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HeDietitian Leila Zulfukarli says there are many causes of psoriasis. These include malnutrition and hormonal disorders.

Therefore, these causes should be investigated first and then diet should be followed, “said dietitian Leila Zulfukarli, answering questions about obesity.:
3 How to protect children from obesity We can protect
Keep away from fast food and packaged foods. The main cause of childhood obesity is malnutrition.
A special effort and awareness is needed to guide children towards healthy eating. Fast food increases weight, instead of a balanced diet that includes all food groups.
Fast food and processed foods, which have become a problem around the world, cause obesity. The main reason for this is that the body’s sugar pancreas does not respond to the secretion of insulin. Such children can gain weight even if we eat healthy fruits.
3 Do women lose weight fast? To give or men?
It is not possible to say for sure, it depends on the metabolism. As the causes of obesity are different for everyone, so is the time to lose weight.
We can say that women over 40 years of age are more exposed to chemicals.
Earlier women used to apply nail polish on their nails, but now they use nail polish or gel.
It indirectly affects hormones and leads to obesity.
3 Some people drink water They say they gain weight. Is it possible?
In fact, these people do not lie.
There are people who get swollen when they drink water. They also think that water makes them fat. There are serious medical reasons behind why water swells in humans. This water-electrolyte metabolism disorder causes swelling in these people. It is possible to get rid of this problem through treatment.
I also have patients with this problem. Even after 15 days of treatment, they notice that they no longer swell when they drink more water.

3 What can we replace dessert with?
When you think of dessert, cakes and cookies immediately come to mind. The more we eat these, the less sweets we need, but we want to eat them. Complex desserts are dried fruit and honey.
When we eat them, we meet the demand for sweets and we do not want sweets again during the day. We can also eat cake if we want. The important thing is to know the food groups, adjust the quantity and eat a balanced diet. For example, we can eat our normal food during the day and eat an extra cake.
3 It is possible to lose weight with green tea So what
We all know the benefits of green tea, but it can be harmful if consumed in excess of the dose without the advice of a doctor. Sometimes people think that if they drink green tea they will lose weight and they drink green tea all day long.
This situation alone is not weak anyway.
In addition, we find that calcium-phosphorus metabolism is disrupted in these people.
3 Practicing internet diet Is that correct?
Following such a diet is very harmful from a medical point of view. Sometimes people look for a miracle food to eat and lose weight. Such a thing is impossible.
You need to stay away from stereotypical diets. This is because food is specifically prescribed for humans after experimentation. Sometimes a food that can reduce the weight of one person can increase the weight of another.

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Sometimes what we eat makes us gain weight instead of feeding us. For example, when we eat bagels or pastries made with white flour and plenty of margarine with tea, most of us think of ourselves as breakfast. However, when we start the day like this, feeling energetic and strong, we feel lazy, gain weight and increase our risk of chronic diseases. A healthy breakfast includes fiber, protein and healthy fats that give us energy and make us feel full. For example, a breakfast with whole grain bread, cheese, eggs, nuts and a slice of seasonal vegetables is an investment in our health.

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