Allah or His Messenger. Unfortunately, these people never think about how an ugly word they uttered would resonate with God. Even a single sentence can destroy one’s afterlife.

The previous grave Create a place Is it over?
Lands that have been converted into cemeteries usually have foundation features. These places are reserved for funerals. No construction should be done in these places unless necessary. In a place that was formerly used as a tomb, it is advisable to leave it as it is, although there are no new excavations. Perhaps the only exception in this case would be a transaction in the public interest. In this case, the bones are moved to another location and a mosque-like structure can be allowed to be built there. You need to be careful about the location of the foundation. If the certificate is broken, no one will get any benefit.
Sunnat prayers are performed So what
If the obligatory and witr prayers are not performed in time, it becomes qaya. However, circumcision is not performed after the lapse of time. An exception at this time is the morning prayer. If the morning prayer is not performed on time, then if it is performed before noon (before Jawal) then the morning sunnat also becomes qaya. Our Lord has such an appeal. (Abu Dawood, Salat / 11).
Women’s Eid prayers Responsible for creating
Women do not have to perform Eid and Jumu’ah prayers. Our Prophet encouraged women to perform Jumu’ah prayers. (Bukhari; Aidain / 15-21). There is no party that says “Friday and Eid prayers are obligatory for women”. For this reason, women can perform Jumma and Eid prayers if they wish.
Friday prayers, after Azan Can be done after half an hour So what
The time for Friday prayers is the time for noon prayers. That is, the Friday prayer can be performed at one time before noon. But if there is no excuse, it is not right to delay so much on Friday. Performing Friday prayers in the early hours of the afternoon is more rewarding.
My rented shop Rent can be paid in advance What am i
You can get the money you get in advance or later. It depends entirely on the agreement of both parties. For example, clauses such as “must pay in advance” or “must pay on this day of each month” or “must pay after one year” may be included in the contract. Both sides comply. If such a clause is not included, the application in that area may be taken as a basis.
Profit from shopping in our religion Limit set?
Islam does not set a profit limit on commercial transactions. The market can adapt itself independently. However, if very strong capital enters a market and manipulates the market completely, the state can intervene to protect the laws of both citizens and small capital. It can apply quotas to a certain amount of artificial height. The state can also prevent artificial collapse that seeks to destroy small capital. As a result, normal declines and increases, price fluctuations are normal and permitted. However, the state may intervene in all market movements aimed at black market, artificial rise, artificial decline, market locking, eliminating competition, eliminating and harming the consumer or trader.

A verse
“No! I swear by your Lord, they will not believe until they have judged you concerning that which is disputed between them, and then they have surrendered to Thy judgment without feeling any pain in their hearts.” (April / 65)

A hadith
“A wise and prudent believer will not be twice bitten by a snake.” (Ibn Mess / 3982)

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Everyone is trying to find the right people. However, no one looks in the mirror to see if I am the right person. Haci Bektas-i Veli

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The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you do not have faith, you will not enter Paradise. If you love one another, you will not have faith. (Muslim)

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